The crouch of luxury (Day 76 of Project 365)

Got invited to a super chichi (!!!!!) event featuring models and the so-called fashionable Manille. I was there, dressed in office clothes, Shibuya girl style and I felt like a martian who just landed to conquer a foreign land, a land that maybe featured girls who eyeballed each other’s girls clothes. So, yep — IContinue reading “The crouch of luxury (Day 76 of Project 365)”

Cat Bite Sunday (Day 75 of Project 365)

Mike’s little kitty got my fourth digit on my right hand. Result? got one tetanus shot plus two shots of Anti-Rabies shot on both my shoulders. The fact that I can even type amazes the hell out of me. And oh, got two types of medicines to drink before the new week ends. Anyway, animalContinue reading “Cat Bite Sunday (Day 75 of Project 365)”

My Week in Seoul in Photos (Days 67-71 of Project 365)

You do know that I have lots to tell you about Korea. How it was one of the best places I’ve been to.  Granted, Seoul and Busan are beautiful places with nary any trash in sight (lots of cigarette butts though) and wide roads and amazing sights.  But the best for me is discovering howContinue reading “My Week in Seoul in Photos (Days 67-71 of Project 365)”

The lock of love (Day 66 of Project 365)

I’ve added my contribution to the N Seoul Tower’s Locks of Love wall. Hoping that the lock will remain there for as long as it should be. Next time I go back, my lock will be one of the first things I will look for. I am also keeping the key, which I turn intoContinue reading “The lock of love (Day 66 of Project 365)”

Thrift shop finds (Day 62 of Project 365)

I mentioned in one of my earlier post that I had to go shopping for our clothes for the Seoul trip. Here’s some of my finds: These are for the Queen: I love the details on this button down knitted sweater. I love the Chinese style buttons, which offsets the simplicity of the sweater. IContinue reading “Thrift shop finds (Day 62 of Project 365)”

Weekend photos (Day 60-61 of Project 365)

Day 60 Day 61 Still with last minute preparations for the great Seoul Searching trip happening this Wednesday. These pictures were taken Thursday and Friday while I was working non-stop. Thursday, on a last minute event that made me cry out of frustration and Friday–where I had to be stuck in a whole day meetingContinue reading “Weekend photos (Day 60-61 of Project 365)”

My Super Brekkie (Day 58 of Project 365)

I have a sneaking suspicion that the nearer the great Seoul trip becomes, the harsher my week will be. I have christened this week, my HELL WEEK due to the sheer inplausibility of the things happening to me, especially matters concerning work. As we all know, filing for a 3.5 days leave will automatically giveContinue reading “My Super Brekkie (Day 58 of Project 365)”

Manang’s Chicken (Day 57 for Project 365)

Today is one of the worst days of my life. I don’t want to sound melodramatic, I don’t want to rant and gnash my teeth and blame the world for being “unfair” because the world is never unfair. Things happen according to their time. So, even if I want to go all “dramatic” on you,Continue reading “Manang’s Chicken (Day 57 for Project 365)”