Innovation meets creativity with the new Oppo Reno Series

In a highly-anticipated launch celebrated by Filipino creatives, trendsetters and tastemakers, OPPO Philippines officially introduced to the market their Reno series – comprisedĀ OPPO Reno and the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom. Because smartphones nowadays go beyond sending messages, taking calls and even surfing the internet; and has, in fact, become literal extensions of our individuality andContinue reading “Innovation meets creativity with the new Oppo Reno Series”

Easy Grocery: Here’s what happened when I let someone else do the grocery shopping for me

Like most people my age, I am terribly busy – with work and with life responsibilities. I dream of attaining work-life balance, a goal which remains as a work in progress for me. But I am taking steps: I have applied all my existing bills to automatic debit on my bank account, including payments forContinue reading “Easy Grocery: Here’s what happened when I let someone else do the grocery shopping for me”

GrabTaxi and Lazada – Making Life Easy

I am not exactly the techie type and I easily, easily get rattled when my Smartphone acts up and I have no idea why. My work demands that I immerse myself in social media while my foray in blogging has kept me sane — however, deep in my heart, I am still an old-fashioned girlContinue reading “GrabTaxi and Lazada – Making Life Easy”

Sky Broadband disappoints

The reason for the lack of activity to this blog, is not because I am slowly being swallowed alive by my 8 to 5. It’s because of the inefficiency of service of this one: We started with high hopes with Sky Broadband–after all, we came from the horrors of having Globe Broadband as our internetContinue reading “Sky Broadband disappoints”

Make Facebook moron-free!!!

There are amazing things in this world that one shouldn’t take advantage of, like wealth, the law and even money. One of them is Facebook. Like any other thing of beauty, Facebook–when in the hands of a very stupid and moronic person–becomes cheap, uncouth and at times, even annoying. I decided to unfriend one ofContinue reading “Make Facebook moron-free!!!”