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Banana Peel launches candy-colored flip flops for the little tots at home 

I don’t have kids yet but we have one precious princess at home, my niece PennyLane who pretty much holds all of us like putty into her little hands.

Like all little girls, PennyLane loves her shoes and probably inherited her crazy auntie’s (ehem) love of boots and candy colored flip flops. 

What this little munchkin couldn’t probably resist is Banana Peel’s latest Hopscotch Collection for kids. The Hopscotch collection is all about fun as kids get to choose from a variety of bright colors (Knucklebones/Mustard Yellow, Spud/Black, Simon Says/Bezique Green and Cariboo/Pink) to match their personalities and energy. Kids are always up for excitement and adventure and Hopscotch flip flops are designed to go along with them, wherever they go.
And colors are not just for fun, they also play a big role in a child’s development. Specific colors can affect a child’s mood, behavior, body movement and speech. The development of character and intelligence of children can be attributed partly to how colors are used in their environment while they are growing up.

The colors blue, pink, yellow and green especially affect a child’s cognitive skills and inspire happiness in them because the colors align with their energy and desire for a playful interaction. Each color have different reactions to children: Blue, the color of the sky, stimulates a cool and relaxing environment. Yellow reminds them of sunshine—the color of happiness. Green is for summer and nature— a color that invigorates and recharges them. Lastly, pink is said to attribute calmness and kindness, to ease agitated kids. Knowing how colors affect them can go a long way in raising positive, loving children, especially when shown alongside love and kindness from the people around them.

 I don’t know about the other mommies out there, but our PennyLane has become very independent at the age of two. Lately she has been taken into choosing her own footwear of her own. She will surely love the candy-colored hues of the new Hopscotch collection. 

Banana Peel’s flip flops are not only colorful, but they are also lightweight and safe for people of all ages. These flip flops are perfect to wear indoors and outdoors — be it for a day at the beach, or just out on the sidewalk for an everyday stroll.

To know more about Banana Peel, go to http://www.facebook.com/bananapeelflipflops.


Win exciting prizes when you pre-order Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag’s “Mommy Loves You Just the Same” 

It’s only been a year when my precious niece Penelope Hope was born. This small child, innocent and smart at one year and two months, have managed to bring so much light and love to our family. We are so smitten and she has all of us wrapped around her cute, chubby little fingers. 

So, it came as a surprise when my sister-in-law announced that she is expecting again-with twins! This early, we are already wondering how Penny would react to seeing not just one but two more babies in the house. Penny loved playing with other kids and would often go out of her way to befriend toddlers but her new role as “the big sister” will surely surprise her. 

That’s why Amazon bestselling Author and Inspirational Speaker Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag’s new book “Mommy Loves You Just the Same” will be a great read for my sister in law. 

Set to be launched on May 19, 2016, the author’s first ever children’s book was  inspired by her two older children after she got pregnant with her third child. It tells the heartwarming story of how an expectant mother assured her son of her unchanging love — during her pregnancy and after she gave birth to her new baby. It also shows how this mother’s assuring love inspired and enabled the little boy to become a loving and responsible big brother.
This is a highly recommended tool that comes with downloadable coloring pages to help reinforce the message and lessons from the book. (Buyers will get FREE downloadable coloring pages in male and female child versions.)

Customers can pre-order copy of this e-Book at P100 and save P50! And that’s not all, those who pre-order will have the chance to win exciting prizes from Moringana, Mom and Milly Educational Toys and MyLittleIkbi.
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This contest is until May 19 only.

Japanese kids beat the sh*t out of a zombie!

When I was young, I had an uncle who takes great pleasure in making me cry. How? When I was kid I was hella scared of “ati-atihan”. For non-Filipinos, the “ati-atihan” is a group of dancers who go from street to street dancing to a cacophony of drums and whistles. They are usually dressed in loin clothes, their faces and their whole body painted black. Sometimes, they wear scary masks and ornaments and would even perform fire-breathing street performances. In short, they were our version of the “Mardi Gras” street dancers.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned I was scared as sh*t with this group. Enough to make me cry and even vomit due to being scared so much. Once, this moron (yeah, I hated that uncle even till now) even tried to lock me out of the gate while an “ati-atihan” were approaching the street. I cried, I wailed and when all things come to naught–I hid on one of our neighbor’s houses. To say I was shaking in fear was an understatement and even till now, I would have loved to kick my uncle in the nuts just to avenge this trauma.

I wish I was as brave as these kids:

I adore the elder of the two boys, especially when he started beating the crap out of the helpless zombie and when he nagged the reporter for not helping them. Oh, and props to their weapons of choice! Tabasco, cling wrap, plastic toys, ice boxes and toy guns: saving the world against the living dead!

Someday, I wish to raise fearless kids such as these. No, no–my offspring won’t be lumbering crybabies, unlike their mom who nearly pissed herself, no thanks to the ati-atihan and that good-for-nothing uncle.