The taste and flair of Spain made possible by Origen Flamenco and Doña Elena 

Flamenco, Spain’s national dance, enthralls the viewers – the soulful music, the plucking of the guitar, the rythmic beat of the square drum, the melodious music by the tapping of the feet. It is composed a dizzying and alluring mix of singing (cante) and dancing (baile), paired with guitar playing (toque), handclapping (palmas) and finger-snappingContinue reading “The taste and flair of Spain made possible by Origen Flamenco and Doña Elena “

GILAS PILIPINAS is going to Spain for FIBA Championships

The Philippines is a country that lives and breathes basketball. In every street corner, you can see makeshift basketball courts where kids as low as seven years old play mean versions of Pinoy street basketball. We love basketball so much, this in spite the fact that we are a nation not blessed with height andContinue reading “GILAS PILIPINAS is going to Spain for FIBA Championships”

A fitting welcome for the brave Dutch

In spite their heart-breaking loss to Spain, the Dutch team arrive home with much-fanfare and the well-deserved love and respect of their countrymen. The KLM Boeing 777 was escorted into Dutch airspace by two F-16 fighter jets (one painted Orange) and met with a ceremonial spray of water cannons upon arrival at the tarmac. WhileContinue reading “A fitting welcome for the brave Dutch”

Viva Espana! Spain wins World Cup!

Spain became the first European country to win the World Cup in another continent following their landmark victory against the Netherlands (0-1). …and Dear Hubby, the Spain fan in the house, owed me lunch and dinner big time due to this wondrous victory! I remember the announcer saying that no team has won the WorldContinue reading “Viva Espana! Spain wins World Cup!”