Over the wall and over the moon with Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince is good!!! Watch it. Watch it. Waaaaaaaaaaaatch it!!! I wish I could summarize Rooftop Prince with just the above statements, and quite honestly, the above will actually suffice. This 2012 drama, starring Mickey Yoochun/Park Yoochun of idol boyband JYJ (formerly TVXQ) and Han Ji-min, plus with awesome support from Lee Min-ho (NOT thatContinue reading “Over the wall and over the moon with Rooftop Prince”

The Evil Boyband Factory (Full House Take 2 – The Continuation)

I don’t know how it goes in real life, but if I were to base it on the recent episodes of “Full House Take 2” — the idol/boyband factory is one effed up business. Just how effed up? Consider the recent chain of events (following my last post): 1. Won Kang-hwi and The Gay ScandalContinue reading “The Evil Boyband Factory (Full House Take 2 – The Continuation)”

Full House Take 2: So Campy, It’s Fun

Faced with the prospect of going back to work, I was tinkering with this laptop last night, looking for a new korean drama that I can watch. After all, it’s been a long time following the last K-drama I watched. Let me see: I never got to finish Boys Over Flowers, I also started watchingContinue reading “Full House Take 2: So Campy, It’s Fun”

Lee Min Ho’s “City Hunter” off to an interesting start

It’s been a while since I watched a good Korean drama. I used to spend time scouring Makati Cinema Square (the haven for pirated DVDs in my city) buying Korean and Japanese dramas to pass time. But since I have become too boring and pre-occupied with my job (woe is me) I haven’t watched aContinue reading “Lee Min Ho’s “City Hunter” off to an interesting start”