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PR: Time to complete your  Christmas Shopping with Lazada’s 12.12 Online Revolution

One thing I hated about the Christmas season is the mad dash for gifts, trying to get every one on your list something. As mentioned in all my previous posts, I have an aversion to malls during the Holidays due to the long lines at the till and the extra long horns being spouted by evil cabs. 

Thus, it’s good news once again as Lazada Philippines (www.lazada.com.ph), the country’s leading one-stop online shopping and selling destination, culminates its Online Revolution sale in a 3-day Grand Christmas Sale finale on December 10 – 12. This will give procrastinators like me the opportunity to complete our Christmas list without losing our minds in the process. 


Lazada broke its online sales records during the kick-off of the month-long sale event last November 11, generating 2.4 million visits and over 120,000 items purchased on its website and mobile app in a single day. The e-commerce giant expects to surpass these numbers before the year ends as it reveals further markdowns on its holiday bestsellers during the upcoming sale on December 10-12.

Deep discounts and Shocking holiday deals

Discounts during the Lazada Grand Christmas Sale will be up to 95% off and will feature new Shocking Deals, P12 Deals, and P99 Deals. Shocking Deals will feature popular branded items at half price including an Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina (16GB); other products include a Hoverboard and a MyView 40’’ Full HD LED TV with limited quantities as chosen by our customers on social media. The links to the 12 Peso Deal items will with be announced on Lazada’s social media accounts. Items that will be available for P99 include bestsellers like the Push Up Pro fitness gear and the popular Hands-free Toothpaste Dispenser.

Partnerships with Cebu Pacific, Hyundai, and BDO Cards

Lazada online shoppers are in for more exciting promos during the month of December. Purchases made during the sale period may qualify for raffle draws to win Cebu Pacific airline tickets to international destinations as well as a brand new Hyundai Eon in the grand draw. BDO cardholders are also entitled to additional discounts on December 10-12.

Lazada CEO Inanc Balci expresses his excitement for all the things lined up as they end Online Revolution with the Grand Christmas Sale. “Lazada Philippines aims to be the destination for effortless Christmas shopping with its low prices on its 1.2 million products” mentions Balci.

For more information, please visit http://www.lazada.com.ph

For updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions, connect with us via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines).
Disclosure: Blogger is an affiliate of Lazada. If you happen to clickthe links above and purchase from Lazada, blogger might earn a small affiliate fee. 

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GrabTaxi and Lazada – Making Life Easy

I am not exactly the techie type and I easily, easily get rattled when my Smartphone acts up and I have no idea why. My work demands that I immerse myself in social media while my foray in blogging has kept me sane — however, deep in my heart, I am still an old-fashioned girl who loves writing letters instead of email, reading actual books than Kindle and writing on my journal (been journaling since I was 14!)

But I do know when to appreciate technology — mostly because of the convenience it has brought us. Right now, there are two service companies whom I have recently discovered and have thoroughly enjoyed using.


I love my city — but let’s face it. Hailing a taxi in Manila, in the middle of rush hour and in the pouring rain, is like being subjected to eternal damnation in hell. Cabies sprout horns and tails turning into devils behind the wheels. They will negotiate with you, tsk-tsk-tsking madly either because you are going too far or too near or too crowded and it’s traffic. They will attempt to haggle a price they find appealing never mind if it’s worth your kidney and spleen. In the rare chance that you do get a ride and your driver happens to be a minion of Lucifer Morningstar, you will go to places you’ve never been as he tries to drive you around the Metro. This blog post won’t even discuss perpetuated by so-called “evil cab drivers.”

And then comes GrabTaxi.


GrabTaxi, available for FREE download on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry platforms, is the first and largest taxi app in Philippines and South East Asia that enables passengers to book taxis in just a few taps of their smartphones. It is also available in Malaysia, Singapore, and Bangkok. GrabTaxi aims to revamp the local taxi industry by introducing simple, cost effective mobile-based technology to both the supply (drivers and demand (passenger) sides of the distribution chain. With this technology, GrabTaxi hopes to optimize the matching process between drivers and passengers. (from the GrabTaxi website)

Bottomline: it allows you to have instant access to taxi using your mobile device without having to be subjected to the torture of hailing a cab in the middle of the city streets. I downloaded GrabTaxi before and its competitor and used them both for hailing cabs.

When I first used it in early 2014, I was more partial to the other taxi app because it was faster and drivers from GrabTaxi had a habit of canceling my ride at the last minute. But by the time Christmas season of 2014 rolled in, the other taxi app has become annoying — drivers won’t bid on my ride unless I add a tip or there are fewer confirmed cabs in your area when compared to Grab. GrabTaxi, meanwhile, seemed to have cleaned house. Gone are the rude cab drivers and those who had a habit of cancelling rides at the last minute. A conversation with a GrabTaxi driver while in the middle of traffic confirmed this. According to manong,the company has become more stringent in affiliating drivers, especially those who received complaints. The driver also seemed very happy being affiliated with GrabTaxi — they talked about winning cameras or bringing in extra earnings to their happy wife. This year, I decided to save space on my phone and deleted the other app. I am okay with just having GrabTaxi on my phone.

How to use

it to source
credit to source

Since I don’t have a car and my job needs me to do ocular inspections for branding of branches, media visits or interviews, I have become really dependent of GrabTaxi. It gives me the convenience of having a cab wait for me as I exit the office (especially nowadays when the heat is too much), gives me peace of mind that I don’t have a psycho for a driver (Driver profile appears as part of your app), you can have your ride receipts sent via email for easy filing of reimbursement for Transpo Allowances.

Convenient shopping with Lazada

As a woman, I should love shopping. But…when it involves long lines, swollen feet from all the walking, frazzled salesladies, crowds that rival the next 1D concert and grumpy customer service agents — then I tend to tap into my (non-exitent) male gene and skip the mall altogether. I love quick visits to the mall when really needed. For instances such as these, I tend to drop by, choose what I want, bring it to the cashier and get the hell out of the store as fast as possible. I don’t like haggling or jumping from one store to another to compare prices or being followed by a salesperson while I inspect the goodies.

Then, I discovered Lazada.

credit goes to owner
credit goes to owner

Lazada positions itself as the Philippines’ hassle-free online mall, where consumers can choose the product they need in the convenience and safety of their own home.

According to the Lazada website:
“Lazada is offering to every shopper in the country—an internet shopping mall that will make your every online purchase effortless and risk free. Seek, find, shop, and enjoy your items right at the comfort of your home. Gone are the days of hearing the never ending tunes of malls, the crowded department stores, and enduring grueling traffic; Lazada is here to keep everything you need within your reach.”

The Lazada Homepage where the list of products are arranged based on their brands
The Lazada Homepage where the list of products are arranged based on their brands

I am not a frequent or avid online shopper, but I like browsing online shopping sites like Amazon, Rakuten (for my Japan goodies) and Lazada to see if there are tempting deals that are just too good to pass up. What’s good about Lazada is that all the products are listed according to brands so you’ll have the option of choosing the one the best fit your budget. There also deals that are too good to be true. My sister and I purchased our favorite perfume, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea when, during net browsing, we chanced upon one of their advertisements announcing up to almost 70% price drop on selected perfumes. In fact, we only paid PHP999 each for a 3.2 oz bottle that sells for more than PHP3,000 at the mall. Lazada gives you the option of paying on delivery or paying online, depending on your preference.

How to purchase

Recently, I am considering of buying a water dispenser for more parents but had no time to shop and look around the many appliance centers near my office. First, because I was just too busy in the office and too tired to even consider going to the mall. I also have no compulsion to go from one place to another to check and compare products so I decided to visit Lazada and see if there are water dispensers on sale. I saw three brands, and was planning to buy one already — until mom came home the next day lugging a huge box with a water dispenser inside.

For a busy person like me, the presence of services like GrabTaxi and Lazada provides a bit of relief in an otherwise already chaotic schedule. While I am still waiting for the time when we can already order groceries online and have it delivered to our homes like in South Korea, these new services are already a big step towards the development of more and more apps or websites that makes life a little bit easier.

This is not a sponsored post, nor a paid advert. This material was written with my own biases and opinion.

Finding the perfect pair of shorts

Remember when I posted before how much I hated buying pants and shorts because nothing fits me?
Maybe it’s the fact that I have too much “junk in the trunk” but I’ve come to dread buying anything especially from local stores because nothing seemed to fit. Well yes, I can always buy at Marks & Spencer and Debenham’s where they have my size, but I don’t exactly have a trust fund to support that kind of high-end shopping.

Last Sunday, Dear Hubby (DH) and I went to Greenhills Shopping Center to look for a collectible toy that he have been hankering over and over in the last few weeks. You see, Greenhills is a shopping haven located in a city called San Juan twenty-minutes from where I live, Makati City. Greenhills is like the well-off sister of another Manila shopping mecca called, Divisoria.

After looking at some of the collectible toy shops, DH and I went around the bazaar area where you can buy clothes, footwear, gadgets, fake branded bags (seriously, people?) and well, toys and accessories as well. After DH and I passed by a shop selling walking shorts in larger sizes, hubby convinced me to buy already because he knew I always have a hard time looking for shorts that fits me (or my ginormous behind, at least).

So I asked for something that might fit me, picked a color, headed inside the makeshift fitting room and sucked my breath…

…what do you know, it fits! So, yeah I bought it!

my purchases from Greenhills: my navy blue shorts, unmentionables in green and red, cologne and hand sanitizer from Bench

I was so happy that I resolved to remember the stall number and where it’s located. I am going back for jeans and more shorts. The navy blue walking shorts just cost me PHP250 (roughly less than 7USD). I love this store already!

My favorite cologne and my new Skull ring

I also replenished my supply of this cologne which I always buy from Bench, a local lifestyle store very famous among locals. I buy most of my clothes and majority of my Christmas gifts here. One of the products I love is this cologne called “Beautiful Body” which has a sweet yet refreshing scent that is not cloying or annoying at all. This is a collaboration of the well-known brand with a famous Filipino actress, and honestly I think one of their best scents. I also bought a hand sanitizer because you couldn’t touch anything in this city without contracting anything, plus a really nice skull ring to add to my collection.

Finally, I don’t have to stick to wearing skirts and dresses all the time.

Uniqlo Philippines offers PHP190 shirts and tank tops

Finally had the opportunity to get out of the house after a long time inside due to the confusing weather. Dragged Dear Hubby to a jaunt across town to go to the Mall of Asia (the biggest mall in the Philippines) — our purpose? the recently-opened UNIQLO.

UNIQLO, short for UNIQUE CLOTHING, carries a unique line of men and women’s clothing, with simple yet breath-taking aesthetic that is so distinctly Japanese. The latest fast fashion brand to open in the Philippines, Uniqlo’s opening was mobbed and met with long lines that it’s practically not safe to venture in MOA and join the fray of people all wanting to be the first to buy Uniqlo. (Don’t believe me? See this blog to believe it!)

Uniqlo Philippines
Uniqlo Philippines in Mall of Asia

So, two months after it first opened, I finally decided to see what the buzz was about. And wow, the first Uniqlo in the Philippines did not disappoint. Occupying 1,550 square meters of a corner spot in MOA, the store is light and airy and does not feel crowded even if there’s a lot of people shopping (of course!). The clothes were divided according to their type and prices per clothing is clearly indicated on the shelves. Dear Hubby and I were there to buy new shirts, but it’s fun to also look at the other stuff available — it doesn’t hurt to research for things you’d like to buy when you finally have the money.

Uniqlo Philippines DC Tie-up
Superman T-shirt from the DC tie-up, PHP790

I immediately had my eye on the Superman t-shirt from their DC collection, but the price is currently too steep for my budget. Made a mental note to come back next salary and get one finally for myself. There were also a lot of tie-ins from other brands including Barbie, Disney and of course, Hello Kitty.

Uniqlo Philippines
Hello Kitty shirts, PHP790 each

My best friend, a certified Hello Kitty junkie, will die from the many cute designs from the HK collection. But the purpose really of our visit is to stock up on their Dry Fit shirts, currently selling for PHP190 (original price: PHP290).

Omigod! There’s just too many to choose from!

I look totally juvenile in one of my pictures above — I was just too overwhelmed with the many colors of the shirts. In the end, I got a hot pink tank top for my sister, 2 men’s v-neck shirt, sized small for myself and 2 men’s v-neck shirt, in larger size for the Dear Hubby.

Until next time Uniqlo! Am already excited for my Christmas bonus!

It was a breeze paying for the purchases–as the store accepts credit card or EPS card. The lines might be long but the staff are brisk and efficient so paying doesn’t take too much of your time. I also loved that they are courteous and very approachable but does not hover when you are checking out the goods. (Manila sales staff–particularly in department stores–has a habit of hovering over customers). Definitely, this will not be my last visit to Uniqlo–even if the store is located very far from where I live.

The PHP190 sale on Dry fit shirts and tank tops run from August 10 to 16, 2012.

Ichigo Ichie!

A once in a lifetime chance. One great opportunity.
And thank God, I didn’t blew it.

My prolonged absence here is due to a very busy, harrowing week due to the big celebration of my company’s anniversary. Part of the celebration is coming up with a full spread supplement which came out last Friday on the country’s major broadsheet.

Guess who was in charge of that. Yup, one week of back-breaking work, sleepless nights (I actually went on a 48 hour working binge, I feel like a junk head without the “junk abuse”) and getting close to a nervous breakdown — the results came out great, much to the satisfaction of the powers-that-be and the whole company who devoured issues of the paper.

Got to receive high marks from the bosses. One chance to impress people and it worked. I guess it’s all about seizing the moment and the opportunity, never mind the lack of sleep and the feeling of just wanting to kill yourself due to exhaustion.

One freaking chance, and I had it down pat.

Celebrated my “resurrection” with a quick trip to the mall last Saturday. I have been stressed and broke for so long, you cannot imagine how good it felt to have extra money again to buy stuff that I’ve been coveting for the month or so.

Resurrection, in my world, is better celebrated….with wicked new pair of shoes and a Bench X Secret Fresh shirt.

Ichigo Valerie shoes

I have always been crushing on these shoes from Ichigo and been going to Crossings for weeks hoping to finally have the money for it. Finally, was able to own it last Friday and it was just so pretty and perfect.

Ichigo has always been my go-to brand when it comes to fashionable, cute shoes. I own at least five pairs of Ichigo shoes and this is already my sixth pair. One of the brand’s best pieces is their line of oxford shoes. I own at least three Oxfords and I had to retire two of them because they’ve been through so much abuse.

the devil is in the details!

The attention to detail on this pair is simply amazing. These shoes will look great paired with nice, frilly dresses plus black thights. Simply Kawaii!

I also got to finally own a shirt from the Bench X Secret Fresh collection, after pining for it for a long time. Secret Fresh is a famous store in the Philippines selling off-beat toys, while Bench is already an institution when it comes to fast fashion items like shirt, pants, underwear, scents and has even evolved into a well-known lifestyle brand.

Bench X Secret Fresh shirt plus Bench Shampoo for colored hair

Next step would be to find a really nice pair of jeans or walking shorts to pair it with.
I just wish stuff would fit me already, cos truth be told–I already developed a phobia of going inside the store, going through the merchandise and having to ask the sales staff for sizes and still not finding anything. It’s effing depressing! I am not that big — but why do I find people who are twice, thrice bigger than me wearing jeans? (No offense meant).

I also discovered this amazing store, called CNA which is located at the new condominium building in Pedro Gil near Robinsons Place. CNA sells a lot of accessories, jewelry and KPOP stuff, even those cute KPOP socks that I saw being sold in Myeongdong. They also have the latest CD releases from your favorite Korean artists. In a nutshell, CNA is a wonderland for every KPOP fan or junkie!

I bought two of these:

cute necklace with cat pendant from CNA

You know I adore my cat, Sayuri right? The same way that my sister adored her cat, Yumi-chan. I bought this affordable, but extremely cute necklace — one for me and one for the sis.

If you are an accessories junkie, I am sure an hour would not be enough for you to choose from CNA’s array of really cute and affordable items. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, in fact. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it), I didn’t brought enough money that day, as part of my new “saving-money-vow”), so I really couldn’t buy any of the other stuff even if I wanted to. It’ a good thing that there’s already a CNA shop because I know now where to get Christmas gifts for my KPOP loving friends (F, I am talking about you!)

Heaven is just one click away!

Idle hands is really the devil’s play ground.
In spite the fact that work is keeping me busy (and crazy)…. I managed to find some idle time earlier. And when I am idle, I am prone to looking for some crazy stuff online.

DESPERATE due to the lack of any good Japanese clothing and lifestyle shops in Manila, I tried looking for good shops online, and boy–I did managed to find the best:

Rakuten is the biggest online shopping mall operator in Japan, and one of the largest internet companies in the world (in the same league as Amazon, Expedia, etc). Recently, it made the headlines after its chief executive announced that the company is making English its only official language by 2012.

Anyway, I find myself signing up and typing my information after I scanning what the shop has the offer. My current obsession is this:

No, I haven’t made the bold move of purchasing it yet just because I am still trying NOT to. And besides, I haven’t explored the whole site yet and I am thinking there could be some really cool stuff that I haven’t seen yet. (Uhm, like these sensible yet NICE shoes, perhaps?)


And yeah, they also ship Japanese fashion magazines!

These magazines sell from PHP2,000 to PHP2,600 for six months’ subscription, with the buyer receiving the first issue about 2-3 weeks after the purchase. I don’t know if this is tempting enough for me to hit the “BUY” button.

Right now, I am obsessed in putting too much funds as possible on my one and only credit card, for the purpose of a one-day shopping spree at Rakuten. When? That is the question as I am trying to be OBSESSIVELY responsible with money and all that stuff.


All pictures property of Rakuten

When the going gets tough — the tough goes on RETAIL THERAPY!

The same thing I did when things got too crazy for me at the office one hot Friday afternoon.
Without going into details (*BLOGGING POLICY ALERT!*), let’s just say Friday was the time that all the pressure, annoyance and fatigue sent in and led me to an unmistakable need for some serious alone time.

So, with the blessings of the boss — I left immediately when the clock hit 12 and had lunch QUIETLY, alone on a secluded corner of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. (One of my two favorite coffee shops: UCC Coffee and CBTL — mainly due to the absence of LOUD, ANNOYING INDIVIDUALS who speak in pseudo Stateside accents).

After a quiet lunch, I headed to the mall to begin my retail therapy. Note that I barely earned anything for the first 15 days of the month. I am broke, with credit card due but in serious need of one shot of happiness.

So, tell me — what can you buy with PHP1,000 (about $20)? Apparently, IF YOU LOOKED REALLY HARD ENOUGH, a lot.

scored all of these for just P1,000!

My first purchase for the day was these eyeshadow and mascara combo from Saizen, the local branch of DAISO, the famous hyakuen shop in Japan.

eyeshadow and mascara combo: shibuya soul?

Like a typical Japanophile (?), I am hankering for Japanese-made make-up and cosmetics, cos it really amazes me how flawless and beautiful it can be to models. So, when I chanced upon these babies at Saizen, I just have to buy ’em…I’ll road test them one of these days and write a quick review for this site. Of course, RMK this is not so — I really have to have serious bucks before I go on a buying binge for my make-up needs.

I went around the mall and found nothing. Most well known fast-fashion brands were selling the same old tired stuff. I was thinking that I may be going back to the office empty-handed when I chanced upon this dress at one of the independent labels at Robinson’s Galleria’s 50th Avenue.

First, this has always been my peg and inspiration:

so kawaii (non-no January 2011)

And this is what I bought, with the extreme intent of using the Non-no page as my peg:

this would look gat with my brown leather boots!

I was lucky to be able to skip out of the office by 7:30 that night and took the train to Ayala Center, the shopping mecca of Makati, with the intent to do some aimless wanderings and cool off from such a crazy day.

Well…the aimless wandering yielded me this:

from one of my favorite shoe labels, ICHIGO

Ichigo is one of my favorite brands when it comes to shoes. I am particularly in love with their line of oxfords/brogues which as you know, I am very fond of.

I loved that my shoes gave me my much needed height (and looked ok for PR work) while ensuring that I will not trip or embarrass myself since it is wedge heels. You see, I have no capability to wear heels and for the rare times that I do wear heels, it’s either I maim myself due to tripping most of the times or I ruin the shoes because I am just a shitty wearer of heels.

Anyway, the retail therapy worked. I am okay now. Well, I am broke as hell — but at least a really black cloud was lifted from my shoulders.