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Winter is Coming. Arm yourself.

Hold it right there. This is not a Game of Thrones post.
Though if I have my way, I’d rather sacrifice myself on the forest beyond the Wall and wait for my eventual demise in the hands of the wildings.

Work currently consumes me. This month is very important for my company due to an important milestone, and unlucky me is currently caught at the middle of all the important events and activities for the company. It is really not the tasks that overwhelm me, it’s the freaking people. I’ve always had low tolerance for BS — that is why I prefer to be on my own most of the time. I do not have the patience to dance on other people’s moods and all their baggage. So, it annoys me when people get too emotional at work. It annoys me when they feel slighted or offended by inane comments, or when they always put a meaning over everything.

It adds baggage to a tiring task. It puts unnecessary tension to an otherwise sterile, professional environment.

It is more annoying when people expect that I give a fr@ck.

Honestly, I have zero emotional investment with my current company, and I prefer it that way. I have learned my lesson with my previous company. I wanted to avoid the intrigues and the power struggle as well as the misery of investing too much emotions on people in my work place. They are, often times, tricky, cunning, very calculated and brutally possessive of their designation and titles. My current dealings with my job centered on their professional requirements as delivered by someone of my position. I was there as a supplier, a supplier of my capabilities, nothing more, nothing less. Over time, I have learned to treat each dealing the same way we do with the bank. We invest, but there remained a certain odd detachment that has come to be comforting.

That is why I am bothered with the current happenings in the office. I have no plans of being the Sansa (one, I haven’t gotten used to being a pawn) to a wannabe-Cersei. With the many tasks that fell on my lap, and with the company “Lannisters” (the powers that be) currently breathing down my throat, I knew I had to take a step back.

I’ve read somewhere that the Stark crest, “Winter is Coming” is a foreboding of dark things to come. We, are indeed, in the midst of interesting times.

I apologize for those who don’t read Game of Thrones and thus, cannot make head or tail of this post. The geek within me is alive and well thee past few days.


All Work, No Play (Day 29 and 30/ Project 365)

Day 29

a life governed by a to do list

Day 30

these girls stare at me all day

I posted before how it feels like — running yourself on empty, working and trying to keep up with the expectations at hand.

However, deep inside I know that I prayed for the day that I will have my current position, that I will have the compensation package that I have now, the responsibility that I currently have. Now I know that there is some truth to the adage, “Be careful what you wish for…”

Maybe I just miss my carefree, irresponsible self. Maybe, I just miss the times when I don’t have to worry every single freaking day of my life, trying to think think THINK if I am giving them what they want.

I said this before, and I’ll say it again: it’s lonely at the top.