Lolita Temptations

In one of my earlier posts way back 2009, I explained why this blog is called KamikazeeGirl. Basically, it’s my simple homage to one of my most favorite movies of all time, Kamikaze Girls or Shimotsuma Monogatari, a 2002 novel adopted into a movie in 2006 starring two of my favorite Japanese girls, Kyoko FukadaContinue reading “Lolita Temptations”

How my name came to be…

I’ve posted earlier about my love for the cool Anna Tsuchiya and her break-out role in the movie, Kamikaze Girls. By now, you’ve probably realized that this site’s name was born out of that funny, endearingly cool movie. I’ve always have an affinity to Japanese movies more than the films churned out by my ownContinue reading “How my name came to be…”

Going banAnas with ANNA!

Hi Dear God, If I get to die and be given a chance to live again as another person…..Can I be ANNA TSUCHIYA???pretty please po? Consider Anna: "Lucy’ – From Nana the Movie (BlackStones) "I’m Addicted to You" (from Kuroi Namida single) "Cocoon" What I like about Anna is that she’s unique compared to the typical female JapaneseContinue reading “Going banAnas with ANNA!”