Happy Endings, Dark Tagaytay Highways & Wishful Memories.

Two of my favorite people in the universe got married last night. Their relationship was a surprise for everyone and it was nice that the off-expected pairing came to a happy ending. Never saw the bride and groom so happy until yesterday. The bride was a sweet go-getter who loved adventure and all things greenContinue reading “Happy Endings, Dark Tagaytay Highways & Wishful Memories.”

To have…and to hold, and to forever remember

My absence these past two days is due to the staging of the wedding I was working on as the on-the-day coordinator/ wedding planner. The wedding opened my eyes on a lot of things — the beauty of finding the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, the power of vows exchanged straightContinue reading “To have…and to hold, and to forever remember”

Gundam Wedding in Odaiba, Japan

I have to have a lengthy introduction to this post: My best friend since high school is getting married on April next year and as her best friend — EHEM! I am helping her run things and make sure that she will not pass out from the preparation. Now, here’s the thing with my bestContinue reading “Gundam Wedding in Odaiba, Japan”