Vacation’s over. Now back to the grind!

Well, there’s really no way to go about it. It’s back to reality after more than two weeks galivating and doing nothing. It’s time again to face the dreaded project plans, events, pending departmental budgets and all the other stressful things in between. While it is indeed tempting to bitch about work, we must considerContinue reading “Vacation’s over. Now back to the grind!”

…being a good boss

Hey, are you the big cheese in your company? Or, are you the manager — with people reporting to you on a daily basis, usually at your beck and call. Do you juggle project after project, potently laced with various individuals’ Performance Appraisals and futures thrown in between? When I was still way, way downContinue reading “…being a good boss”

The long hiatus

    I am back after a very long absence.  Blame it on my crazy schedule and the five-day Singapore getaway with the family.  I used to say that I feel useless at work — because I wasn’t doing anything and was nothing more than a glorified personal assistant/executive assistant in spite the fact thatContinue reading “The long hiatus”

Wake me up…when September ends

I can’t believe it’s already September. Last time we checked, we were saying good bye to the old year — and now, we’re three months shy of ringing the new year. Here in my country, the arrival of September meant the Christmas season. For anti-social freaks like me, Filipino Christmas is equivalent to being oneContinue reading “Wake me up…when September ends”

A nice surprise or…a sign from the Universe?

Obviously, I have been away this whole week, no thanks to the ongoing Inquisition currently happening at the office. So imagine my surprise when I checked back on this site and saw the many comments and congratulations from the many gorgeous people of WordPress. And then, I knew why (the congratulations from Meandering Matriarch gaveContinue reading “A nice surprise or…a sign from the Universe?”

My Super Brekkie (Day 58 of Project 365)

I have a sneaking suspicion that the nearer the great Seoul trip becomes, the harsher my week will be. I have christened this week, my HELL WEEK due to the sheer inplausibility of the things happening to me, especially matters concerning work. As we all know, filing for a 3.5 days leave will automatically giveContinue reading “My Super Brekkie (Day 58 of Project 365)”

All Work, No Play (Day 29 and 30/ Project 365)

Day 29 Day 30 I posted before how it feels like — running yourself on empty, working and trying to keep up with the expectations at hand. However, deep inside I know that I prayed for the day that I will have my current position, that I will have the compensation package that I haveContinue reading “All Work, No Play (Day 29 and 30/ Project 365)”

My own fortress of solitude (Day 28/ Project 365)

Feeling a bit frustrated with the cards I am dealt with at the Grindhouse. I have always taken my responsibilities seriously–even to a fault. I am committed to my job, and very conscious of my output. So when someone accused me of being “slow” with my work, I took the remarks to heart. I tookContinue reading “My own fortress of solitude (Day 28/ Project 365)”

Happy thoughts (Day 13/ January 13, 2012/ Project 365)

I’ve just finished the final step of my regularization process. Finally, after seven months of stress and a very long-list of to do’s, I will be officially part of the company. You know in spite the fact that I christened the company “grindhouse”, I love it to pieces. The company represents second chances for me.Continue reading “Happy thoughts (Day 13/ January 13, 2012/ Project 365)”

Little Dreams (Day 12/ Jan 12, 2012/ Project 365)

These pictures reflect the simple wishes and dreams of these children. Some who can barely afford paying for the basic necessities at school. Have you tried cramming yourself inside a classroom with 59 other kids.You share pencils and share pads because there wasn’t enough for everyone? These kids do every single day. Their teachers teachContinue reading “Little Dreams (Day 12/ Jan 12, 2012/ Project 365)”