“L” is off the market

Kenichi Matsuyama, the lovable "L" to you and me, and the foremost Japanese actor when it comes to eccentric roles, is officially off the market. The lucky cougar woman is top Japanese endorser Koyuki, his girl friend of two years. (SOURCE) The couple registered their marriage last April 01, so I guess the fans already … Continue reading “L” is off the market


My favorite kind of three-way

...is the kind which mixes my interest in movies + music + literature. Kinda like... Ahn Hung Tran + The Beatles + Haruki Murakami Not to mention, the presence of one of Japan's best (if not, the best) young actor of today, Kenichi Matsuyama... ...and we have "Norwegian Wood" -- the big screen adaptation of … Continue reading My favorite kind of three-way

Memoirs of a former teenage drama queen

FINALLY! Almost a year after I first started searching online for the movie "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac", a film produced and made by Japanese-American collaboration and starring one of the best young actors in Japan today, Kenichi Matsuyama and the lovely Horikita Maki -- I finally found an uploaded version via YouTube. You don't … Continue reading Memoirs of a former teenage drama queen

kyaaaaaah!!! Horikita Maki + Matsuyama Kenichi! kyaaaaah!!!

The movie, "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac" (Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita) is based from the novel of the same name by author Gabrielle Zevin and stars Horikita Maki, Kenichi Matsuyama, NEWS hearthrob Tegoshi Yuya and Anton Yelchin. The story is about Naomi Suzuke who lost her memory after a bad fall in … Continue reading kyaaaaaah!!! Horikita Maki + Matsuyama Kenichi! kyaaaaah!!!

Death Note’s L has a taste for older women

Matsuyama Kenichi (the famous L from the Death Note movies) have confirmed that he is currently in a relationship with actress/model Koyuki (from Kimi Wa Peto). Matsuyama, or MatsuKen is 24 years old while Koyuki is 33 years old. Their relationship blossomed after the two worked together on last year's "Kamui Garden" So, L might … Continue reading Death Note’s L has a taste for older women