The Secret Life of Pet Owners 

It’s been almost a year since my beloved puspin, Sayuri crossed the rainbow bridge and it doesn’t get any better. There are days when I feel fine and then I’d remember Sayu, which would then turn into a sappy crying fest.  Sayuri, a native cat which I picked up as a tiny kitten was withContinue reading “The Secret Life of Pet Owners “

Tales of Sayuri: Have you ever tried to bathe a cat?

I didn’t know when I started to be a cat person. For as long as I can remember, I have always been in love with dogs. I owned a good number of dogs growing up — the oldest was Nick who lived to 70plus in human years. Nick’s whole name was Nicholas Carter-Mesias, yes —Continue reading “Tales of Sayuri: Have you ever tried to bathe a cat?”

Guess who’s back…?!!!! (Day 44/Project 365)

Barely a week after her adoption, the little one was returned to us because the girlfriend (of the guy who picked her up) freaking changed her mind. Apparently, the little devil was too frisky for her own liking. I don’t know — maybe she should have taken up caring for a STUFFED cat or leopardContinue reading “Guess who’s back…?!!!! (Day 44/Project 365)”

Kitty Love (Day 33/Project 365)

Sayuri gave birth to a healthy litter of 4 kittens — as usual, the kitties are a mix of Sayuri’s (and whoever maybe the danged father)colors. But what made the hubby elated–so elated in fact that he called work to say he will be absent last night–is the fact that his spoiled, little monster finallyContinue reading “Kitty Love (Day 33/Project 365)”

The Cat and the Blonde (Day 1/01 January 2012/Project 365)

Starting my own Project 365 and it’s Day One. I’d love you to meet Sayuri, the other member of my little family with the hubby. I’ve written a lot of things about this cat and obviously, I love her to pieces. I got her almost three years ago as a kitten – saw her wrestlingContinue reading “The Cat and the Blonde (Day 1/01 January 2012/Project 365)”

Living with Sayuri, the imperial house cat

Being married for almost two years now and still waiting for the blessing of a child of our own, The Hubby and I have adopted a year ago two foundling kitties which we have rescued from the streets. We planned on adopting only one, an orange stray which we found crying on the street cornerContinue reading “Living with Sayuri, the imperial house cat”