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Box of Joy Marks Lazada’s 5th Birthday

I love it when Lazada celebrates a milestone. It’s because — more often than not — their well-loved  Box of Joy will be on hand as a staple treat to its affiliate bloggers. It initially started back in 2016 for the yearly Online Revolution and this year’sBirthday Sale saw the comeback of the Box of Joy. Previously, the contents of the box are primarily goods from the FMCG sector. While this year’s Box of Joy is still dominated by FMCG, we’re already seeing new additions from categories such as watches, and electronics accessories.

Colgate and Palmolive, the beloved Filipino institution in consumer goods,  have been supporting the Box of Joy since the beginning and this year is no exception. This year’s ColPal haul includes Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Great Regular Flavor Anti-Cavity Family Toothpaste, Plax Ice InfinityPalmolive Aloe Vera Shampoo & ConditionerPalmolive Naturals Body Wash,Palmolive Naturals WHITE + MILK soap, Gard Charcoal Shampoo, and Tender Care Talk Pink Soft. Colgate is also launching a scholarship promo starting April 3 for its Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Great Regular Flavor Anti-Cavity Family Toothpaste and there will be 2,500 winners of scholarships, and other prizes once the promo ends.

From Unilever, Dove’s Deeply Nourishing Body Wash and Hair Therapy – Hair Fall Rescue as well as Tresemme Platinum Strength Conditioner are included in the box. Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Spray Gift Set will go on sale from March 21 to 23 for only P249, a 42% discount from it’s price SRP of P429. As for Procter & Gamble, Pantene Hair Fall Control Intensive Conditioner have been shared to affiliate bloggers. P&G will be having a promo price on its bestselling Olay Night Ritual which will go on sale for only P999.

If you ask me, Lazada’s Fifth Birthday Sale is always a good idea to stock up on home essentials, considering premium brands can be had at big discounts. If you are on the look out for budget-friendly gadget accessories, it’s always a good idea to drop by Lazada . Merchant Sunsonic Electronic Plaza has given away an Awei Micro USB Cable for Smartphones and merchant Anything Under the  Sun gave away classic and trendyTempus watches. Hopefully with Lazada’s ever-growing partners base, more and more brands and merchants will support the Box of Joy project in the future.

The Lazada Birthday Sale runs from March 21 to 23 with products on flash sale available all throughout the day. Make sure that you visit Lazada.com.ph during the campaign and enjoy these amazing discounts from Lazada and its partners. Remember that Lazada offers CASH ON DELIVERY and FREE DELIVERY to ensure the customers’ effortless shopping experience.



Colgate Palmolive Philippines celebrates 90 years of making every Filipino happy 

Who would have thought that well-loved brand Colgate-Palmolive is now 90 years old? 

The ubiquitous brand has been in every Filipino household for close to a century providing every need for oral care, personal care and home care with recognized brands like Palmolive, Tender Care, Axion and Ajax. 

These came in the mail recently and my dad was so happy – because these are the same brands we grew up with and we used at home

It’s storied history is one for the books. Established in 1926 in a small office in Binondo with five employees, the initial products sold during that time where brands Pompeia cosmetics, Octagon laundry and Crystal White laundry bar. 1928 saw the office merging with Peet Brothers and the Colgate Company. Popular products such as Colgate Ribbon dental cream and Cashmere Bouquet toiletries were added, along with Palmolive Soaps, which pushes its growth in the next few years. Products were delivered to stores by Carabao or horse-drawn carts. 

In 1941, the office and warehouse was looted by invading soldiers. In spite of this, loyal employees managed to manually copy all entries of the company’s ledgers, writing word-for-word all entries for over a week. This gave the company the opportunity to collect receivables from insurance after the war has ended. 

In 1949, the company was incorporated as Colgate-Palmolive Philippines. The same year, Ajax was also introduced to the market. 
An advertising pioneer; memorable campaigns

Colgate-Palmolive, more often than not, produced memorable TV commercials and campaigns. They were also the first to advertise in color in 1966, when local TV advertising switched from black-and-white to color. 

Ask any Pinoy over the age of 30, and they will remember Alice Dixson’s “I Can Feel It” for Palmolive Naturals, which proceeded to win a Pilak Award na cemented its place as one of the best Philippine ads in the last 50 years. 

In 2007, Colgate’s Super Mega Brushing campaign earned a Guinness World Record for the most number of children (41,000 to be exact!) brushing their teeth at the same time. 

In the age of YouTube and Millennials, their Palmolive Naturals “Bounce” music video featuring Julia Barretto, Janella Salvador and Liza Soberano is considered one of the top 10 performing ads of 2015. 
Giving back to the Communities 

One of the company’s core values is caring for the communities where it’s present. The Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program has been supporting oral health education across the country with free dental screenings and tooth-brushing drills, distribution of oral care kits and integrating oral health education materials with Kinder and Grade 1 curricula. This was made possible by the company’a partnership with the Department of Education for nearly two decades. 

Other programs include Kabarangay sa Dental Health Program, in partnership with the Philippine Dental Association, which raises awareness all over the country through free dental check-ups and product sampling. 

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Colgate-Palmolive partnered when Puregold in support of Operation Smile Philippines, an NGO focused on providing free surgeries to indigent children afflicted with cleft lips/palate. They also partnered with Robinsons Supermarket in support of World Vision Philippines. 

Currently, Colgate remains the Oral Care brand trusted by dentists while Palmolive remains the number one personal care brand in the Philippines.
Did you know? 

You can buy your favorite Colgate-Palmolive at the convenience of your own home. Just head to Lazada start clicking away! 

Here’s the Secret in Achieving that Coveted Ash Brown Hair

One of my happiness in life is coloring my hair. I get a certain kick out of changing the color of my hair, depending on my mood and preference. Through the years, my hair have gone through different transformations, from blonde to red to black. 

To illustrate a point, here’s a mini evolution of my hair: 

Would you believe I still managed to land a job with this mess of blondish-orange hair on my head. This was a result of constant wash and wear that finally wrecked havoc to my ash blonde hair. 

I stayed blonde – with many hues possible – for almost seven years. Just changing the intensity of the hair or dialling it back until I finally got tired of it. 

Then I got tired of blonde and reverted to black. It was easier to maintain and my hair was getting dry due to all those chemicals. Plus, I wanted to see how I look like with normal hair. 

I got restless in no time. Right on cue, I was sent a package of L’Oreal Excellence Fashion, made possible by Lazada and L’Oreal. I was given the color Ashy Nude Brown, which was said to be the color on trend this season. 

Brown is a color that I have yet to try on my hair and the hair dye package came just at the right time. Yes, I am one of those girls who do things to their hair when they are stressed/sad/bored. 

The package came with a colorant, a conditioner, a serum which I applied to my hair prior to coloring, plastic gloves, an an applicator which doubles as a comb. 

Application was easy and fuss-free: you mix the color, you apply the protective serum to your hair BEFORE you start dyeing your hair and then you apply it thoroughly. Leave 15-20 minutes depending on the color intensity you want to achieve, finally wash it off using the hair conditioner included in the package. 

Here’s the end result: 

The color is not as intense as I want it to be – I am chalking it up to the fact that I have really thick hair, with pronounced white hair here and there. Color is also more defined in front compared to the back which left me wondering if I should have used both packages, considering the length and thickness of my hair. I have the other package to my mom whose hobby is to make sure “she looks younger” than her real age. I’ve seen her wear it and the color is more pronounced on her hair. Maybe because it’s shorter and less thicker than what I have. 

I am still keeping my Ashy Nude Brown hair but this is bound to change soon. I have a hair appointment coming up — and yes, it’s to color them again. 

And yes – I know – I’m due for a hair treatment appointment soon. 

Get your wallets ready -Lazada is ready to launch its crazy 11.11 sale! 

Are you ready to buy a Genius gaming mouse for 11pesos? If you think this is a joke then you haven’t tried Lazada just yet, especially during their crazy 11.11 sale where goods fly off the shelf and people literally wait with bated breath while on their laptops or phones eagerly awaiting the next amazing deal. 

I don’t know about you but I need a new blogging tool, hence I have already trained my eyes on a new Cherry Mobile Cubix Morph going for PHP5,589 or 63% off its original price of PHP14K! 

With more than 8k in discounts, you’re crazy to pass this up!
 The biggest online shopping event in Southeast Asia kicks off on November 11, 2016 with the participation of more than 12,500 local and international brands and 6,000 merchants. This month-long shopping event is Lazada’s fifth Online Revolution since its launch in 2012.

This year’s theme is ‘Brands for All,’ putting customers’ favorite brands in the spotlight. Customers can expect jaw-dropping, well-curated offers, and exclusive launches of branded items. 

These deals come on top of the wide and growing assortment on Lazada. To date, Lazada boasts an unmatched catalog of close to 30 million products for consumers across six Southeast Asian countries. In the Philippines, the assortment grew 4x more than in 2015.

Lazada will offer everything customers love – from huge discounts to flash sales and exclusive bundles. P11 peso deals featuring a Virtual Reality Box, LED light bulb rotating lamp and a Genius gaming mouse among many others, are up for grabs. Limited-time flash deals on a 32” Slim LED TV for Php 5,499, a Fujidenzo 20L microwave oven for Php 1,999, a Star Mobile 4.5” smart phone for Php 999, an HP desk jet printer for Php 888, and a L’Oreal lip and cheek palette set for P399 are only some of the many highlights during this mega shopping day. Perfect value indeed for all the Christmas gift-seekers out there. 

The deals extend to over 17 product categories including Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Living, and Electronics. Lazada is focusing deep into its customers’ interests with weekly specials- a curation of items for beauty fans, supermoms and families, techies and fashionistas. 

As if these weren’t enough, Lazada will also launch games to make Christmas online shopping more fun. Follow Lazada’s social media channels to get free shopping vouchers, brand giveaways from Samsung, MamyPoko, Unilever, JBL, Lenovo, and more.

“Online Revolution was launched in 2012 so more consumers could experience the ease and benefits of online shopping. Since then, Online Revolution has become the biggest shopping event in Southeast Asia, where consumers can find amazing deals from the most popular brands conveniently from their smartphones or laptops,” said CEO Inanc Balci. “This year, we have secured commitments from big brand partners for more than one million deals to make Christmas shopping more exciting and effortless for Filipinos. The best of the world is truly at everyone’s fingertips now, more than ever.” 

Lazada has also partnered with top brands to make shopping more rewarding. Use your MasterCard to get an additional 12% off on top of already discounted prices. And if you’re feeling lucky, Isuzu Philippines is giving away a brand new pick-up for more out of town road trips, and Turkish Airlines is raffling off air tickets to fly you off to your dream vacation. 

Ever tried making a wish whenever you see 11.11 on your watch or clock? No need to be on the constant lookout because Lazada’s Online Revolution is guaranteed to make your Christmas shopping wishes and dreams come true with an awesome plethora of deals and steals. 

Visit http://www.lazada.com.ph or download the Lazada mobile app for free to join the biggest online shopping event of the year. Sale runs from November 11 to December 12.

Say Hello to Elephone: the elegant, powerful, affordable smartphone now in Manila via Lazada 

Mobile phones used to be just phones – something to use to make and take calls. And then text messaging happened; in phone camera, and then the wonderful world of apps. 

Suddenly,  phones weren’t just mobile phones. They had to be smartphones: tiny, mean machines fitting the palm of your hand and with the power to arrange schedules, take breath taking photos, stream films and video, connect to the World Wide Web and yes, take calls and send SMS. 

There are many smartphones out in the market today: a mix of stylish, efficient ones with high price tags or the occasional cheap phone, with swanky design but wonky and inferior internals. 

Elephone, one of the emerging smartphone brands from Hong Kong, melds a beautiful balance of form and function. What’s even better, this well-reviewed smartphone brand is now in Manila via Lazada Philippines


HK Elephone Communication Tech Co. Limited CEO Jingui Ji is welcomed by Inanc Balci, Lazada Philippines Co-Founder and CEO

Premium-feel budget smart phone 

Innovative and user-friendly, superior in quality and performance, elegant in design and great value for money – these best describes an Elephone smart phone. Following years of development and innovation, Elephone has gained a very strong following and great reviews in Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Filipinos can now get their hands on an Elephone after the brand entered into a partnership with the Philippines’ number one online marketplace, Lazada Philippines. Lazada will serve as the exclusive distributor of Elephone in the country. 


For its initial foray in the Philippines, Elephone has made available three phone models that best fit any Filipino phone user: 

  • For the sophisticated user there the P9000 – boasting exquisite craftsmanship and superior performance at an affordable price. The P9000 retails for only PHP11,499 and features 1.6mm narrow bezel vision, a 5.5inch display screen with 1920 X 1080 resolution and wireless charging capability. 


P9000 wireles charger
the P9000

  • For those who want to balance form and function with a lower price tag – the P8000 has a 5.5  full HD screen and with fingerprint scanner. The P8000 contains a 3GB RAM, 16gb ROM and runs on Androir 5.1OS. 



  • For the minimalist with the discerning taste, Elephone has the S1 – designed for minimalists with an eye for perfection, the S1 boasts of double-sided glass and metal framing, a 5.0 HD Screen display and a 720o HD display. 


Elephone smartphones will start to go on sale on April 18, 12NN. Be one of the first to get their hands on the unit – head on to www.lazada.com.ph

To know more about Elephones and their products, go to www.elephone.hk. 

Get 88% off when you shop at Lazada’s Chinese New Year Kick Off Sale 

The country’s top online shopping website sets to embark on another successful year as they launch the Chinese New Year Sale, the first big sale for 2016. A wide assortment of unique finds for the year of the fire monkey and discounts as high as 88% across 15 categories will be up for grabs from January 26 to February 8.
Prosperity shops will take over the Lazada website, where customers could avail of Lucky 88 and Lucky 888 deals. Items on sale for only P88 items include Casio Beside Men’s Silver Stainless Steel Strap Watch, Diva Designs Swarovski Crystal Heart Studs, while items like the Oli Casual Mstyle Low Cut Sneakers, Nankai-02 20000mAh Power Bank with free Mini Power Bank Mini Foldable Monopod will be sold for only P888. 

Aside from the very attractive prices, Lazada will also offer vouchers and special deals from the wheel of fortune onsite game will allow customers to push their luck and win additional discounts.

Start shopping NOW!  


The Chinese New Year campaign will only be the first in a series of campaigns to be launched by the fastest-growing online market in the country. 

Buy your own hover boards here at discounted prices.


PR: Time to complete your  Christmas Shopping with Lazada’s 12.12 Online Revolution

One thing I hated about the Christmas season is the mad dash for gifts, trying to get every one on your list something. As mentioned in all my previous posts, I have an aversion to malls during the Holidays due to the long lines at the till and the extra long horns being spouted by evil cabs. 

Thus, it’s good news once again as Lazada Philippines (www.lazada.com.ph), the country’s leading one-stop online shopping and selling destination, culminates its Online Revolution sale in a 3-day Grand Christmas Sale finale on December 10 – 12. This will give procrastinators like me the opportunity to complete our Christmas list without losing our minds in the process. 


Lazada broke its online sales records during the kick-off of the month-long sale event last November 11, generating 2.4 million visits and over 120,000 items purchased on its website and mobile app in a single day. The e-commerce giant expects to surpass these numbers before the year ends as it reveals further markdowns on its holiday bestsellers during the upcoming sale on December 10-12.

Deep discounts and Shocking holiday deals

Discounts during the Lazada Grand Christmas Sale will be up to 95% off and will feature new Shocking Deals, P12 Deals, and P99 Deals. Shocking Deals will feature popular branded items at half price including an Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina (16GB); other products include a Hoverboard and a MyView 40’’ Full HD LED TV with limited quantities as chosen by our customers on social media. The links to the 12 Peso Deal items will with be announced on Lazada’s social media accounts. Items that will be available for P99 include bestsellers like the Push Up Pro fitness gear and the popular Hands-free Toothpaste Dispenser.

Partnerships with Cebu Pacific, Hyundai, and BDO Cards

Lazada online shoppers are in for more exciting promos during the month of December. Purchases made during the sale period may qualify for raffle draws to win Cebu Pacific airline tickets to international destinations as well as a brand new Hyundai Eon in the grand draw. BDO cardholders are also entitled to additional discounts on December 10-12.

Lazada CEO Inanc Balci expresses his excitement for all the things lined up as they end Online Revolution with the Grand Christmas Sale. “Lazada Philippines aims to be the destination for effortless Christmas shopping with its low prices on its 1.2 million products” mentions Balci.

For more information, please visit http://www.lazada.com.ph

For updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions, connect with us via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines).
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