Stormy boys causes Asahi Shimbun sales to shoot up

Remember my post yesterday about Asahi Shimbun’s special feature on Arashi? Well, it seems my Jimusho boys is doing the publishing industry a favor, because sales for Asahi Shimbun (well, in particular the February 3 issue at least) is shooting up–thanks to the adorable manga representations of the boys. Here’s an update from (one ofContinue reading “Stormy boys causes Asahi Shimbun sales to shoot up”

Kamio’s Domyouji

I am really tired today so, I will not post as much. Just been through a twelve-hour shift, and I don’t even work for the call center industry. Anyway, please enjoy these lifted articles courtesy of TokyoGraph, while images are courtesy of this site: Apparently, my dear Stormy boys was featured at the AsahiContinue reading “Kamio’s Domyouji”