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GrabTaxi and Lazada – Making Life Easy

I am not exactly the techie type and I easily, easily get rattled when my Smartphone acts up and I have no idea why. My work demands that I immerse myself in social media while my foray in blogging has kept me sane — however, deep in my heart, I am still an old-fashioned girl who loves writing letters instead of email, reading actual books than Kindle and writing on my journal (been journaling since I was 14!)

But I do know when to appreciate technology — mostly because of the convenience it has brought us. Right now, there are two service companies whom I have recently discovered and have thoroughly enjoyed using.


I love my city — but let’s face it. Hailing a taxi in Manila, in the middle of rush hour and in the pouring rain, is like being subjected to eternal damnation in hell. Cabies sprout horns and tails turning into devils behind the wheels. They will negotiate with you, tsk-tsk-tsking madly either because you are going too far or too near or too crowded and it’s traffic. They will attempt to haggle a price they find appealing never mind if it’s worth your kidney and spleen. In the rare chance that you do get a ride and your driver happens to be a minion of Lucifer Morningstar, you will go to places you’ve never been as he tries to drive you around the Metro. This blog post won’t even discuss perpetuated by so-called “evil cab drivers.”

And then comes GrabTaxi.


GrabTaxi, available for FREE download on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry platforms, is the first and largest taxi app in Philippines and South East Asia that enables passengers to book taxis in just a few taps of their smartphones. It is also available in Malaysia, Singapore, and Bangkok. GrabTaxi aims to revamp the local taxi industry by introducing simple, cost effective mobile-based technology to both the supply (drivers and demand (passenger) sides of the distribution chain. With this technology, GrabTaxi hopes to optimize the matching process between drivers and passengers. (from the GrabTaxi website)

Bottomline: it allows you to have instant access to taxi using your mobile device without having to be subjected to the torture of hailing a cab in the middle of the city streets. I downloaded GrabTaxi before and its competitor and used them both for hailing cabs.

When I first used it in early 2014, I was more partial to the other taxi app because it was faster and drivers from GrabTaxi had a habit of canceling my ride at the last minute. But by the time Christmas season of 2014 rolled in, the other taxi app has become annoying — drivers won’t bid on my ride unless I add a tip or there are fewer confirmed cabs in your area when compared to Grab. GrabTaxi, meanwhile, seemed to have cleaned house. Gone are the rude cab drivers and those who had a habit of cancelling rides at the last minute. A conversation with a GrabTaxi driver while in the middle of traffic confirmed this. According to manong,the company has become more stringent in affiliating drivers, especially those who received complaints. The driver also seemed very happy being affiliated with GrabTaxi — they talked about winning cameras or bringing in extra earnings to their happy wife. This year, I decided to save space on my phone and deleted the other app. I am okay with just having GrabTaxi on my phone.

How to use

it to source
credit to source

Since I don’t have a car and my job needs me to do ocular inspections for branding of branches, media visits or interviews, I have become really dependent of GrabTaxi. It gives me the convenience of having a cab wait for me as I exit the office (especially nowadays when the heat is too much), gives me peace of mind that I don’t have a psycho for a driver (Driver profile appears as part of your app), you can have your ride receipts sent via email for easy filing of reimbursement for Transpo Allowances.

Convenient shopping with Lazada

As a woman, I should love shopping. But…when it involves long lines, swollen feet from all the walking, frazzled salesladies, crowds that rival the next 1D concert and grumpy customer service agents — then I tend to tap into my (non-exitent) male gene and skip the mall altogether. I love quick visits to the mall when really needed. For instances such as these, I tend to drop by, choose what I want, bring it to the cashier and get the hell out of the store as fast as possible. I don’t like haggling or jumping from one store to another to compare prices or being followed by a salesperson while I inspect the goodies.

Then, I discovered Lazada.

credit goes to owner
credit goes to owner

Lazada positions itself as the Philippines’ hassle-free online mall, where consumers can choose the product they need in the convenience and safety of their own home.

According to the Lazada website:
“Lazada is offering to every shopper in the country—an internet shopping mall that will make your every online purchase effortless and risk free. Seek, find, shop, and enjoy your items right at the comfort of your home. Gone are the days of hearing the never ending tunes of malls, the crowded department stores, and enduring grueling traffic; Lazada is here to keep everything you need within your reach.”

The Lazada Homepage where the list of products are arranged based on their brands
The Lazada Homepage where the list of products are arranged based on their brands

I am not a frequent or avid online shopper, but I like browsing online shopping sites like Amazon, Rakuten (for my Japan goodies) and Lazada to see if there are tempting deals that are just too good to pass up. What’s good about Lazada is that all the products are listed according to brands so you’ll have the option of choosing the one the best fit your budget. There also deals that are too good to be true. My sister and I purchased our favorite perfume, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea when, during net browsing, we chanced upon one of their advertisements announcing up to almost 70% price drop on selected perfumes. In fact, we only paid PHP999 each for a 3.2 oz bottle that sells for more than PHP3,000 at the mall. Lazada gives you the option of paying on delivery or paying online, depending on your preference.

How to purchase

Recently, I am considering of buying a water dispenser for more parents but had no time to shop and look around the many appliance centers near my office. First, because I was just too busy in the office and too tired to even consider going to the mall. I also have no compulsion to go from one place to another to check and compare products so I decided to visit Lazada and see if there are water dispensers on sale. I saw three brands, and was planning to buy one already — until mom came home the next day lugging a huge box with a water dispenser inside.

For a busy person like me, the presence of services like GrabTaxi and Lazada provides a bit of relief in an otherwise already chaotic schedule. While I am still waiting for the time when we can already order groceries online and have it delivered to our homes like in South Korea, these new services are already a big step towards the development of more and more apps or websites that makes life a little bit easier.

This is not a sponsored post, nor a paid advert. This material was written with my own biases and opinion.


Meet Taxi Scum (part deux)

If there’s one specie that is the object of my intense hatred other than slimy politicians and local entertainer-wannabes that would be the lowest level of pond scums known as Filipino taxi drivers.

Like I said before, there are a lot of matitinong taxi drivers, but sadly it seemed that the annoying minority manages to ruin the reputation of all taxi drivers by continuing to be their evil, money-hungry selves.

Friends and family know that I have limited patience to taxi scum. I am the type of passenger who gets annoyed easily and would not hesitate to piss off a driver any way I can as soon as they get obnoxious with me. I am known to leave the taxi door open (after being forcefully evicted by a choosy driver); to engage annoying drivers to a full-on discussion or even (at one time) take the moron’s picture via mobile cam, along with his plate number and taxi name.

Concerned friends usually tell me that one of these days, I will meet a psycho driver who will not hesitate to kill me. While I know this is true, I simply always blow my fuse each time I encounter these slimy creatures. For me, these are the people who should be given a full-time assignment driving cabs in Basilan, Pakistan or Afghanistan. I am sure that when they die, they will spend the rest of their (after) life driving Satan through the seven gates of hell.

Anyway, if there’s one place I hate getting stuck to while carrying lots of shopping bags, at the middle of payday, during a pouring rain–it would be any taxi stand situated in Glorietta. In Glorietta 3 in particular, there is a group of thugs (masquerading as taxi drivers) who ALWAYS refuse to convey FILIPINO passengers. They go after the tipsy foreigners and their Filipina dates who all dress as if we are in the middle of fabric shortage.

One truly annoying evening, we decided to pass time by taking pictures of these thugs:

notice that it's a taxi stand but there aren't any cabs in sight...
...it' because all cabs are sitting idly a few meters behind.
they go around...and around...and around (maubusan sana ng gas!)

Their usual modus operandi is to park in front of Haagen Dazs, away from the designated taxi stand in front of Bibliarch in Glorietta 3. They will refuse to convey passengers lined-up at the stand and will wait for foreigners who are willing to negotiate fares. If the friendly Ayala Mall Security van appears, they will pretend to leave–only to go around that God-forsaken circle then will park again on the same spot as soon as the guards leave. The usual taxi names I see there are include Daniella, PUNO, Ashley Denise, all of which I am sure is driven by the same type of scum.

I wonder why the mall management can’t do anything about these people as they are the BANE of the mall-goers existence.

As for me, one of my fondest wishes is to have lots of money. Know why? So that I’ll have my own taxi where the driver will not charge me atrocious pre-set fares for the meter and won’t ever refuse to convey me wherever I please to go.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits…

I have to take my hats-off to this government and the people working and residing on that magnificent mansion off Pasig River. Their spin doctors have a way of making people both sick and annoyed with the pronouncements they give the press.

2 days before Christmas and these people just kept getting on the country’s nerves. After their blunder on the Ampatuan massacre, they now have the wrath of Mayon Volcano to answer to. Are these people really prone to making bad choices in life. Or do they simply don’t care?

As friends know that I am a gracious gift giver, regardless of the occasion, I hereby wish this simple gift to the following people…

“May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of……”

1. The pa-bibo Malacanang spokesperson whose explanations about his president’s absence can be summed up with: “So what if Arroyo is in HK while Mayon burns?”

As mentioned in my previous post, Malacanang spokespersons may now putting more serious efforts with their jobs as they do not want to share the fate of Lorelei Fajardo who got sacked from her job due to her brilliant pronouncements following the Ampatuan massacre. So the spokesperson came to his boss’ defense and reasoned out that Mayon is just two hours away from HK.

Darling, I don’t know about you…but if the family home is right in the middle of a fire, I’d like my mom to be here with me–it adds strength you see. Your president is the so-called “mother” of this country right? Since this is what your usual ad campaign usually depicts, the President is the Mother of the Country. Will she be here if say, Mayon Volcano is located in Porac and not in Albay? Just sayin’

2. The presidentiable who kept assailing me with his “Siya ang tunay na mahirap ad”. I said it once and I’ll say this again, why do these presidentiables kept on harping on the poor? Do we, the working middle class and the one WHO PAYS OUR TAXES RELIGIOUSLY not as important. The battle against who is the real “mahirap” pisses me off. Not to mention, there is no sincerity in the faces of these kids (representing the mahirap)? Why should there be when they are probably reciting this dumb lyrics to this very dumb song.

Mr. Presidentiable, what you are doing is polarizing Filipinos. The mahiraps vs the mayamans, the may bahays and the squatters. As a president, shouldn’t you be espousing the ideals of unity and one-ness?

This is why I am still undecided if I’ll be voting on the 2010 elections. What these presidentiables must do is inform and liberate people. And stop that non-sense about the rich and the poor.

3. The alleged mass murderer — I’ve seen his face on Teleradyo during the airing of the preliminary investigation, I think. Immediately, my first thought was, “he looked so smug”. In tagalog, mukha pa ring maangas!.

4. The other woman who kept on saying that everything is just a promotion for a God-forsaken movie. Number one: HIS wife doesn’t believe you. Two: All evidences state otherwise. Three: Your movie looks like crap, I hope people won’t waste their 130 pesos on this piece of shit.

And since as a woman, I assume that you don’t have hairy ‘pits, may the fleas relocate to some other place where there is an abundance of hair.

5. To all the shitty cab drivers who refused me ride these past few days. I hope LTFRB gets to you.
By the way, in an interview by Teleradyo, the president of Philippine Taxi Operators Association (PTOA) recommends that we call the operators each time cabbies refused to convey us or refused to use the meter. Bong Suntay, PTOA president, said that most likely operators are not aware of their drivers’ misdeeds.

This will totally work if there are no collorum (spelling?) cab drivers. Unfortunately, collorum drivers are prevalent in this country, not only on cabs but also on buses, jeepneys, FXs, hell…even on pedicabs!

My only regret is the state of health these fleas will be in when they are done and satiated with your ‘pits. Shall I sign them on for some major decontamination?

Hey, you taxi scum: Beh! Buti Nga!

I’ve read on DZMM Teleradyo that LTO/LTRFB will now be running after “picky” taxi drivers who refused to convey passengers during the Christmas season. These are the hell spawns who have a variety of reasons for refusing to bring you to your destination: too near, too far, traffic, he is not going there, he needs to eat” only for you to see them annoying the hell out of another desperate passenger, one likely to negotiate prices just to get out of the war zone often referred to as Ayala Shopping Center.

For the three other people (including the Hubby) who follows this blog, you might have read how I have an utter hatred for scummy taxi drivers, thus earning the title “future Serial Killer for cabbies” from the Queen of All Cats and the Hubby. So this news for me is like the coming of the Christmas morning or much better, this is like announcing Glee will be available on tv by January and not April as previously announced (unfortunately, we REALLY have to wait till April, fellow Gleeks)

Back to the topic.

I just hope LTO/LTFRB will have the balls to enact this, and really go after these scumbags. After all, cabbies nowadays are no longer afraid of the law. I once threatened a scummy cabbie that I will report him to LTO, you know what he said? “eh di magsumbong kayo!”

A friend told me its because cabbies know that a few of us really report abusive behaviors to the authorities. And if ever we do, LTO will ask if we want to pursue the case. If ever this happens to you, please say YOU DO and devote time to pressing the charges. This will ensure that the danged driver’s license will get suspended. This will ensure that he will learn his lesson and clean up his act.

It’s about time these scumbags learn their lesson. I remembered when I was still at my old job, one of our temps were hit by a taxi. Good thing the guards saw the incident and required the driver to bring him to the hospital. The driver refused to bring him to a semi-private hospital because he didn’t have the money to pay for the damage he caused. Instead, the temp staff was brought to a government-run hospital with facilities that screamed of neglect.

During the drive to the hospital, we asked the driver if he had a license cos we needed it for documentation. Instead of a license, he gave us a ticket previously issued to him, saying his license was revoked because he was charged for hitting a pedestrian a few months back. Imagine, our temp staff was his second victim in three months!
What was sad is we hardly saw a trace of regret or remorse from the driver. The temp staff did not press charges.

I hoped that manong driver already learned his lesson. I shudder to think that he might be mowing down hapless pedestrians with his old taxi while I’m currently typing this.