Shoe-mthing new!

I remembered posting before that I would love to own Wellies and I don’t care if people will smirk or point at me like as if I was crazy, but I will wear ’em when the time comes.

Well, anyway — what should the Hubby bring home but this:

...welcome to the Jungle!

Oh-kay…I will have to say that my jaw dropped on the floor when I saw the wild animal prints (not a big fan, not a big fan — actually, I am scared of animal prints) but then I remember that my MIL is a big fan of the wild: cheetah, zebra, leopard and even snakeskin, my fashionista mom-in-law can utterly werk it. And then, I remembered that one of FALL 2010’s hottest trends is the return of animal prints.

Leopard Bootie by Charlotte Russe (from

Sergio Rossi boots from

I was pretty impressed!

Now, if only I can work something out in terms of my corresponding outfit–that would be really cool. But I read from the numerous fashion blogs that the best way to wear Leopard print is to make the rest of your outfit subdued and let that wild piece of fashion statement do the talking for you. Animal prints, especially Leopard prints look great when paired with black or leather. (Cougar alert, then!).

I tried my Leopard print wellies earlier and loved the fact that I would look fashionable when it rains while keeping my feet dry and safe. Below is a sample of some of my favorite office shoes, which I have no intention of soaking in water during Manila’s famous downpours.

office shoes

I would love to take a picture of all my shoes, especially the UGGs, the combat boots and of course, my Rockport shoes. But my long-suffering, much-abused and about to disintegrate Rockport suede ankle boots might rather not be thrust into the spotlight (especially if she looks scruffy).

Now with my new Wellies at hand, it’s time to reveal the latest content of the Christmas wish list:

Dr. Martens Victorian style 8 holes

Dr. Marten's Pascal 8 holes

Until next time, babies 🙂

So, shoe me!

I heard this line from my MOST favorite Taiwanese drama (which IN MY OPINION, is the best series ever aired):

“Everyone should have a good pair of shoes. The best shoes will take you to the best places”
— from Teng Tang Jing, Meteor Garden circa 2001

True to the beautiful and fabulous Teng Tang Jing, I am so in love with shoes right now. I am really not the person who cares about brands and about the cost of the shoes I am wearing. As long as they will shod my minuscule feet, is comfy (cos I am flat footed and clumsy), I don’t have to say fashionably cute or fashionable and cute but yeah– I will and last but not the least, must last a long time cos I have a reputation of ruining good shoes in jut 2 months.

My current footwear of choice is this RockPort suede ankle boots in black that are so comfy that I wear it with anything: skirts, dresses, tights and jeans. My hubby actually complained that this is what I wear all the time. So, I dared him to buy me a new pair of shoes which can rival Rockport’s “usefulness” — that shut him up.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier…I am actually looking forward to a new batch of shoes–never mind if I am broke or that I have to be extra stingy when it comes to money. Though while I am not even remotely related to Imelda Marcos, I always believed that there is something magical about wearing a great pair of shoes. They add that extra bounce in your step, or extra ooomph to an otherwise boring outfit. What do the magazines say? That great or mediocre footwear can ruin an outfit.

Anyway, here are the current object/s of my affection:

Sperry Topsider

My boss, Mr. G says that this was the shoe of choice in the 80s–and yeah, I’ve seen this countless times before while overdosing on Bagets and all the 80s movies that I love. My current dilemma is “where the hell do I get a pair of this”. A quick check on Mr. Google revealed that there are online businesses that were still selling these–but the price was absurd! Anyway, I will have to continue looking for my source for my own Sperrys. I had the outfit all figured out in my head, I just had to had THAT shoes, demmmmit.

Here’s another target for this year:

Wellies from Emily Hannah LTD - UK

Yeah, I know you’d go — “WTF? Are you crazy wearing wellies in the tropics???” Uhm, so yeah to answer your question: yes, I may be crazy and yeah, I intend to wear wellies in the tropics. Friend usually laugh at me for wearing effing boots all the time in the middle of Manila’s sweltering streets. But I really don’t mind nor take offense. I love boots. I’d probably will always love these suckers. There’s nothing like a great pair of boots to toughen me out, even if I am crumbling and devastated inside. Hell, I’d probably get buried with boots on (Please note, Hubby). I intend to wear my wellies when Manila has its torrential rains or in the middle of cold December. Thing is, the Hubby mentioned that my generous and lovable MIL already bought me wellies in London. My only concern is I hope it’s something cute and subdued like those pictured above, and not something in shocking pink or neon green with big heart patterns. Cos you know, considering my MIL’s taste in fashion–the shocking colors and the big hearts is not a remote possibility. (Loves you mommy!!! 🙂 )

And oh, here’s another baby:


Aren’t they cute? I intend to get ’em for my skirts and other fashion possibilities. But obviously, I cannot afford MiuMius. Further research on Mr. Google noted that they are called “Chunk Heeled Supremo Print Shoes”. Whatevs. The point is, I like something like this. Yes, we woman have a propensity to suffer in the name of fashion.

Anthology Brogues

Yes! This again. I have been endlessly blabbering about this brogues from Anthology that I even see this in my dreams. But OMG…he (yes, I assumed he is a he) is just so beautiful and he’d look more stunning on my feet.

And lastly:

All of these babies are from ALDO

I’d like to own a pair from Aldo. Their women’s collection is just so fierce, fab and sexy all at the same time. I almost bought one last payday but then I remembered my insurance’s almost due and I got all responsible and backed out at the last minute. I reckon that if I croaked at a very unfortunate moment, my shoe collection won’t exactly make the Hubby’s life comfortable.