Sakurai Sho smokes….and that is already a scandal?

And now (after ranting about blogger burn out), for the latest mindless scandal circulating the world of J-entertainment, as reported by my source for all-things JPop, Tokyo Hive: Arashi's Sakurai Sho is a Heavy Smoker? Arashi's resident intellectual Sakurai Sho is currently caught in the eye of a scandal after a Hokkaido hotel employee tweeted … Continue reading Sakurai Sho smokes….and that is already a scandal?


New Matsumoto/Sakurai commercial!

'Nuff said. No explanation needed My boyfriend in a parallel universe, Jun Matsumoto and band mate Sakurai Sho has a new commercial for au mobile phone. UPDATE: I was informed that the video was taken down. So I'm replacing it with a better fanmade vid that best highlights all Arashi CMs for au KDD. For … Continue reading New Matsumoto/Sakurai commercial!

Arashi’s new single is a “Monster”

This is Arashi's new song "Monster" -- the theme for Satoshi Ohno's new drama "Kaibutsu-kun". Here are the lyrics (Romanji and with English translation) courtesy of YarukiZero MONSTER (Romanji) Ju ni ji wo sukoshi sugiru koro Oh No! Zankoku na monster Tsuki akari kusaki nemuru koro Oh No! Yomigaeru Kimi no sakebi de boku wa mezameru Koyoi … Continue reading Arashi’s new single is a “Monster”