fashionably different

I will begin this post with a short update that yes, I managed to hurt myself again by just doing nothing. By doing nothing, I mean walking until ultimately having my index finger (on the left hand) sucked by the steel blades of our electric fan. Following another stint in the ER (barely two monthsContinue reading “fashionably different”

Reason number 2 why Non-no is my favorite Japanese magazine of all time —

…it’s because of the cute boys. Of course, I told you before how at I met my first-ever Japanese “pretty boy” (and awesome wild child) through the pastel covers of Non-no. I was 22 years old and curiously going through the magazine collection at the Manila Shimbun library. And so Non-no decided to make myContinue reading “Reason number 2 why Non-no is my favorite Japanese magazine of all time —”

J-Pop Fashion FRESH Online!

If like me you have a penchant for Japanese fashion magazines and usually bemoan the fact that there are no available Japanese fashion mags available in the Philippines (or maybe in your country?), worry no more– you can get your J-Pop fashion fix online! Thanks to the kindness and generosity of some individuals online likeContinue reading “J-Pop Fashion FRESH Online!”

Nonno December Issue: I need, I want, I covet…

Please dear friends, family and love ones Who ever has the capability to give me this magazine, I will be in your debt for the rest of my life. Japan-based friends, acquaintances — please buy and I will pay you! Prommmmmmise! Damn, I would love to be in HK right now. At least, I canContinue reading “Nonno December Issue: I need, I want, I covet…”