Why the world still needs Superman

Does the world need (another) Superman (remake)? I can’t help but think about this–the title of the Pulitzer Prize-winning “article” written by Lois Lane and one of the central theme for 2006’s Superman Returns. I am asking the same question almost 7 years after Superman last flew in our big screens. In the age whereContinue reading “Why the world still needs Superman”

So raise your glass to geeky girls who read graphic novels…

After receiving a good windfall last Friday, the very first thing I bought for myself is not a new bag or a complete wardrobe from Forever 21. Rather, here’s what I bought: Yes, I bought four new issues of DC Comics’ New 52’s called “Suicide Squad – Death of the Family” and a new graphicContinue reading “So raise your glass to geeky girls who read graphic novels…”

Cos I am such a freaking girly-girl…and I can kick your ass!

I was blessed with two new fashion magazines courtesy of a good, good friend. I love the fact that I am again up to date on the latest fashion in Japan. I love my new CanCam and Vivi–most especially Vivi which has better styling and fashion lay-outs this month compared to CanCam. I don’t knowContinue reading “Cos I am such a freaking girly-girl…and I can kick your ass!”

Saying thank you for the things that matter

I have been pretty blessed — but there are instances where I rather see the negative than the many good things happening around me. I had a superb weekend, spent time paying bills thus blowing my whole month’s pay in two hours. It’s a sad reality but they always say that bills are as constantContinue reading “Saying thank you for the things that matter”

In my dreams, I am your Lois Lane

Had a rare chance of sketching again. Got inspired after seeing this amazing art in one of the Lois Lane tribute sites that I always frequent. I’ve always identified with Lois: slightly-neurotic, pushy, dangerously curious, harsh but always with good intentions in her heart. I grew up in love with Clark Kent and thinking thatContinue reading “In my dreams, I am your Lois Lane”

The gospel according to Perry White

Eleven years (!) ago, on a make or break interview for a lifestyle writer position for one of the country’s biggest publications, I was asked by the daily’s VP for HR why I wanted to be a writer. I was a broadcasting graduate, freshly out of university and miserably idealistic. I answered, “Because I wantedContinue reading “The gospel according to Perry White”

SMALLVILLE comes to a close after 10 seasons

Oh wait, is that actually a tear which fell from my eye? You do know that I am probably one of Superman’s biggest fans, except maybe for my good friend P whose sneakers even bore the caped one’s famous “S” mark. The cult classic and probably one of the best (if not, the best) representationContinue reading “SMALLVILLE comes to a close after 10 seasons”

Another one dons the red cape

Citizens of Metropolis, we have our new Superman: Meet Henry Cavill, announced as the new reincarnation of the “Man of Steel” following the footsteps of Kirk Alyn in a 1948 television series Superman; George Reeves in the 1950s series The Adventures of Superman; Christopher Reeve in Superman I-IV; Dean Cain in Lois and Clark: TheContinue reading “Another one dons the red cape”

Superman:Earth One – a new face for a familiar superhero

As a six year old, no one made a firm and lasting impression on my mind than seeing Christopher Reeve–Superman–flying towards the great blue sky, giving his audience a warm-hearted salute and heart-attack inducing smile. Sitting on a musky, dark, old theater in old Makati, I looked at the screen, at Supe’s endearing face andContinue reading “Superman:Earth One – a new face for a familiar superhero”

Poster for new JGS and MGY drama now out

The cast–Moo Geun-young, Jang Geun-seok, Kim Jae-wook, and Kim Hyo-jin— of the new manhwa adaptation “Mary Stayed Out All Night” recently had a photo shoot for their poster last October 6. One of the best blogs in Korean entertainment, DramaBeans provided an entertaining and informative discourse on the new drama. (Please read it here) SaveContinue reading “Poster for new JGS and MGY drama now out”