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The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades! 

As what one of my favorite poets, Brandon Boyd, used to say: 

“Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there – with open arms and open eyes…” 

I have been mulling a career change for the last few months, brought by some happenings in the professional front and a few realizations after I have begun to bring this blog public a year ago. 

On the professional side: I have come to be at peace that right now, a career back in journalism or publishing is still not yet in the cards for me. The security and the stability of the corporate world remains uncontested. With three cats to feed at home, I am really not in a position to turn my back from the same thing that shaped me for who I am and gave me a stable and comfortable life. Maybe I will be able to go back to writing – full time- in two years, but not now when I still need to fortify and strengthen my nest egg. 

For blogging, some of you may have noticed that I have quite a stash of back log for my blogging duties and I do need to write often. However, these past months – I have taken stock of the contents of these page and have become convinced that I owe my (three) readers more than what I usually put out. 

First, I’d like to curate the brands featured on this space more strategically and more stringently. More than anything, I’d like to focus more on brands I believe in. 

Second, I know it’s every bloggers dream to be noticed and get selected to events and launches. But the past year has been really dizzying and overwhelming for me. Man, blogging is a whole different ball game. I’ve seen and heard some things that overwhelmed me, considering my training is more of traditional media than online. I am lucky to have met really passionate people and hard working individuals, and was blessed to be able to turn some of them to life-long friends. However, like in any environment, there are still incidents that opened my eyes on “how things are.” The past year have been a learning experience – yet, i also made a conscious decision to be more selective of events to feature. Again, it’s a decision to come up with a more carefully curated content that will benefit the readers more. 

Lastly, I wanted to bring back my personality and my voice to this page. If it’s always all about products and events; but without my daily drivel and aimless discourse on things, places and people I care about – then how can this page represent me? 

Distressed sweater – Forever 21 

Textured A Line Skirt – Forever 21 

Lace up Mary Janes with heels – H&M 

Silver socks – Bench 


Update: Brazilian Slimming Coffee

A few blog posts back, I mentioned that I purchased and started taking Brazilian Slimming Coffee, a product that guarantees weight loss during intake period.


I did promise everyone that I will give an update as soon as I have finished the 200 gram jar. After all, reviews for the product in Instagram has been nothing but positive. In fact, it is also the same reason why I was convinced to place an order on their online store.

Here are the conclusion:

1. The 200 gram jar lasted for two weeks. I usually put three teaspoons of coffee per cup, and usually take it in the morning. Instructions indicate to take the coffee every morning before or during breakfast. I followed this to the T — except for some days when my caffeine addiction hits me and I drink another cup in the afternoon. As mentioned in my earlier post, it tasted mild with a bit of creamy-woodsy undertone. And yes, it smells good.

2. Most reviews say to expect loss of 2-3 pounds for the first week. In my case, I didn’t lose anything. I am currently 50 pounds overweight (70, if I want to be ruthless) and my current weight remains the same. Though when I stepped in the scale yesterday, I noticed that the pin of the scale dropped one point. I dismissed this as a possible error since 1 pound is not really significant, as far as I am concerned. However, I also felt lighter than usual. Note that I am a petite girl, so whatever extra weight I had — is expected to take its toll on me in terms of me, carrying all that extra flab.

3. The most significant effect is that I kept on drinking water. Drinking the coffee will make you thirsty. I used to drink an equivalent of 2 large water bottles a day (about 7-8 glasses equivalent) but now, I usually find myself refilling the jug three times. Obviously, this leads to more frequent trips to the Ladies to pee.

4. Because I am fully hydrated during the day, I always feel full — so I tend to eat less.

Will I buy this product again? I am not sure. At PHP680 per 200 gram jar, this is not exactly cheap. In  fact, with that amount–I can already buy new shoes online. Howeve, I believe that the product has potential and I might see results if I continue drinking it. Let’s see — if I have enough left-over/disposable money come salary time, I might buy again.


I am posting again my fierce Monday look because some of my friends told me that I seem to have losing weight after seeing this photo. Well, I do look less Marshmallo Man-ish here and in fact, am amazed to see less of the flab that usually hangs in my tummy. I am not sure if these are the results I am looking for. However, my personal gauge is the cute leopard print harem pants tucked somewhere at the back of my closet. Once that thing finally fits me, then I will finally know for sure that I have indeed lost weight.

Kick-ass Mondays


my kick-ass monday threads

 Unlike other corporate warriors, I do not hate Mondays. There’s something about whining about the start of the work week that doesn’t appeal to me. While the job or the company is not perfect, I have so much respect for my work and the organization I work for to even bitch about it. It’s a means to start the week on a positive and thankful note. Most of all, I don’t want to attract any bad juju and make corpo life unbearable for me. 

I had an awesome Sunday – thanks to the impromptu shopping spree from the Hubs.  For only PHP1,000 consider my haul (thanks to the massive sale over at H&M) – knitted cardigan with faux leather sleeves which I bought at 70% off; brown cargo-type slacks also at 70% and from Forever 21, round sunnies which gave me the look of a happy alien.

My pair of shoes was also bought at 70% off also at H&M. I bought them almost a month ago, and I can’t stop wearing them with whatever I have in the closet. 

Here’s to a wicked Monday! I hope you don’t let Mondays break you. 

…today’s dose of vanity (Vol 1, Issue 1)

TODAY’s DOSE OF VANITY (phrase): a collection of my efforts to scare away my readers by doing either: posting my ugly (don’t worry readers, I have a healthy dose of self confidence); or make like a fashion blogger and post OOTDs (where my usual choice of clothes doesn’t exactly read “Fashion Week”

For this issue:


Maxi dress: Forever21, bought for PHP505 or USD12
Knitted Sweater: Primark (given by the mum-in-law)
Rosary Necklace: Forever 21; about PHP250 (USD6)
Knitted Wedge Sneakers: Non-branded, about a thousand bucks
Belt: Bench

I am starting to love maxi-dresses! My current haunt nowadays is the maxidress/maxi skirt pins/board on Pinterest. I know wearing a maxi dress entails well toned gams and long legs–which I either don’t have. But screw the convention, I love the way it skims the body and flatter (thankfully) the happy love handles.

Should my strict budget allow, I intend on stocking up a few. So for a couple of weeks, I will be reverting to my old 25 year old self and get temporary citizenship at Forever21. Uniqlo is also a nice source for maxi dresses but my problem with this brand is that it doesn’t seemt to like curvy (read: fat) people. Finding a L or XL-sized dress in Uniqlo is like trying to find a prep-school graduate haggling in Divisoria–Possible but nothing short of a miracle.