SM Home dishes out on the Art of Tasteful Condo Living

Almost a year ago, I finally embarked on the biggest decision my perpetually-broke heart can make – I invested in my own condo unit, a place that I would eventually call my own after three decades of living with my parents. For someone who considers homeownership as the ultimate barometer of success, I consider thisContinue reading “SM Home dishes out on the Art of Tasteful Condo Living”

PSID marks start of 50th Year with “Saturday Soirée”

Flowers has always been the easiest and cheapest way to liven up any room. Its pop of color can brighten up and bring joy any space. While you can always order flowers from the shop, there’s a certain joy and pride when you did the design yourself.  I had a very pleasant weekend courtesy ofContinue reading “PSID marks start of 50th Year with “Saturday Soirée””

Lighten up your home with creative modular lamps

One of the most cost-efficient and creative way to decorate your home is to pick a good lamp that compliments your interiors. A carefully thought-of lamp, placed on the most strategic places is guaranteed to be a conversation piece and will definitely add much-needed light and vigor to your home. When decorating with lamps, makeContinue reading “Lighten up your home with creative modular lamps”