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Coke Studio Ep 4: The best of OPM is on display with BP Valenzuela and Sandwich

Coke Studio is the new stage for OPM artists, where legends perform with rising stars and musical genres are blurred. There is no better example for this than the collaboration of BP Valenzuela and Sandwich – the fusion of smooth and hypnotic techno sounds with edgy rock music make for an unexpected yet exciting performance.



“We’re gearheads!” exclaimed BP Valenzuela, finding common ground despite coming from two seemingly opposite ends of the music spectrum. During the collaboration, this fondness continued, proving that differences in genre never hinder mutual respect between artists.


Members of Sandwich even shared their admiration for BP and her music. “She is the future. And it’s so exciting, I am so happy that we get to do this. We really like to see the young artists and from the first time we saw her, we knew,” said Myrene Academia, the band’s bassist.

Prior to the collaboration, two of the band’s members, RaymundMarasigan and Diego Castillo had written letters of recommendation for BP’s application to the music program of the College of St. Benilde.


“I wrote that if I were still working with a recording label, that I would sign her up in a heartbeat,” added Diego Castillo, lead guitarist and former recording executive. In response to the band’s words, BP admitted that the recommendation letters made her cry.

The relationship between the pairing shows a side of the OPM industry where veterans uplift and support upcoming artists and by doing so, elevating the entirety of the local music scene. With this good natured relationship already established, the studio session came along easily.


According to Sandwich drummer, Mike Dizon, “We’re chill but it’s about getting it done, while still being chill.” BP continued by describing the outcome of their efforts saying, “There’s a story to it, a narrative, and it’s got more layers.” The collaboration brought about the possibility of a full album to which Raymund replied, “That’s not just a could, or a would, but a should.”

Watch these icons of the past and the present come together to bring the music of the future at Coke Studio. Catch it on August 19, Saturday at 7 p.m. on TV5 or on www.youtube.com/CokeStudioPH





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Review: Music comes to life with JBL Charge 3

Like any kid who grew up in the 90s, I have a soundtrack for every moment of my life: as a teen attempting to run away from home after arguing with mom – “1979” by Smashing Pumpkins; seeing my name on print for the first time – “We are the Champions” by Queen; meeting the love of my life – “Stellar” by Incubus; trying to survive the daily grind at my 8 to 5 – “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. 

In my head, the music is crisp, the lyrics very clear. And in every stage of my life, it’s the music in my head that always manage to get me out of sucky situations. Like a typical Gen-Xer, to me life is one big music video and we all have our respective soundtracks. But what if in real life, the music doesn’t translate as well as you’ve hope because you’re making do with a sub-par speaker? 

This is not a problem for JBL Charge 3, a portable, high-powered Bluetooth speaker that produces high quality stereo sound. I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity by Beyond Innovations to have a feel of this new device and to say I am excited is an understatement. 

Let’s talk about the hardware first. The Charge 3 is beautiful and understated. My unit came in matte gray and I love how it catches the attention without being too flashy. It’s just the right size and can be easily carried from my home to the office when needed. Because I wanted to check the Charge 3’s portability, I decided to bring it to the office. I wanted to see if it will be too tedious carrying the unit from place to place. At first, I tried bringing the whole box but quickly realized it’s a bit of a hassle, I decided to just bring my Charge 3 wrapped in a protective covering, with the charger safely stashed in my bag. 

Right from the time I took it out the box and paired it with my iPhone – my office mates were in love. What makes the JBL Charge 3 a good buy? Let me count the ways: 

  1. Eye Candy – As mentioned above, it looks good without being too flashy. 
  2. Portability – it’s shape allows it to be placed in one corner of the bag without getting squeezed or mushed through out the day 
  3. Sound Quality – the first thing you’ll notice as soon as the song starts to stream trough the Charge 3 is the distinct base sound. It’s loud without being hollow. Charge 3 delivers the bass with enough power even at low sound settings. It’s the perfect partner for weekend parties or outdoors activities. 
  4. Usability – it’s not hard to set up your Charge 3. You can easily pair it to your phone using its Bluetooth function. 
  5. Long battery life – I managed to use my JBL Charge 3 for three days without needing to recharge. It has long battery life and can even function as a power bank. 

Wait? Did I mention it’s waterproof? Yes, the Charge 3 is fully waterproof so you can use it even for pool parties and even to the beach. It’s the kind of gadget that you can bring everywhere without being too high maintenance. 

sourced from the JBL website

So, would I recommend that you get a Charge 3? If you love music as much as I do – then I would recommend that you invest in a Charge 3. It’s the kind of device that would look good on your bedside table or even in your living room, and will deliver the goods as expected. For a waterproof device that has superior sound quality and bearing the trusted JBL name, this is the kind of inveysment that you won’t regret. 

Right now, I am so in love with the Charge 3 that it’s getting heavy usage here at home. I am tempted to bring it again to the office but since it doesn’t have its own carrying case, I really don’t want to risk it considering the weather. Besides, I wouldn’t want management to think that our department has gone bonkers – with the sound quality it produces, I wouldn’t be surprised if the heavy rotation of Kpop and Incubus reaches the HR floor. 

Know more about JBL Charge 3, head to the Beyond Innovations Facebook page

PR: Paincake Patrol Launches //Social Constructs

Sharing the belief that a life worth living is defined by a purpose of your own manufacture and not by social consensus, one-man electronic music project Paincake Patrol launches his first-ever EP //Social Constructs on December 5, 2015 at Today x Future in Cubao, Quezon City. 
Created in 2011 out of passion for music, Paincake Patrol is the recording project of musician Eeman Bulotano. This experimental solo project is focused on creating alternative electronic and ambient music, reflecting the artist’s experiences and views on existence in general. 

“[I want to] make music people can listen to without [them] having to ignore the person standing next to them,” says Eeman whose goal is to provide music that “makes you think, but yet somehow not [distract you] at all.”


Emotions, Experiences and Expression

The idea behind //Social Constructs and Paincake Patrol itself is inspired and widely influenced by the very existence of ambient music as pioneered by Brian Leno during the 1980’s. Usually electronic and instrumental in nature, ambient music aims to create a perfect balance between disappearance and presence.

Though it has existed for a long time now, ambient music remains relatively unknown to the mainstream crowd as it is seen as “too smart” or “overly deep.” However, Eeman and many other ambient music artists see this type of music as simpler and more relatable compared to any other genre because it provides the chance to be freely interpreted by its listeners. This genre is powered by the experiences and emotions not just by the one who created the music but also by those whom the music is created for.

Songs from this genre evolve from the mere self-expression of one artist into many different stories weaved by those present in the audience. They are taken and understood in more ways than one – similar to how individuals give meaning to various things and, ultimately, to life.


Existence Defined and Redefined

Music relives one’s memories, and the entire Paincake Patrol project intends to elicit nostalgia while stimulating thought-provoking conversations. With this particular EP, the artist focused on his view of the general meaning of existence and how empty it may seem when viewed only in an objective and logical way.

Each composition is appropriately titled based heavily on how the artist views reality. Combining master beats with ethereal notes, //Social Constructs’ first three tracks aim to reflect the existential angst and loneliness one might experience when he or she has failed to see reason behind life.


 (Ee)Man behind the Music

Fascinated with weird ambient and dreamy sounds, Eeman has been recording his own music and releasing it on Sound Cloud starting 2010. He has released three LPs from 2011 to 2014. Since then, he has been featured in a few publications, such as Indienationblog and Exposed Vocals. In the Philippine Indie Rock Awards 2015, he was awarded Keyboardist of the Year through his current band, Audio Drive Thru. 

He took the next step early this year by doing live gigs all over the metro. Six short months and several introductions to numerous people later, he is now ready to share his music more widely to the world.

Check out Paincake Patrol on Facebook, Sound Cloud, Twitter, Instagram and his blog or catch more of Eeman’s keyboards and synths as he plays with Audio Drive Thru.


Groove to sleek beats for the urban lifestyle with Urbanista

(Press Release)

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Are you on the look out for earphones that go beyond the ordinary? There are many earphones out in the market today, but for the discerning buyer who knows his music and just how to enjoy it – choosing the best earphone is more than a routine.

For music aficionados with the eye for fashionable accessories and the ear for exceptional sound quality, Urbanista earphones is for you.


Urbanista came out of a vision to glorify the urban lifestyle and create products that make life better for modern people in urban developments. We design for life in motion.Every product in the Urbanista portfolio is developed to serve a need for the target group – the Urbanistas. Within the tight portfolio, the offering is wide. The retail environment shall clearly show the most relevant product for each consumer.The Urbanista products are meant to be life companions. Therefore they are developed with design and colors in focus. The products should not only enhance the life of the Urbanistas with the functions, but also the looks.

Urbanista is launching in the Philippines, really soon! Familiarize yourself with the different Urbanista earphones:



Balanced for music and talk – Why compromise? If you’re looking for earphones for both music and phone calls, you’ve finally found them. For the everyday use for, suitable for anyone.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for music and talk
  • Handsfree with mic
  • Value for money


For simplicity seekers – Made in a classic but revamped earphone design.Soft rubber ring around the earbud to create comfort and good fit.


  • Recognized design
  • Fits most people
  • Handsfree with mic


For the urban athlete – With Rio, we´re raising the bar for how really good sport earphones should sound, feel and cost. The GoFit silicone wing guarantees an ergonomic and secure fit even in the most challenging and wet circumstances. The sound is optimized with clear sound and strong bass to boost your performance with your favorite beats.


  • GoFit silicone wing which fits securely in your ears.
  • Water resistant (IPX5)
  • Handsfree with mic
  • Light construction


For freedom seeking athlete – At the gym or in the street.Every beat, clarity without compromise. Urbanista Boston sport earphones with Bluetooth gives you the freedom to really move


  • Wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • GoFit silicone wing fits securely in ears.
  • Water resistant (IPX5).
  • Light earpbuds.
  • Handsfree with mic.


For uncompromising music lovers – In the studio.At the concert or club.Urbanista Ibiza high performance earphones make you feel as if you were really there. Every note, precision without compromise.


  • Heavy bass with uncompromising clarity.
  • Ergonomic design with GoFit for secure fit.
  • Handsfree with volume control and mic.


For the expressive music lovers – Miami is a classic foldable mid-size headphone that comes in several vibrant colours. The frame’s flexibility, the soft headband and ear pads allow the headphones to rest comfortably on your ears. The Urbanista logo, carved from aluminum,


  • Comfortable, foldable & affordable
  • Strong bass and clear sound
  • Handsfree with mic



For the design devotees – The Urbanista crown jewel.Made in brushed aluminum in a style as sharp and fresh as your own. These premium mid-size headphones carry music with dashing clarity and tonal accuracy that’ll make your listening experience a treasure trove of musical enjoyment. Personally, I find the best in terms of style and the over-all look of the earphones.


  • Unique and exclusive aluminum design
  • Supreme audio clarity with dynamic bass
  • Soft headband with enclosed adjustability
  • Handsfree with mic




Back to the 90s: All-4-One and Diana King Live brings their music to Manila on October 28

I am a proud kid of the 90s. I grew up listening to the fresh RnB sounds of that decade and proudly made mix tapes showcasing my favorite 90’s tunes.

This month, multiple generations of music lovers will have the opportunity to experience the sounds of the 90s as music sensations Diana King and All-4-One stages a night of music and entertainment on October 28 at the Newport Performing Theater at Resorts World Manila. 

all4onedianaking new poster

All-4-One is known for hits like “I Swear”, a Grammy Award winner  in 1995 for Best Pop Performance for a Duo or Group with vocal. The song enjoyed 11 weeks at number 1 at the Billboard Hot 100 and a seven week  run at no. 2 at the UK singles chart. The song was named by ASCAP as one of the greatest love songs of the 25th century. Other notable songs from All-One include “I Can Love You Like That”, “So Much in Love” and “Someday”.

Diana King, on the other hand, is another respected artist, known for her sharp vocals and her fun lyrics. Her hits include “Shy Guy”, “I Say a Little Prayer”, among others. 

In the 90s, when “I Say a Little Prayer” came out along with the movie, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” everyone who had a little crush with their best friend suddenly had a favorite song. 

For genXers like me, it’s an opportunity to relieve our college days. Tickets for the concert are available at Ticketnet and other ticket outlets. You can buy your tickets through this site. 

Vinyls and the classics

The old 45s
The old 45s

Every once in a while, we kids get the chance to visit the in-laws who live somewhere South. Being carless and busy most of the time, we don’t get to visit the elders as much as we would like. My favorite part of every visit is sitting down with my father-in-law, now a septuagenarian, while 50s and 60s music play in the background. The father-in-law, usually, sits on the lounge, a glass of red in hand while reminiscing about times gone by.

He used to be the lead guitarist of a band before, back in the 60s when every musically-inclined young guy wants to be the next John Lennon or Paul McCartney. In their den hung a faded black and white photograph of my father-in-laws and their band mates back in the 60s in black suits, instruments slung over their shoulder.

So last Sunday afternoon, we chanced upon his old classic jazz vinyls, some in mint condition, while some rarely played. I had to control my drool from falling.

The father-in-law, in a nostalgic moment, quipped “All these — I will leave in your hands when I am gone,”

While I would rather enjoy more years with my father-in-law listening about his music recollections and learning new Beatles trivia for him, the fact that he might give us his extensive music collection is just so awesome. Imagine Coltrane, Long Tall Dexter, Beatles recordings, 50s and 60s music all waiting to be discovered?

My future child is lucky to have the opportunity to discover what real music sounds like.


I was in Fully Booked the other day, buying some art materials and basically trying to lose steam. While flipping through the different shelves, looking for an Anthony Bourdain book, when I spied upon this really amazing-looking guy silently browsing on the musical biographies area–wearing a black fitted jacket, a white shirt, shades and black boots, he looks more like a rock star than a normal bookstore patron.

Then I made a double take (without looking like too obvious) — it IS indeed a rock star, one of the best music icons in fact of my generation and the one who penned some of the most enduring Pinoy pop-rock music ever. He was silently browsing through the aisles looking nonchalant.

IT IS HIM! The inner fan escaped from all my nouveau riche pretenses as I planned on assaulting him pen and notebook in tow to ask for his signature and maybe a picture with him — after all, it is not every day that you get to encounter heroes from your youth.

After I sent the hubby back on a covert mission to verify for the third time if indeed it is who I think it is (and getting the confirmation that yes, it is HIM), I started my assault — that is until I rounded the corner and caught a glimpse again of the guy…

The aisle was empty except for him, checking out the books. Suddenly, I got ashamed of what I was planning to do, took a U-turn and let the guy have a peaceful Friday night choosing his books.

Why did I change my mind, you say? Maybe it’s because seeing the guy having a peaceful, normal Friday made me realize that artists–no matter how famous they maybe or how rich or freaking genius they are– are also human beings whose privacy must be respected. They deserve to enjoy a night or maybe even a trip to the bookstore minus a screaming, fawning, autograph-seeking, picture-taking fan. I’ve seen articles before how the guy valued his privacy and I was certain that what I was planning that time is an intrusion and assault to the very thing that he holds dear. The fact that I plan to do it inside a bookstore located in a upscale mall adds insult to injury.

And so, I let him be. Yes, it’s not everyday that you get to see or meet the heroes of your youth. But is also not every day that you get to display the rare humanity of seeing beyond fame, or fandom at least.