World Street Food Congress celebrates the year of Pinoy street food

Some of the Philippines most loved comfort street food will be taking center stage, but will be served with fun twists and new interpretations, at the World’s Street Food Congress 2017 (WSFC17).  A brain child of foodie and TV personality K.F. Seetoh of Makansutra fame and presented by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), the five-dayContinue reading “World Street Food Congress celebrates the year of Pinoy street food”

Grilla: Pinoy Comfort Food Meant for Sharing 

The plates came out one at a time, usually steaming hot – the smell of familiar, comfort cooking wafting through the air.  We were at Grilla Restaurant and Bar, a sprawling restaurant and bar serving delectable Pinoy dishes along the SM by the Bay strip within the MOA Complex. At Grilla, your pot of sinigangContinue reading “Grilla: Pinoy Comfort Food Meant for Sharing “

PR: New savory BBQ flavor french fries available at Jollibee

Make room for the newest barkada favorite—the Jolly Crispy Savory BBQ Fries! Made with 100% real potatoes and sprinkled with a special blend of flavorings, the Savory BBQ fries pack a thrilling intensity with every bite. Perfect for pairing with other Jollibee treats or enjoyed on its own, the Jolly Crispy Savory BBQ Fries offerContinue reading “PR: New savory BBQ flavor french fries available at Jollibee”

The “showbiz-ness” of it all

I was a captive audience earlier as my parents watch the usual Sunday entertainment program. While I was a passive most of the times, I just don’t get the business of show business. Or as the Pinoys call it, “showbiz.” The sheer hilarity and dumbness of some of the questions can make anyone barf inContinue reading “The “showbiz-ness” of it all”

Personal Reflections this Holy Week

We are not allowed to go anywhere when it’s Holy Week and we commemorate the Passion and Death of Christ. A few years ago, my siblings and my then-boyfriend (now the hubby), had the gall to book tickets to Boracay, choosing to stay on the island for three days. When we came back on EasterContinue reading “Personal Reflections this Holy Week”

TrenSpotting Series: Commuting with the Walking Dead

This was how it was earlier at the Guadalupe MRT — like layers of zombies shuffling aimlessly waiting for salvation in the form of a (long-arriving) train. This picture is not my property I swear to the Higher Power that I will no longer leave the house later than 8AM. The commute going to OrtigasContinue reading “TrenSpotting Series: Commuting with the Walking Dead”

TrenSpotting Series: Deodorants–and what it’s for.

I have a question. If you knew you will be sharing space (both maneuver and breathing) with other people, it is polite to use an antiperspirant or deodorant, yes? The new work requires me to ride the MRT at all times — first, because riding the cab every day would put a big dent onContinue reading “TrenSpotting Series: Deodorants–and what it’s for.”

Christmas + Manila = Hell

I’ve just been to hell and back, and I survived. If you don’t believe in hell — spend Christmas in the Philippines. Stay in Mega Manila and decide to shop for presents from 2PM-onwards on any of Manila’s biggest malls and shopping centers. If you’d like the “Singapore shopping experience” then head to Makati, toContinue reading “Christmas + Manila = Hell”

Much ado about (nothing) Lee Da Hae

Someone asked me before what’s my take on the “English accent” issue of Pinoys against Korean superstar, Lee Da Hae. For those not in the know, the Korean actress earned the ire of some Pinoys after she has allegedly made fun of the Filipino way of speaking English. I tried looking for a vid ofContinue reading “Much ado about (nothing) Lee Da Hae”