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PayMaya redefines parenting and adulting in the Digital Age

Look, I am not a parent yet (except if you count my feline mommyhood) – but like all parents, I know how it feels to juggle bills, a career, various side hustles and even me time. That’s why I felt right at home during the recently-concluded PayMaya event held specifically for millennial moms and dads. Because while parenting might not be in the cards for everyone yet, then responsible adulting definitely is.

Sorry, I had to ruin the photo by erasing my PayMaya card number. Don’t post any of your account details online, kids! 

PayMaya, the country’s pioneer and leader in digital financial services and mobile money, underscores how basic household transactions can be made hassle-free and more secure through an e-wallet. Designed for the undeserved to have a safe and accessible means to pay online, PayMaya extends its services to millennial parents in search for a better way to pay bills, send and receive money and more.

“As a generation that grew up surrounded by technology, millennials expect the same level of convenience in paying bills, sending money and shopping online. PayMaya evolves with its market by empowering millennial parents with the financial services they need, in the most secure, user-friendly and most convenient way possible,” said PayMaya Philippines COO Paolo Azzola.

I can relate. Ever since I started hitting my 30s, I became very conscious of the way I earn and spend money. I still have a long way to go, but I know I am making progress. For three years now, all my bills are taken cared of and enrolled in an automatic debit system which removed from me the stress of paying them. All my bank accounts are interconnected and I just transfer money from one to account to another when needed – but I needed the freedom of purchasing things online without having to use my credit card. PayMaya is answering that need because I can easily buy plane tickets or book hotels online using my virtual PayMaya Visa account card, which is connected to my account in the PayMaya app. My PayMaya account also allows me to pay the bills for merchants that are currently not enrolled or existing in my automatic debit bank account, like MERALCO, NSO Helpline Plus, a number of HMOs, Sunlife, among others.

Parents will love the convenience of having the ability to give their kids allowance or emergency money without leaving the office or while on-the-go. They can even pay the family driver or give the household help a grocery budget with just a few taps on their smart phone.

To help account holders keep track of their expenses, as well as the expenses of PayMaya cards linked to their account, a real-time SMS notification is sent for every transaction. A transaction record is also automatically updated in the app.

For parents who are “digipreneurs” or freelancers like me, PayMaya can also be used to pay for webhosting and sponsored posts on social media. They can also rely on PayMaya to pay suppliers and receive payments from customers. For freelancers who receives fees from clients overseas, PayMaya can be linked to a global payment platform like PayPal to withdraw their earnings. MOney transferred to their PayMaya wallet can be immediately used to transact online, to pay bills, or to be withdrawn as cash in any BancNet ATM.

PayMaya can be used to pay anywhere Visa and Mastercard is accepted, including seat sales, paid mobile apps and on-demand services including Uber, Netflix and Spotify. User can also save on mobile and date load in all networks with all bundles and offers at 5% off in the PayMaya app.

With PayMaya, you are on track to becoming someone who has their finances under control.

PayMaya Philippines COO Paolo Azzola, PayMaya brand ambassadors and millennial mommies Ava Te-Zabat and Wiji Lacsamana, and PayMaya Marketing and Brand Head Sharon Kayanan during the PayMaya launch 

What is PayMaya? 

PayMaya is a free and secure app that gives users a reloadable mobile wallet, which allows them to send and receive money, pay their bills and shop anywhere online even without having a credit card. Users simply have to download the PayMaya app, register, load up in over 15,000 touch points nationwide. Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular subscribers will receive a virtual Mastercard upon registration to PayMaya, while Globe subscribers will receive a virtual Visa card.

Users may also opt to have a PayMaya Visa physical card or PayMaya Smart MasterCard, which can be linked to their mobile wallet. PayMaya physical cards can be used to pay in groceries, bookstores, malls or any store that accepts card payments. It can be offered online at paymaya.com/shop, free of delivery charge nationwide. To reload, head to any SM Business Centers, Robinsons Department Stores, 711 with Cliqq kiosks, Petron stations along NLEX, Ministop outlets with Touchpay Kiosks, UnionBank ATMS, Shopwise, Wellcome, 2Go outlets, SmartPadala centers and online banking via BDO.

For more information, visit paymaya.com.





Freedom & Foreboding (Days 36 & 37/Project 365)

Day 36

green, green grass on my ugly feet

What are you most conscious about?
Me? It’s not the huge junk-on-my-trunk or the protruding belly which I developed after gaining a few pounds. Oh no, I am most conscious about my feet. Ideally, a woman’s feet should be dainty, nice looking especially after a cute pedicure and smooth. Well, mine were none of those things.

My feet were similar to that of a twelve year old girl. A girl who spent time chasing bugs on magical gardens, barefoot. They were full of callouses, testament to my propensity to walk just effin anywhere. I love walking and boy, I walk really fast to the point people assume that I have wheels attached on my heel.

I don’t mind having the feet of a prepubescent–the dudes were my partner in all my adventures and even if they look really pathetic, they knew I love them like mad.

Day 37


Oh God, seven freaking days of mad anticipation 🙂

If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be

leaping into the boyd...errrrr...i mean, void

Just when I thought I am not going due to too many reasons why not, something inside me snapped and said, “what the eff, you might as well try”.

I know it’s hard to even try going to where I want to go, due to the pressing need to have a visa, that I don’t have a ticket yet, that my bank account barely has anything in it, that there’s ten million things I need to do at the Grindhouse thus I cannot file for a vacation leave — but something inside me just kept saying that I needed this time to think and go soul searching.

Anyway, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Please pray for me.

Anywhere but here…

I don’t know if you can still call me the “ideal, patriotic Filipino”, especially when I say that if given the choice, I’d rather be anywhere (ON A FIRST WORLD COUNTRY at least) than suffer here in the Philippines.

Earlier, while grappling with a very tricky situation with one of my media invitees for her Schengen Visa, I suddenly had the brilliant idea to search the internet for countries where Filipinos can enter without the benefit of a visa. I mean, we do know that the fact that we are Filipinos pretty much made the list of countries we can visit very limited. Here are the few that would allow us to enter with just our passport, pocket money and good old lakas ng loob:

from tonyocruz.com

List from mabuhaycity.com

China(Mainland) (Visa on Arrival for Shenzhen area only)
East Timor (Visa on Arrival)
Hong Kong (China)
Iran (Visa on Arrival)
Korea(After visiting Korea 4 times with visa)
Laos(Visa on Arrival)
Macau (China)
Maldives(Visa on Arrival and/or other requirements)
Myanmar(Visa on Arrival)
Pakistan (Visa on Arrival at Sost only at Pakistani-Chinese border)
Sri Lanka
Taiwan (Republic of China) (With special requirement)

Pacific Islands/Australasia
Marshall Islands(Visa on Arrival)
Northern Mariana Islands(Visa on Arrival)

Saint Helena
Sao Tome and Principe(Visa on Arrival)
Tanzania(Visa on Arrival)
Zambia(Visa on Arrival)


North America(May need transit visa to other countries)
Costa Rica

South America(May need transit visa to other countries)

*Visa on Arrival – Will grant visa on arrival for a fee and other requirements such as proof of funds, etc.

So obviously, my dream countries like Japan and the UK wouldn’t allow Filipinos to enter their countries or even touch a tip of their boarders with a ten-foot pole. And for me to reach these countries, I must have the money to prove to them that I don’t have plans of being an undocumented alien, or show them that someone is willing to sponsor my sojourn to their countries should I have the chance to go there.

I really can’t blame them if they are a bit wary of Filipino travelers–especially since some of my kababayans have this genius idea of being TNT or undocumented aliens once they reach the country of their dreams (it’s usually the US!). Hence, the legitimate travelers and adventurers were the ones who suffer through the consequences in the end.

That VISA commercial that made me cry

It’s just 11:30 in the morning and I am fighting back tears.
Work is just about to start. Checking the email, surfing CNN and other news source.
Then I came across the story of legendary Olympic gold medalist speed skater Dan Jansen, a heavy favorite in the 1988 Winter Olympics. The day of the race, he got a call informing him that his sister died. (Read it here)

Then, I saw the VISA commercial based on Dan Jansen’s story

…and now, I am trying my best to fight back tears.