The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades! 

As what one of my favorite poets, Brandon Boyd, used to say:  "Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there - with open arms and open eyes..."  I have been mulling a career change for the last few months, brought by some happenings in the professional front and a few realizations after I have begun to bring … Continue reading The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades! 


Update: Brazilian Slimming Coffee

A few blog posts back, I mentioned that I purchased and started taking Brazilian Slimming Coffee, a product that guarantees weight loss during intake period. I did promise everyone that I will give an update as soon as I have finished the 200 gram jar. After all, reviews for the product in Instagram has been … Continue reading Update: Brazilian Slimming Coffee

…today’s dose of vanity (Vol 1, Issue 1)

TODAY's DOSE OF VANITY (phrase): a collection of my efforts to scare away my readers by doing either: posting my ugly (don't worry readers, I have a healthy dose of self confidence); or make like a fashion blogger and post OOTDs (where my usual choice of clothes doesn't exactly read "Fashion Week" For this issue: … Continue reading …today’s dose of vanity (Vol 1, Issue 1)