The Nerds Are Alright

You might probably noticed that this blog remained stagnant for a good few months – I drowned in a sea of to do’s at work and I was not in a good place – occasionally battling bouts of stress, anxiety and depression which can be a harrowing experience once it hits. Until one day, IContinue reading “The Nerds Are Alright”

Can’t wait for Manila International Book Fair

I never got this excited for free tickets, well, maybe except when it’s for Incubus (which I always buy, by the way). But here it is, two tickets to the Manila International Book Fair next weekend! For a geek like me, the thought alone is enough to give me a heart attack. I love booksContinue reading “Can’t wait for Manila International Book Fair”

Dreaming of kingdoms, dragons, fat kids, travels and a mix of adventures

I’ve always been a bookworm, and has even lamented before that being online most of the time has robbed me of the opportunity to finish books on my reading list. Whereas before I can manage to finish a book in just three day, now my bed side table is currently full of books waiting forContinue reading “Dreaming of kingdoms, dragons, fat kids, travels and a mix of adventures”