711 Run for 2017 All Set

  As someone who is constantly stressed and famished due to work and my other side hustles, 711 has always been my happy place. Every day, after work, my hubs and I will hie to the nearest 711 and get our comfort food. Mine usually involves green tea and their famous hotdog-in-a-bun while my husband takes comfortContinue reading “711 Run for 2017 All Set”

JR. NBA/WNBA Presented By Alaska picks best of the best among Manila young cagers 

A thirteen year old 6″9 future basketball sensation, strong power forwards and a solid core of women cagers: these, among others were the top picks to this year’s Manila leg of the Jr.NBA and Jr.WNBA Presented by Alaska held last April 9 and 10 in Don Bosco, Makati.     Close to 2,000 participants, both boysContinue reading “JR. NBA/WNBA Presented By Alaska picks best of the best among Manila young cagers “

Finding Reprieve Right in the Middle of Summer

If you are from the Philippines, chances are you are one of the many individuals who are bemoaning everyday the intense heat of the Summer afternoon sun. Recent reports from local TV channels and as vetted by the local weather bureau, the heat index is expected to reach to as high as 40 degrees on Friday,Continue reading “Finding Reprieve Right in the Middle of Summer”

Always Stellar: Incubus in Manila (2015)

Easily one of the highlights of my year is the recent concert of Incubus, whom I have been an avid fan of since 1999. The release of their critically-acclaimed third album in 1999 “Make Yourself” was also a turning point for me. It was also the moment when I first saw the video for “Drive”Continue reading “Always Stellar: Incubus in Manila (2015)”

Pope Francis-mania in Manila

Tomorrow, around this time, His Holiness Pope Francis I will already be in Manila in time for his Mercy and Compassion country visit. The Philippines, considered the largest Catholic nation in Asia, has been preparing for this visit since 4th quarter of 2014 — with parish churches often announcing the expected activities during mass andContinue reading “Pope Francis-mania in Manila”

Concert Review: BLUE MOON (CNBlue in Manila 2013)

I was one of the few noonass trapped in a sea of shrieking, screaming, near-epileptic girls during the one-night concert of Korean band, CNBlue last Saturday, June 15 at the Araneta Coliseum. I couldn’t blame them — I almost passed out due to the sheer talent of this band — well, make that good looks,Continue reading “Concert Review: BLUE MOON (CNBlue in Manila 2013)”

A Letter from the “Gates of Hell”

Oh, hi. It’s your resident crazy Kamikazee Girl reporting from the reception desk of Hades. Hell is quite toasty today, hope you have a sunblock with you – no need to bring refreshments, we’re supplying buko juice. I thought I don’t have to write this post but seems to me that I just can’t escapeContinue reading “A Letter from the “Gates of Hell””

Holy Week in the Philippines – Carrying My Own Cross

I am writing this on the evening of Good Friday. They say that Filipinos have one of the most intriguing celebration of the Holy Week — often timed deep-rooted in tradition, mixed with centuries’ old mysticism and a benevolence and penance that can only be interpreted as both masochistic and deeply, truly religious. In theContinue reading “Holy Week in the Philippines – Carrying My Own Cross”

Airport Taxi Scam at NAIA3

After an amazing trip to Taipei, we arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 sleepy and cranky following a 1AM flight from Taipei. It was almost 4AM and we are tired and badly in need of sleep. Like any enterprising Pinoy, we avoided the line of cabs at the Arrivals area, mainly becauseContinue reading “Airport Taxi Scam at NAIA3”