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My favorite kind of three-way

…is the kind which mixes my interest in movies + music + literature.
Kinda like… Ahn Hung Tran + The Beatles + Haruki Murakami

Not to mention, the presence of one of Japan’s best (if not, the best) young actor of today, Kenichi Matsuyama…

…and we have “Norwegian Wood” — the big screen adaptation of one of Haruki Murakami’s best selling novel of the same name:

Norwegian Wood is the story of Toru Watanabe (Kenichi Matsuyama) as he looks back to the Summer of 1969. His Best friend just killed himself and he is slowly developing feelings for his best friend’s grieving girlfriend. As the girl he loves, Naoko (Rinko Kikuchi) fails to reciprocate his feelings, his attention turns to Midori, a classmate in Tokyo who is more than willing to share her life with him.

Judging from these stills, I am already excited about the cinematography. I’ve been in awe of Ahn Hung Tran ever since I saw “I Come with the Rain” and the movie just blew me away. Never mind if people don’t seem to get the very dark film, I simply loved it. So, my expectations for this movie is simply way up there… And with Kenichi (another anti-idol) and Rinko (Oscar nominee) on board, I can simply say that I have a feeling that this movie is gonna be really good.

I am no longer hoping that “Norwegian Wood” will be shown locally (and what? compete space and ticket sales with brainless entertainment that populate Pinoy theaters?). This early, I have asked The Queen to start trawling the net for me. Or maybe good old Makati Cinema Square can also help.


Norwegian Wood gets the “Beatles”

There are few things in life that you could utterly be thankful for:
1. Good music
2. A great piece of literature
3. A movie adaptation that would make you further appreciate points 1 and 2.

So imagine my utter joy when it was announced that a movie adaptation of Haruki Murakami is in the works, and will star the delish highly-regarded actor, Matsuyama Ken’ichi and Oscar-nominee Rinko Kikuchi.

Finally, a movie worth waiting for. And the fact that it stars the brilliant MatsuKen fills me with utter joy. This remind me that I have yet to see “Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac” where MatsuKen plays one of the lead characters.

So, here comes the part about the “good music”. As previously posted, I am a big Beatles fan, so much so that I dream of crossing Abbey Road one day, barefoot okay, bare foot! This recent news that the movie was given a go-signal by Apple Records to use the original recording as soundtrack for the movie is so. FREAKING. COOL. that I am even tempted to spend the remaining hours of this day playing all the Beatles songs on my iPod. To my mind–nothing can ever be cooler than that (well maybe ‘cept for my MatsuJun going to the Philippines).

May I be bold and venture that I smell an Oscar-winning entry in the making? If this happens and MatsuKen walks the red carpet, I’m gonna skip work and throw an Oscar party at home, just because!

“I get by, with a little help from my friends…”

I’ve always been a Beatles fan for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s because of the influence of my dad who used to have these cool 45s and old cassette tapes of the Fab Four and even Jackson 5. Sadly, the old 45s and cassettes were not saved from the ravages of time—hence we’ve lost this valuable music pieces to time and decay.

I’ve been in “retro” funk for almost two weeks now, ushered in by the rediscovery of the song “California Dreaming” by Mommas and the Papas, after two hours of watching “Chunking Express” via You Tube. The song “California Dreaming” was played almost four times throughout the movie and that time was enough to bring my interest back to 50s, 60s and 70s music.

My interest in music tends to be diverse—I listed to pop, rock, heavy metal, praise, RnB, JPop, KPop, CPop, classical, Motown and oldies. While I have a slight aversion to Jazz and Country/Folk—I can’t say that there are songs from this genre that I listen to a lot.

But I digress.

Fab four fans (try saying that four times fast) might note that the title of this post is from one of The Beatles’ many iconic songs. Beatles has always been THE BAND for me. While I may not be a diehard, I can say that I’d be someone whose iPod will at least contain a Beatles song/s on heavy rotation.

On my 18th birthday, my dad asked me what I wanted: I asked for only one gift—The Beatles Anthology 2. It was newly released then, part of a compilation series featuring their most popular songs from the time they started as a young band in the 1960s, beginning with the first album in 1963 up to the last one in 1970 (Let it Be). This was the time when there was no CDs or mp3 players and my gift was a thick cassette tape (two cases glued together) which retailed for P360. The cover was a mash up of all their albums. The cassettes oversaw me past the adolescent turmoil of collegiate years and unrequited loves.

I discovered a lot more artists (Incubus, Weezer) and even experimented with Asian pop music, but right till now in my heart – no other band will beat the prolific song writing and genius melodies of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

More than 40 years later, the music of the Beatles remains to be the main inspiration and influence of many artists here and around the world—from Oasis (UK) to Eraserheads (PH), one finds the same catchy melody and sarcastic, often time’s insightful lyrics interspersed between songs.

And out of the whole Beatles catalogue, my favorite remains to be two songs: “If I Fell” and “Something” – two song which I will sing (even in the slightest encouragement) between videoke sessions and by myself, especially when I am feeling sad. I don’t know what it is with these songs that make pulls at your heart strings, with the ability to gut your heart in ten million tiny pieces, your heartbreak fully magnified.

Maybe that’s the power of a Beatles song—it can incite action and social consciousness (Imagine, Revolution) and even love and longing (Something, I want to hold your hand)

In the US, a new documentary on the story and music of The Beatles aired November 25 at the History Channel (see info here). For those who know if it’s shown in the Philippines, please let me know.

I don’t trust my writing skill to fully interpret the history of The Beatles. To know more about The Beatles, please click here and here