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Together in electric dreams

“I only knew you for a while, I never saw your smile. Till it was time to go. Time to go away….

We’ll always be together, however far it seems…

Together in electric dreams

Though your miles and miles away. I see you everyday, I don’t have to try. I just close my eyes.

We’ll always be together, however far it seems. We’ll always be together. Together in electric dreams.”

…that my friend, is fandom extraordinaire.

Hopefully, MatsuJun will not get creeped out and file a restraining order against me. Haha.

Seriously, I’ve never seen MatsuJun this sekshi aside from his Sawada Shin and Domyouji Tsukasa days. I am so thrilled that the Stormy Boys remained on top of the JPop big cheeses and they remain to draw endorsements just by being their adorable, charming selves.

How can you say no to this kind of awesomeness?

Screenshots from: AU CM featuring Arashi. (AU website here)

Lyrics from the song, “Together in Electric Dreams” by Human League.


the one about Meiji chocolates, MatsuJun and magic

After a lifetime of not posting anything about my Japanese make-believe boyfriend, I finally came across a worthwhile MatsuJun news. MatsuJun is a million yen richer, thanks to his new endorsement of Meiji Chocolates!

First, about MEIJI chocolates — shall we credit this to happenstance that I am seriously in love with this brand and that my boyfriend from the parallel universe is now hawking this on Japanese TV. We are really meant to be, luv! Haha! I really shouldn’t got married! (joke only hubby — please do not divorce me. hehe)

Even if I look like a repository of fat, I am not a big chocolate eater. I don’t like them too much, well, except for Symphony and yes, the purpose of this post, Meiji Chocolates. I particularly love the dark chocolate variant:

Picture NOT MINE -- from Serious Eats Sweets

The thing that I love about Meiji is its dark, rich flavor. I love that even if there’s a high concentration of cocoa in the chocolate bar, it’s not too bitter. It’s something you would like to have when snacking or as finger food during travel.

The new CM starring the very yummy MatsuJun celebrates Meiji’s 85th Anniversary. Thus, the commercial evoked a certain feeling of nostalgia. I loved the viewpoint of two people (a man and a young girl) talking set in a train station:

For me, the station evokes a transience of life, like we are all in a journey to life, and Meiji as a well-known brand with a storied 80-plus history has been there all through this journey. The man tells the young girl that Meiji chocolate was likely enjoyed by her mother and her grandmother…and would probably be enjoyed by her children and her children’s children.

I love the concept.

…until I remembered that my beloved plays a magician. A freaking magician?!? why? Can’t he just play a distinguished gentleman, without the need to be a weird character?

Japanese CMs never fail to baffle me.

Anyhoo, it’s nice to finally see Jun-kun again. For a minute, my heart goes a-flutter.

Oooops. Just as I was browsing through Tokyo Hive, I came across 20 CMs starring my MatsuJun advertising a beauty salon. My MatsuJun is looking fiiiiiiine, I say–especially the CM where he sports the Bieber-ish haircut and sporting a brown jacket.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to sit across him, now I know. It is a very pretty sight. If I am eating across from him, I wont be able to take a bite. I will just stare at him until I get full. (In tagalog: mukha pa lang, ulam na!)

SOURCE: Tokyo Hive
To see more MatsuJun CM videos, please go to Tokyo Hive

We shall eat at KFC, yes?

For now, let’s look past accusations of animal abuse
Let’s all be shallow, and divert our attention to this important pressing issue at hand: ladies and gentlemen — et Jun Matsumoto for KFC!

image c/o KFC Japan Official Site

My husband from the parallel universe is hawking hot pot pie (probably to support my worsening shoe habit) for KFC Japan.

By the way, above is the old CM. I don’t have any idea how to upload the new one.

I don’t know where to look — the steaming hot pot pie or the equally hot guy hawking the product for Col. Sanders. Yeah, Jun-kun’s face is not exactly at his most flawless and breath taking here, but who cares? The hubby from parallel universe is simply amazing…

A 15-seconder on itchy genitals

I found this by way of TokyoMango and Spoon&Tamago, and this is just to fly to pass up.

Presenting the hottest and most catchy 15-seconder CM in Japan this summer. The product: Delicare M’s soothing cream for itchy genitals.

For your better understanding, here is the translation of the lyrics:

♪ In the summer time our genitals become itchy (itchy)
When they become itchy, use Delicare M’s
[humming humming] it works!
don’t scratch them, use Delicare M’s♪

If you didn’t end up laughing like crazy after playing this on your PC, let me know.

During the course of preparations for a new CM for the kaisha, our Shacho has been telling us (the creatives team) to come up with a commercial that is short (maybe a 15-seconder), simple yet catchy. I now know what he means.

PS: The spread-leg move was classic, it’s basically drilled to my head.


….I mean, WTF?!?
Imagine watching TV (prolly enjoying the horrid drama shows present on local TV) and then see this commercial…

This must be what the CEO meant when we were discussing the perfect TVC: eye-catching, direct to the point and brings the message across in 15-seconds or less.

If all local commercials were like these, The Hubby will find new meaning and value for his late night TV viewing.

For those who wanna know, the girl undressing is Itano Tomomi, part of the Japanese idol group AKB48. It seems this group gravitates on projects such as these. One former member is said to be threading the path of a gravure or AV (adult video) idol.

Girl Crush

And so, girls must not be in like with other girls.
We girls are a curiously weird and adorable lot. We don’t like it when there are girls much prettier, much more adorable and much more cooler than we are. Notice that when a hot girl enter the room and we start nit-picking on what’s wrong with her.

But then again, this is before this hot, hot woman which recently graced local television

Namie Amuro

The Coke commercial, featuring J-Pop princess Namie Amuro (Amuro Namie) is simply awesome. How can a girl so sweet looking be so fly when it comes to busting those moves? And would you believe that she’s already 32?

Oooh, I freaking adore her

New Matsumoto/Sakurai commercial!

‘Nuff said.
No explanation needed

My boyfriend in a parallel universe, Jun Matsumoto and band mate Sakurai Sho has a new commercial for au mobile phone.

I was informed that the video was taken down. So I’m replacing it with a better fanmade vid that best highlights all Arashi CMs for au KDD.

For more info, read at source