A fat chance to stardom

Let's set aside the politically correct BS and discuss like sane and matured human beings whose mind can take a very light and free wheeling discussion. Here's something from Popseoul: Honestly and minus all the trying-to-be-a-good-girl BS, would you spend your bucks to support and follow these gorgeously large ladies the same way you spent … Continue reading A fat chance to stardom


Can’t Nobody stop 2NE1

Here's 2NE1's third video to complete their comeback: As expected, the girls are freaking awesome: CL looks fierce; Dara looks cool while Bom is just so gorgeous--but the best transformation has to be the baby of the group, Minzy. When 2NE1 started out about a year ago, Minzy was the most child-like. She looked boyish … Continue reading Can’t Nobody stop 2NE1

Hallyu wave continues: 2PM album to be released in RP

Remember this song? Well, 2PM fans, rejoice! Sony Entertainment has announced that they will release 2PM's first-full length album "1:59" in our bayang magiliw on January 30. Aside from chart toppers "Heartbeat", "Tired of Waiting" and "Gimme the Light", the CD will also contain "Again & Again" and "I Hate You". Wooow...! With all these … Continue reading Hallyu wave continues: 2PM album to be released in RP