It’s Bad when it’s a “Fad”

Let's be honest, there's a reason why fad diets are referred to as "Fad Diets." They can be the hottest thing in the planet, with multiple testimonials on how "effective" it is, but truth of the matter is that it's simply fad, with no assurance that you will achieve your health goals effectively, safely and … Continue reading It’s Bad when it’s a “Fad”


Uniqlo and the size 29 waistline

Imagine this: You are a person that is a bit particular and slightly neurotic when it comes to your close. You seldom buy anything, but when you do -- it's definitely something you just have to have, coveting it passionately, convinced that it's a piece you can use over and over. So you throw caution … Continue reading Uniqlo and the size 29 waistline

A fat chance to stardom

Let's set aside the politically correct BS and discuss like sane and matured human beings whose mind can take a very light and free wheeling discussion. Here's something from Popseoul: Honestly and minus all the trying-to-be-a-good-girl BS, would you spend your bucks to support and follow these gorgeously large ladies the same way you spent … Continue reading A fat chance to stardom