Navigating the tricky world of freelancing

I've been doing a bit of freelancing job lately, writing copies ranging from hawking whitening products and convincing women that having white skin is beautiful--an idea by the way that I didn't support. So, in between writing proposals and project plans for the company, I am also writing spectacularly written copies on the benefits of … Continue reading Navigating the tricky world of freelancing


Words, for sale.

I finally had the courage to apply for freelance writing jobs online. This after weeks and weeks of deliberation -- arguing with myself whether I have the knack for this, will I have the time and more importantly, will someone even bother to work with me. As much as possible, I try to contribute stories … Continue reading Words, for sale.

Wicked memories (Day 18/ January 18, 2012/ Project 365)

Saw this while looking for ribbons on my mom's stash on what-not's. That was me -- a good decade ago, working as an entertainment reporter for a Manila-based Japanese newspaper. I was also moonlighting a lifestyle and features reporter for the publication's Tokyo-published and distributed magazine. My forte: Filipino actors, actress and various TV personalities, … Continue reading Wicked memories (Day 18/ January 18, 2012/ Project 365)

My “other” Bible (Day 11/ January 11, 2012/ Project 365)

I used to write professionally during the first three years of my professional life. When I was younger, I used to compete against young writers from other schools in an annual battle of writing enthusiasts and student reporters nationwide. Think of it like Glee, with sectionals, regional and nationals in place--except this gives you hours … Continue reading My “other” Bible (Day 11/ January 11, 2012/ Project 365)

Use. Don’t abuse…

Seen at The Frisky: While I do want to be best mates with good ol' Grammar, there are days when I seem to forget that she is there to be used. Not abused. 🙂 Here's a nice reminder--especially for someone like me, to use her liberally.