The Fountain Pen Obsession

I studied Broadcast Journalism in college, partly due to my unhealthy obsession with Superman (in my mind, I had the makings of the next Lois Lane) and partly, because my math skills were left stuck in the primary level. If you’re a maskom kid, or have journalism as one of your college courses, one oft-repeatedContinue reading “The Fountain Pen Obsession”

A Bella Returns: My Review of Belle De Jour Planner 2020

My love of planners was ignited more than ten years ago, courtesy of Belle de Jour. Back in 2007, I finally got tired of using the same old boring organizers (remember them?) when I chanced upon Belle De Jour’s 2008 planners at National Book Store. The first thing I noticed is how well-thought-of it was:Continue reading “A Bella Returns: My Review of Belle De Jour Planner 2020”

Paper Junkie Post: Starbucks Planner vs. CBTL Giving Journal – A Review

If you are one of the thousands of Filipinos who fueled their caffeine addiction in exchange for their annual planner – then, welcome to my world. I have spent a big chunk of November and December 2018 guzzling coffee from one shop to another. First, because that’s really how I roll and second, because theContinue reading “Paper Junkie Post: Starbucks Planner vs. CBTL Giving Journal – A Review”

Paper Junkie, Journal Love

People can be addicted to a lot of things: money, good make-up, nice clothes, living the high life, travel, smokes, drugs and sex. Me —¬†my addiction is pinnacle geek girl — I am hopelessly, addicted to paper. My love affair with paper (notebooks, journals, drawing pad) began as a snot-nosed six year old. Usually depleting¬†aContinue reading “Paper Junkie, Journal Love”