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A fat chance to stardom

Let’s set aside the politically correct BS and discuss like sane and matured human beings whose mind can take a very light and free wheeling discussion.

Here’s something from Popseoul:

Meet the PiggyDolls

Honestly and minus all the trying-to-be-a-good-girl BS, would you spend your bucks to support and follow these gorgeously large ladies the same way you spent money and supported religiously those waif-thin girl groups like Kara, 2NE1 or Wondergirls? I mean, come on — the minute you started loving 2NE1, a part of you wanted to just buy and wear those ridiculously beautiful clothes.

Coming from someone whose self esteem is severely affected and hampered by my unfortunate weight gain, I am just concerned that these girls might be setting themselves up to further pain and not-so-kind hearted comments in a world where beauty and attractiveness is measured by the size of the clothes you wear and the number registered in your weighing scale.

I have no doubt that these girls are talented — after all, what kind of producer would gamble on a talentless star? (oh, maybe except Pinoy film outfits who kept producing shows for no-talent wannabes). But I sincerely wish that the group was formed SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE GOOD and not because “IT’LL BE AN EFFING RIOT IF WE FORM AN ALL-GIRL GROUP, MAKE THEM ALL FAT AND CALL THEM PIGGY DOLLS”. Because, nothing in that statement is funny or appropriate. It’s cruel, selfish and sad.

And that’s where my next problem comes in. Really, PIGGY DOLLS? The fact that they are obviously on the heavy side is not obvious enough so WE MUST STATE THE OBVIOUS? Oh wow, so the selling proposition here is the size, not the talent? Am I right? Cos, yes– if I am right, then I sincerely believe that the world is really EFFED UP badly. Yeah, come on and tell me it’s a world play of the PUSSY CAT DOLLS — but really? It’s not even funny. Cos it’s an obvious label to people.

Nothing made me more miserable when I gained weigh and had a problem losing it. People treated me like being a bit on the heavy side is an affliction or a sickness. In a country like the Philippines where the standard greeting is, “ang taba mo!” (you’re fat!) instead of “how are you?” I shudder to even think of how my briliant fellowmen would receive performers like these beautiful ladies. In a world where thin is beautiful and fat is what prompts people to make stupid, fat jokes — is it right to capitalize on the weight of your talent and not on their mere brilliance alone?

Know what, I seriously wish these girls succeed. Cos nothing can be greater than the sweet taste of success: no matter which weight your are.


Can’t Nobody stop 2NE1

Here’s 2NE1’s third video to complete their comeback:

As expected, the girls are freaking awesome: CL looks fierce; Dara looks cool while Bom is just so gorgeous–but the best transformation has to be the baby of the group, Minzy. When 2NE1 started out about a year ago, Minzy was the most child-like. She looked boyish yet feminine at the same time.

But this time around–? Minzy is smoking hot! Her curves has finally developed and she grew her hair long. The fact that she dances really sick adds further to her appeal.

2NE1 really defies the definition of a typical Korean girl group. They are gritty and confident of their sexuality. As always, CL, my favorite member, blows me away with her talent but for this video, it is Minzy who really shines through. She has grown up to be a very pretty lady and I am sure she’ll break a lot of fanboys’ hearts.

Hallyu wave continues: 2PM album to be released in RP

Remember this song?

Well, 2PM fans, rejoice!
Sony Entertainment has announced that they will release 2PM’s first-full length album “1:59″ in our bayang magiliw on January 30.

Aside from chart toppers “Heartbeat”, “Tired of Waiting” and “Gimme the Light”, the CD will also contain “Again & Again” and “I Hate You”.

Wooow…! With all these album releases and artists visits, I am starting to hope that CN Blue will notice the Philippines and will pay the good old islands a visit. I am also so happy for all Pinoy K-Pop fans, the past news meant that we no longer have to go to Hong Kong, Singapore or (if you are that loaded) Japan, just for us to meet our K-Pop idols.

But then the J-Pop fan in me in crying frustration. Three years pining after Arashi and the stormy boys has yet to visit my country. Aiiiiiiiisch!!!

News source:
Asia Fanatics