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From 10 to 3: Miyu Skin Care by Amway (A Review)

To say I a.m obsessed with skin care is an understatement – and to me, nothing beats Japanese and Korean brands when it comes to skin care. Maybe it’s the fact that they know Asian skin better than anyone, their amazing dedication to R&D and commitment to using nothing but only the best ingredients from Nature.

That’s why the invitation from Amway to mark the first anniversary of their very own skin care line, Miyu, came as a nice surprise.

For the uninitiated, Miyu is Amway’s very own foray to the exciting World of Korean skin care. Their unique advantage is they’re making it less complicated for Everyone – by removing the (sometimes) tedious ten-step process and simplifying it to just three.

While I do not mind going through the motions and finishing the whole 10 steps, there are definitely days when all i wanna do is just make sure My Face is clean, devoid of make-up and just crash and sleep.

Miyu’s line up of there products are all infused with natural ingredients, with buckwheat sprout and chaga mushroom on top of the list and are said to be rich in anti-oxidants to help revitalize and brighten the skin.

The process begins with the Miyu Free Me Up 3-In-1 Whitening Cleanser with cleansing, moisturizing and whitening effect. Intended to remove make up residues, dirt and oil; this cleansing cream also moisturizes and whitens skin.

Step 2 is the Miyu Pore Me Down 3-In-1 Whitening Toner with toning, pore minimizing and Whitening effect.

Unlike other toners that stings upon application, this one is a lot milder (I still felt a slight tinge upon application), and there’s no strong smell. If you’d Love to have that smooth, glass-like, pore-less look that is so common among Korean celebrities – this might be the perfect tool to achieve the look.

Lastly, we have the Miyu Easy-Peasy Baby 3-In-1 Creme with SPF30 PA++ for whitening, protesting and moisturizing.

A small dollop can go a long way with this beauty creme – it feels a bit heavier compared with other Korean-branded creme; but In spite of that, there’s no sticky feeling after every use. The test sample I have from above seems a bit too much but I was just about to spread it so it doesnt look good on camera – but yes, a small amount really goes a long way.

I’ll share with you what I learned from watching all these K-beauty channels: apply on the face evenly; then spread by massaging your face in circular motions.

Typical of all Korean-made brands, Miyu comes in a cute packaging; with the colors pink and green giving off that strong Kpop girl group vibe.

These babies are exclusively distributed via Amway Philippines only and has recently marked its first year in the Philippjnes.

My verdict?

These babies are worth a try!

Retailing for PHP499 for the cleanser, PHP699 for the toner and PHP749 for the moistirizer – price points is a mix between the current selling price of other beauty brands in the market.

I will keep on using these to test their effectivity; but offhand- for the last three days, my face is less oily and more moisturised.


(Review) L’Oreal Extenso Hair Treatment at Bang’s T&J Makati

before and after

In 2010, burn out and in the middle of existential crisis, I threw caution to the wind and dyed my hair a shocking shade of ash blonde. 


peroxide blonde days
 I don’t know what I was thinking but the hairstyle definitely took a toll on my hair. I kept the peroxide blonde from 2010 to 2014, even showing up to job interviews with a full mop of yellow hair. Throughout these years, I managed to style it, layer it with other shades or cut it but never once have I treated the hair to any kind of treatment. 

Thus, in late 2014, when I finally got tired of the yellow haired-look, I finally decided to just let it be: let the hair color wash out, let it grow long and then have it treated all in one go. You can just imagine the damage inflicted on my hair due to four years of harsh hair color, of bleaching and endless styling. My hair ended dull, dry and brittle. 

After procrastinating endlessly, I finally decided to drop my ass off at Bang’s T&J (Tony & Jacky) at their Buendia branch located at the West of Ayala condo near MakatiMed. 

Scheduling –No appointment necessary. Just drop by the salon. The Filipino staff will assist you and ask for your preferred treatment. As far as I am concerned this is irrelevant. Because they will ask the Korean hairstylists if the treatment is okay for your hair, depending on your hair’s condition. Note, during our conversation, I had the impression that Korean hairstylists can opt not to provide your preferred treatment if it will only damage your hair further. 

– the good thing about Bang’s T&J is that the process is determined like clockwork. Once your hair has been assessed, the process for the whole thing unfolds like clockwork: in my case, that’s  shampooing, then the rebonding, hair wash again, haircut then treatment then neutralizer then hair wash before one last final blow-dry and hair iron. I love that there’s already a seamless flow of the step-by-step process — there’s no wasted time and the assistants are always on alert when it’s time to change cellophane wrappings, wash up, etc. 


i come in peace!
Some observations : 

  • Korean hairstylists are efficient. They rarely talk but when they do — it’s to give pointers for your hair. Mr. Ken, the hairstylist who was assigned to me didn’t minced words when he mixed my idea to have the bottom part of my hair shaved for an undercut. “No good,” he says, suggesting soft layers instead. He is fast, efficient but is nice in a very impersonal way. 

The Filipino assistants though is another story. I heard endless chitchat about their work hours and their current to do’s. If they’re not chatting among themselves – they are upselling me with everything: Keratin treatment, perm, hair color or another round of treatment. Twice, the assistants came too close to my scalp with the ironing machine  and one accidentally poked my eye with her hand when she was ironing my hair. No harm done though, but you can’t help but compare their work efficiency with their Korean bosses. 

Rates – premium quality and professional service of course comes with a prize. I wa hoping to save money and avail of one of the packages mentioned in their flyer. Apparently, it doesn’t work that way since service might not be feasible or appropriate for heavily damaged hair. While they have a “Back to School” promo ongoing, if you are to avail of rebonding and hair treatment, expect to spend PHP6,000. 

Recommendation: Bangs T&J has been one of the trusted names when it comes to envy-worthy hair styling. They have been my trusted salon before I jumped ship to Bench FIX during my blondie days. I am truly happy with the output and in fact will come again for hair coloring. 
Contact info: 

 Website: www.bangs.com.ph 

Please note that we have paid for this service. This post states my own opinion, biases and reviews.