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Lost bouquet: A day in a life after Flower Four

My favorite F4 member, Vaness Wu, delivers again with this amusing, self-deprecating short movie on “his life, after F4”

This short is so funny — goes to show how level-headed Vaness is when it comes to his “idol” status and life after reaching the pinnacle of “idol group” mayhem. There is indeed life after F4 and all the Meteor Garden


Beyond the “idol B.S.”

I was a big fan of F4 back in the day (was it ten years ago)?
My fave then was Jerry and Vic, the least would be Vaness cos he was damn too annoying for me (his Meteor Garden lines were just annoying — “Yo!”, “Oh hey”) and what’s up with the constant flipping of hair?

Fast forward nine years later, Vaness Wu is my favorite. He is my Spiritual idol and his faith in God became my inspiration.

Here he is during the Festival of God event in Taiwan:

Goes to show that there is substance beyond Idol Life. Vaness is so blessed right now, yet still so humble. He never forgets to thank God for all the blessings that come his way. He is not one to be afraid in professing his beliefs and he never shies away from expounding about the changes he had to go through just to maintain his new life, based on his new beliefs.

In a world where being an idol means flashy, new clothes and guarding a pre-fabricated image, here is an Idol that remains to succeed and remains blessed. He neither credits this to his talent nor his management alone, for Vaness Wu–what he is now he lifts it up to God.

About ‘dem boybanders

My friends know me as the Queen of all Boybands–meaning, if there’s a budding or existing boyband from somewhere, I’ll be definitely know about ’em and will be definitely a fan of some of them. In my group, I’d be the type who–in the middle of watching a koreanovela or Japanese drama–will be the annoying one who will announce the name of the person playing the role, his discography, his filmography, his interests, what group he belongs to and what are his plans in life. I am that person.

Friends with enough common sense in them know better than to watch Hana Yori Dango or Boys Over Flowers or Hana Kimi or whatever with me due to this annoying habit. This is why none of my friends never dared discuss with me anything about Asian culture lest I bore them to death with useless (for them) info about all the existing Japanese and Korean boyband.

Though I like rock and has listed Incubus as my religion, to some of my friends I am not that hard-core as long as I pine over Jun Matsumoto (Domyouji) and annoy them will little tidbits about his group, Arashi.

But before all these, I was a big F4 fan–much so that I watched their 10,000 pesos concert and I was at the front. This concert featured only Vanness, Ken, Barbie and her sister, Little S (I forgot her real name). I had all the Meteor Garden CDs, wrote about them in an article and memorized trivia about the group (did you know that Vic Zhou only accompanied a friend during auditions and ended up getting the role?) Obviously, my favorite was Jerry Yan or Dao Ming Sui to be exact cos he was such a bad boy (in that role) and as always, I easily gravitate towards bad boys. My close second was Ken Zhu cos I like his costumes. I never bothered with Vic (too weak-looking) and Vanness (too western, in my mind–and wassup with the continuous hair tossing?).

Obviously, my F4 phase went by, though I still get interested about the group once in a while. It is during once of this internet trawlings that I encountered Vaness’ blog and was immediately blow away.

In his writings, there never was any trace of the Mei Zhuo of Meteor Garden, what was evident was an artist dedicated to his craft and a servant of God dedicated to his faith and to his creator. I was impressed and amazed by how different his writings and his beliefs were as compared to other male artists. In his blog, I’ve read that he considers himself more than anything "a servant of God" before all the trappings offered by boybandom.

Here was an artist (especially in the cutthroat world of Asian pop where image is everything) who remains steadfast in his faith . I envy him a lot for having the courage to give it up all to God. For having faith and for having the courage to be proud of his beliefs.
Here was a boybander which went beyond the flashy costumes and the blinding lights…