Uniqlo Philippines offers PHP190 shirts and tank tops

Finally had the opportunity to get out of the house after a long time inside due to the confusing weather. Dragged Dear Hubby to a jaunt across town to go to the Mall of Asia (the biggest mall in the Philippines) — our purpose? the recently-opened UNIQLO. UNIQLO, short for UNIQUE CLOTHING, carries a uniqueContinue reading “Uniqlo Philippines offers PHP190 shirts and tank tops”

Cos I am such a freaking girly-girl…and I can kick your ass!

I was blessed with two new fashion magazines courtesy of a good, good friend. I love the fact that I am again up to date on the latest fashion in Japan. I love my new CanCam and Vivi–most especially Vivi which has better styling and fashion lay-outs this month compared to CanCam. I don’t knowContinue reading “Cos I am such a freaking girly-girl…and I can kick your ass!”

Reason number 2 why Non-no is my favorite Japanese magazine of all time —

…it’s because of the cute boys. Of course, I told you before how at I met my first-ever Japanese “pretty boy” (and awesome wild child) through the pastel covers of Non-no. I was 22 years old and curiously going through the magazine collection at the Manila Shimbun library. And so Non-no decided to make myContinue reading “Reason number 2 why Non-no is my favorite Japanese magazine of all time —”

Am excited for: Shibuhara Girls!

Move over, “MTV’s The Hills”. Here’s something I am really excited about. “Shibuhara Girls” (Shibuhara = Shibuya + Harajuku) which is set to debut on MTV. The series will follow the lives of four girls as they aspire to break out in the chaotic yet highly profitable world of Japanese entertainment and fashion. The reportContinue reading “Am excited for: Shibuhara Girls!”

New office wardrobe ideas from NYLON Japan Magazine

Here’s something I came across the web while looking for wardrobe ideas. As you prolly know, I refuse to wear a boring office (slacks-blouse-black shoes combo) attire even if my life depended on it. My current work is quite strict with having people dress like they are a part of the big corporate herd, butContinue reading “New office wardrobe ideas from NYLON Japan Magazine”

Little disappointments and big surprises

I have an annoying habit which I have yet to get rid off. I easily get heartbroken over silly, little things and sometimes, this is due to setting my expectations too high. When I was still dating the Hubby, I asked him not to make promises lightly or set dates just like that: the reason,Continue reading “Little disappointments and big surprises”

J-Pop Fashion FRESH Online!

If like me you have a penchant for Japanese fashion magazines and usually bemoan the fact that there are no available Japanese fashion mags available in the Philippines (or maybe in your country?), worry no more– you can get your J-Pop fashion fix online! Thanks to the kindness and generosity of some individuals online likeContinue reading “J-Pop Fashion FRESH Online!”

J-porma for the mag-Jowa

Saw a picture of a very cute couple from my favorite Japanese fashion site, Tokyo Fashion This style of dressing up for couples is called the “Pair Look” where two people wear matching outfits. Cute diba? But I doubt if that will look “cute” or just “too much” in straight, rigid Manila where anything andContinue reading “J-porma for the mag-Jowa”