Psssst….! In other news, Jun Matsumoto and Inoue Mao are said to be getting married. This, according to the wonderfully dirty, unreliable world of Japanese tabloids. Read all the dirt here Thing is — it’s really not an issue if Inoue Mao and MatsuJun end up hooking up and getting hitched. Imagine the happiness ofContinue reading “MaotsuJun”

Together in electric dreams

“I only knew you for a while, I never saw your smile. Till it was time to go. Time to go away…. We’ll always be together, however far it seems… Together in electric dreams Though your miles and miles away. I see you everyday, I don’t have to try. I just close my eyes. We’llContinue reading “Together in electric dreams”

the one about Meiji chocolates, MatsuJun and magic

After a lifetime of not posting anything about my Japanese make-believe boyfriend, I finally came across a worthwhile MatsuJun news. MatsuJun is a million yen richer, thanks to his new endorsement of Meiji Chocolates! First, about MEIJI chocolates — shall we credit this to happenstance that I am seriously in love with this brand andContinue reading “the one about Meiji chocolates, MatsuJun and magic”

You cocky, little heart breaker!

Here’s Jun-related chismax on cyberspace (–thanks to this source): Apparently, my Hubby (from the alternate universe) had a bad case of the PMS during a LIVE airing of VS Arashi. The prince was pouty after his team, the Stormy boys lost to their guests, during the series of games in the program. It was alsoContinue reading “You cocky, little heart breaker!”

The ad campaign that refused to go away…

You all know that I am seriously in love with Jun-kun, but fiercely hated his ongoing Fasio campaign. I mean, I so effing hate it so much that I even blogged about it twice! (see here and here). And like a f*cking robot in rewind for forever, I would even bitch about this campaign forContinue reading “The ad campaign that refused to go away…”

Reason number 2 why Non-no is my favorite Japanese magazine of all time —

…it’s because of the cute boys. Of course, I told you before how at I met my first-ever Japanese “pretty boy” (and awesome wild child) through the pastel covers of Non-no. I was 22 years old and curiously going through the magazine collection at the Manila Shimbun library. And so Non-no decided to make myContinue reading “Reason number 2 why Non-no is my favorite Japanese magazine of all time —”

Friday Fangirling: Arashi for Duet Magazine (Dec 2010)

Fan-girls of the world, rejoice! especially those the patronize the testosterone goodies from the Jimusho variety, Duet Magazine’s December 2010 issue is a choke full of fine boy, Janizu goodness, filled with our favorite eye candies, boy toys and pretty boy fixations — enough to rid the world of hate and just fill it withContinue reading “Friday Fangirling: Arashi for Duet Magazine (Dec 2010)”

MatsuJun whips out the MascaLiner…and I hung my head in shame

Why? Why!!!!??? Can’t it just stop with ONE CAMPAIGN and then we move on? Should we give rise to another advertising campaign–which for the life of the PR and Marketing person in me can’t even accept. As much as I am seriously in like with MatsuJun, this is one of his commercials which I can’tContinue reading “MatsuJun whips out the MascaLiner…and I hung my head in shame”

Samplers from Arashi’s new single…

Thanks to Tokyo Hive, I get to hear two samplers from Arashi’s latest single, “Hatenai Sora“ which is due for release on November 10. The tracks, “Maboroshi” and “STORY” were already aired on the radio. (SOURCE) “Maboroshi” “Story” …and here’s “Hatenai Sora” (Endless Sky) Oh-kay… I am not liking “Story” that much, but I thinkContinue reading “Samplers from Arashi’s new single…”

We shall eat at KFC, yes?

For now, let’s look past accusations of animal abuse Let’s all be shallow, and divert our attention to this important pressing issue at hand: ladies and gentlemen — et Jun Matsumoto for KFC! My husband from the parallel universe is hawking hot pot pie (probably to support my worsening shoe habit) for KFC Japan. ByContinue reading “We shall eat at KFC, yes?”