Lights, and inspiration and Trajet Tours and Travel promote tourism in the Philippines and abroad. Find great travel deals at, the leading online classified ads website in the Philippines. Me and my husband's first overseas trip will always be special since we really saved our money just to make it possible. Since we are on a … Continue reading Lights, and inspiration


I am not here.

My mind is millions of miles away, currently eating a bowl of ice kachang while feasting on mutton and beef satay: A part of me wants to blame myself for not saving enough this year to make it for our usual November get-away...The Hubby and I. We have planned to go to SG (his first … Continue reading I am not here.

Wish I was “Somewhere in China…”

...or anywhere else for that matter. Meet my new "must-watch-at-the-risk-of-being-late-for-work" program, "Somewhere in China" aired daily around 9AM at the National Geographic Channel. "Somewhere in China" follows the adventures of the Hutchens brothers as they try to rediscover the country where they grew up as kids. The Hutchens brothers--Jeff, a photographer and Peter, a filmmaker--and … Continue reading Wish I was “Somewhere in China…”