The dress that wouldn’t fit

  My mother-in-law bought the nicest, cutest dress in London for me to wear on my wedding anniversary. The material was good: the softest lace, nice British collars and the nicest hue of blue. Excitedly, I put it on.  It did not fit.  Mother-in-law and sister-one-law balked and keveched on the dress that wouldn't fit, … Continue reading The dress that wouldn’t fit


Spilling the deets on Brazilian Slimming Coffee

You wanted to lose weight. You tried running, not eating rice, daily exercises -- but nothing seemed to be working and the fact that you can't wear your favorite cigarette pants annoys you more and more.  Well, this is the scenario in my case. Thus, I was more than intrigue and curious when I read … Continue reading Spilling the deets on Brazilian Slimming Coffee