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The taste and flair of Spain made possible by Origen Flamenco and Doña Elena 

Flamenco, Spain’s national dance, enthralls the viewers – the soulful music, the plucking of the guitar, the rythmic beat of the square drum, the melodious music by the tapping of the feet. It is composed a dizzying and alluring mix of singing (cante) and dancing (baile), paired with guitar playing (toque), handclapping (palmas) and finger-snapping (pitos). 

I knew I was in for a great night when Dona Elena treated its media guests for a private show of Origen Flamenco held recently at the Power Mac Center in Circuit, Makati. 

Comprised of three parts, the hour long showcase featured the phases of a good flamenco show starting with a soulful rendition of music, as inspired by the music of the legendary Paco de Lucia, a famed Flamenco artist, guitarist and composer, presented in a riveting and passionate show as directed by Alberto Marin – before fully seizing the audience’s attention with the 

Featuring riveting performances from dancers Cristina Carrasco and Javier Serrano  who had the audience attention from the very first minute of their performance down to the very last minute following the two hour show. 

The backing musicians led by Alberto Marin himself on the guitars does not disappoint either. The music was passionate – alternating between soulful and festive, so true to the very core of the art of flamenco. 

Props goes to Doña Elena, the premiere Mediterranean cooking brand in the Philippines, for bringing Origen Flamenco over. Distributed locally by Fly Ace Marketing, Doña Elena remains the number one olive oil brand in the Philippines. Aside from its line of olive oil which comes in Extra Virgin, Pure and Pomace; the Doña Elena brand also includes capers, anchovies, pastas, whole or pitted olives, and sauces. 

The recent Flamenco show was truly one of the best I attended and worth the Monday commute. Thanks to the generosity of Doña Elena and the talent and passion of Origen Flamenco, the flair and taste of Spain was truly alive and well that night. 

Here are more photos from the show: 


GILAS PILIPINAS is going to Spain for FIBA Championships

Gilas Pilipinas National Team
Gilas Pilipinas National Team

The Philippines is a country that lives and breathes basketball. In every street corner, you can see makeshift basketball courts where kids as low as seven years old play mean versions of Pinoy street basketball.

We love basketball so much, this in spite the fact that we are a nation not blessed with height and body type that is meant for a game where height is a main advantage. Whatever we lacked physically, we compensate with speed and cunning, more importantly, we compensate with heart. It may be a game played in the pro-leagues (called the Philippine Basketball Association or PBA) or even in the lowliest barangay. Players dribble their heart out and give intense plays, while fans will shout to the high heavens, and God forbid, will go into fights just for the sake of their team.

Filipinos, God bless them, may not blessed with height — but we are blessed with a passionate heart and undying spirit, which often times come handy when our basketball players are pushed against the wall. This can’t be more evident than with the ongoing FIBA Asia Championships, where in the semi-final round, the Philippines was able to subdue its long-time tormentor (and a great team) South Korea to enter the finals against unbeaten IRAN.

The Philippines also have a secret weapon: this time, the FIBA Asia championships is being held in the Philippines where each of their opponent can expect the presence of the dreaded “sixth man:” 20,000-strong Pinoy fans cheering their hearts out for their team. When Gilas won against Korea, Facebook and Twitter exploded with Pinoy Pride.

Congratulations to Gilas Pilipinas – for making our country very proud. Now onwards to the World Championship in Spain!

A fitting welcome for the brave Dutch

In spite their heart-breaking loss to Spain, the Dutch team arrive home with much-fanfare and the well-deserved love and respect of their countrymen.

The Dutch team welcomed at the Tarmac

The KLM Boeing 777 was escorted into Dutch airspace by two F-16 fighter jets (one painted Orange) and met with a ceremonial spray of water cannons upon arrival at the tarmac.

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While the warm display of support has lifted the team’s spirits, their loss to Spain remains raw for the team.

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Post-script on my World Cup viewing
Oh no, it seems I am slowly turning into a football fanatic after all those sleepless nights I spent watching after Japan and Spain. Now, midnights doesn’t seem so exciting anymore without World Cup. And since the next World Cup is still four years away, I pray I will be effing rich by that time so I can haul my ass to Brazil to cheer on my teams personally.

Before, I really do not have the patience to wait for these guys to FINALLY score. I mean, unlike basketball or boxing (which are both big here in PH), it really takes a long time for a team to score (if the team is really good). At first, I ended up sleeping right at the middle of an exciting match — but eventually, I too was caught up with the intensity of the match (and the number of hot guys on the field!)

My only sense of worry is where will I get to catch my favorite players like Honda and Tulio (JPN) and Xavi (Spain)? And where can I get football jerseys–in blue and red of course.

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Viva Espana! Spain wins World Cup!

Spain became the first European country to win the World Cup in another continent following their landmark victory against the Netherlands (0-1).

…and Dear Hubby, the Spain fan in the house, owed me lunch and dinner big time due to this wondrous victory!

I remember the announcer saying that no team has won the World Cup after losing its opening game, pertaining to Spain who lost its initial outing to Ghana (I think?) …well, not this team baby! Though, the win was obviously hard-fought and well-deserved, with Netherlands giving their best and their all. At the end of the day, the team who won the Cup was the one which was “more hungry for it”. Spain joins Brazil (five-time winner), Italy (four), Germany (three), Uruguay (two), Argentina (two), England and France as world champions and they are only the third side to hold the European Championship at the same time

More than the fact the Spain, noted for being a great team without a World Cup victory, has finally won its place among football legends–but what also sparked my interest at the ungodly hour of 2AM are the number of cute guys playing on BOTH teams! My hands down favorite of course is Spain’s Xavi Hernandez (8) which reminded me of a young Robert Downey Jr.

Of course, my favorite guys from the Samurai Blue (JPN)


I can’t wait for the next World Cup….See you in Brazil in 2014!

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