Under Armour celebrates Stephen Curry’s consecutive Kia NBA MVP Awards with the limited edition back-to-back shoe pack

U.S. high performance sports apparel label Under Armour celebrates U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar Stephen Curry’s outstanding season performance and second consecutive Kia NBA MVP Award with the Curry MVP Back 2 Back Pack, containing a re-release of the Curry One MVP and a new Curry Two MVP colourway.  Considered to be one ofContinue reading “Under Armour celebrates Stephen Curry’s consecutive Kia NBA MVP Awards with the limited edition back-to-back shoe pack”

The right shoes for the (wannabe) hipster in you

Yes, I haven’t gotten over my current hipster obsession. They of the wide, black-rimmed glasses, of the corduroy and gentleman’s hat, of the emo, counter-culture persuasion. So intriguing and different. Well, in my part of the world it’s still different — since my fellow Pinoy yuppies are still stuck in the Valley Girl and Cutie-Kawaii-KpopContinue reading “The right shoes for the (wannabe) hipster in you”

Schu Shangri-La crazy shoe sale!

…now try saying that five times. Crazy because that’s exactly how you will be once you see the wide array of shoes all going for just PHP799 or less! This is how the story goes. I am SUPPOSED to go home, after an early dinner with The Dead Poets Society (aka The Bad Seeds ofContinue reading “Schu Shangri-La crazy shoe sale!”

My little kitty knows her priorities…

When my pet cat got pregnant and gave birth to three kittens two months ago, we knew that we had to let go of the kittens since our house cannot accommodate any other addition to our growing roster of feline friends. Currently, we have 4 cats– the girls: Sayuri, Yumi and Niro-chan, and the onlyContinue reading “My little kitty knows her priorities…”

If you’re gonna go into battle, wear something wicked!

After almost a week of sulking and being annoyed by things I can never change, I decided to throw the towel and just let it be. I mean, obviously I would need to keep the job since it’s something that I seriously love doing and the company where I work is top-notch and one ofContinue reading “If you’re gonna go into battle, wear something wicked!”

When the going gets tough — the tough goes on RETAIL THERAPY!

The same thing I did when things got too crazy for me at the office one hot Friday afternoon. Without going into details (*BLOGGING POLICY ALERT!*), let’s just say Friday was the time that all the pressure, annoyance and fatigue sent in and led me to an unmistakable need for some serious alone time. So,Continue reading “When the going gets tough — the tough goes on RETAIL THERAPY!”

Seeing things from another perspective

Life has a way of giving you funny and endearing little surprises — and in the end, it’s really up to you to keep up. I am currently trapped in a whirlwind of pleasant surprises, ground breaking challenges, realizations and little blessings. Sometimes, I find it hard to keep up, but it’s the little blessingsContinue reading “Seeing things from another perspective”

Heaven is a gray-colored shoebox

Somewhere in Heaven, the Shoe Gods might have looked in their mirror and accidentally saw me traipsing in my boots and decided to smile on me. Because one day, this arrived in the mail: Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a peak and this is what I saw: TADA-AAAAAAH!!! Quite honestly, I never owned somethingContinue reading “Heaven is a gray-colored shoebox”