Tales of Sayuri: Have you ever tried to bathe a cat?

I didn’t know when I started to be a cat person. For as long as I can remember, I have always been in love with dogs. I owned a good number of dogs growing up — the oldest was Nick who lived to 70plus in human years. Nick’s whole name was Nicholas Carter-Mesias, yes —Continue reading “Tales of Sayuri: Have you ever tried to bathe a cat?”

The day Sayuri got fixed

We finally brought our cat to the vet last Friday to get her fixed. It was no easy feat: she shrieked and wailed — her meows sounded between pleading for us to let her out of the carrier and then changing to growls full of hatred and desperation. In the cab, she rattled the carrier,Continue reading “The day Sayuri got fixed”

Picture backlogs (Day 48 and 49/Project 365)

Last weekend, I tried to do our Seoul itinerary. But I was so tired so I promptly fell asleep. Apparently, Scarfy had other plans: The thing is, the Little Bundle of Misery wasn’t contented just chilling beside me as I try to sleep. She has also taken a liking to my blue marker, chasing itContinue reading “Picture backlogs (Day 48 and 49/Project 365)”

Guess who’s back…?!!!! (Day 44/Project 365)

Barely a week after her adoption, the little one was returned to us because the girlfriend (of the guy who picked her up) freaking changed her mind. Apparently, the little devil was too frisky for her own liking. I don’t know — maybe she should have taken up caring for a STUFFED cat or leopardContinue reading “Guess who’s back…?!!!! (Day 44/Project 365)”

Giving a piece of my heart away

Scarface or “Scarfy”, our little bundle of energy went to her new home today, and I feel like I have died inside. We call her Scarface due to the distinct pattern and mix of colors on her face. She is one of Sayuri’s kittens out of her second litter and she was the one whoContinue reading “Giving a piece of my heart away”

Kitty Love (Day 33/Project 365)

Sayuri gave birth to a healthy litter of 4 kittens — as usual, the kitties are a mix of Sayuri’s (and whoever maybe the danged father)colors. But what made the hubby elated–so elated in fact that he called work to say he will be absent last night–is the fact that his spoiled, little monster finallyContinue reading “Kitty Love (Day 33/Project 365)”