I am a Rockstar…! (…but that’s only Inside my Head)

Here's a bit of rebellion, the perfect pick-me-upper when you are holed up inside a very staid environment: I wore my new plaid dress (a gift from my cousin) and paired it with black tights and studded goth boots to work last Friday. Given the option wearing the usual shirt/blouse-jeans-flats combo, I'd rather call in … Continue reading I am a Rockstar…! (…but that’s only Inside my Head)


Winning the battle, losing the war…

Let me tell you something about good ol' kaisha--it is good to people who serve it well and without question, but quite ruthless to those who dare to be different or not comfort to the pack. Like really nifty scientists out of a sci-fi movie, the powers-that-be mold and develop people to be unquestioning warm … Continue reading Winning the battle, losing the war…

Just another day

It's another wonderful day at the amazing kaisha....so amazing in fact that I am tempted to just run away during lunch and never come back. Maybe feign abduction from the alien race? I did something really sneaky today and wow, it was worth going through the complicated questions I had to efficiently duck just to … Continue reading Just another day