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OMF Publishing launches Book 2 of best-selling “Ikaw Na ang Maganda” 

As someone who lives for books, I always find it a pleasure each time I am invited to a book launch. For me, this means the book publishing industry is still thriving and people still flock to the printed word – inspite the 20th century being truly wired. 

OMF Publishing, the name behind inspirational titles including “The Purpose Driven Life” series has recently launched the second book of “Ikaw Na ang Maganda” by inspirational author Malu Tiongson-Ortiz. Whereas Malou’s first book “Ikaw Na ang Maganda (How to be Beautiful Inside and Out)” tackled makeups, the second foray in the series discusses proper dressing and personal style. 

Author Malu Tiongson-Ortiz

The launch, held in a quaint cafe in BGC, served as a quick refresher on personal style. I was brave enough to share my daily uniform of ” rock concert clothes” noting how the choice of clothes really fit the personalities of those who shared their personal style. 

Tiongson-Ortiz candidly shared how she developed her personal style- something that was shaped by the various moments in her life, from dressing up to cover her depression over a failing marriage to finally discovering God and shaping her style based on her Faith. 

My thoughts 

It took me a long time to write this post because I wanted to read the book and be able to share my thoughts on it. 

I agree that dressing shouldn’t be based on what’s the “in thing” or based on the current trenss that flood the market. It should be based on your personality, what makes you stand out and what makes you unique. The clothes should be clean, pressed and presentable. After all, it really makes a lot of difference on how people respond to us based on the clothes we wear. While it may not be the latest brand or it may not cost you a fortune, as long as its clean and it brings out your best features, then you should wear it. 

This is a struggle that I can very well relate. While I am already in my 30s, my taste in clothes can be best described as “street style.” I don’t do corporate attire and was lucky enough to work in a company that lets me wear chunky black shoes with LBDs. What I try to do is dress accordingly for meetings and presentations because I want to assert myself and I wand people to not question my credibility. 

There are some parts of the book where I don’t agree, particularly on how dressing sexy “leads men to sin.” It might be because I have a different interpretation of my religion or maybe because my views are more liberal than the author. 

In the end, Tiongson-Ortiz presented valid points on appropriate dressing, which in my opinion is a life skill that should be learned and mastered not just by women but by everyone. 



Amidst the numerous freak shows and what-not’s present in local TV, we sometimes see a gem that would make us sit up and take notice. At rare times, we see gems that inspire us.

This is a group called “Ezra Band” from Davao. They were one of the featured performers from Sunday’s “Pilipinas Got Talent” (the local franchise of Britain’s Got Talent).

They could have been any other group with aspirations to be famous. But the talent they displayed in the midst of their personal difficulties simply astounds the audience at the audition venue, the judges, the host and yeah, the folks watching on their televisions.

Getting sick and missing TNT…

It has come to pass that on this day, I shall suffer a terrible cold, coupled by a runny nose and itchy throat. Today, when I feel a little bit blue already since today is the Christmas party on my old company and I suddenly missed my friends, bosses and even the maintenance people there. This is the first time that it finally dawned on me that I am no longer with the old company. Cos if I was, I’d probably be there wearing a stupid hat. And sipping a beer. And screaming myself horse to cheer over M who always dances on company Xmas parties.

But I digress.

Back to the cold. I hate getting sick, cos I am probably in possession of the yuckiest batch of colds out there. I will win the yuckiest award, bar none–with a sickness repertoire starting from the usual cold and culminating to a terrible cough that tends to bother people I am in close proximity of. But thanks to a dear, dear friend S who over-exerted herself with whirlwind social activities and got herself sick–the sponge that I am, it is only natural that I ended up getting sick too. I am now working on passing on the disease to W.

When i was younger, it will take ten thousand feverish monkeys to get me sick. I’d play all day in the sun, then play in the rain (and smell bad in the process) but I still won’t get sick. This is much to my annoyance especially when I have exams coming up where I didn’t reviewed my notes (Math, since I only suck at Math). But now that I am older (and fatter) — I felt like my immune system just gave up on me and left me to deal with all possible sickness there is.

So now, I’ve downed vitamin C (from W), Tylenol (from S) and BioFlu (from the Hubby) and yet I still feel lethargic and "sick".

A part of me wants to believe that this is my body asking me to sleep and just forget that I’ll be missing the TNT Christmas party. I know that this goes with filing a resignation–missing people you’ve been hitting the bull with for 3 years. I miss my friends, and till now still thinking of what Papa V is wearing…(was it some crazy, fluffy thing he’d bought in Baclaran?) or if J is wearing her boots (she likes to wear boots like me) or if G and C will leave early since they have a daughter waiting at home.

I wonder if the food will be good; if all departments will perform and if the people from Cebu are present. I also wonder what’s up for grabs, will someone from Mean Team will win a ref like before or if Finance will perform their "infamous" presentations. It’s the little things, but little things do add up a lot and I get sicker still, just thinking of my friends from the other side of the fence.

Don’t get me wrong–I am fine here. Meeting new people and trying new things. This early I’ve met two cool people (S and W) and I’m doing ok hanging out with them. I am also looking forward to our own Yearend Party (this being my first) as well as the Outreach Event tomorrow for indigent kids in Marikina.

It’s just me, being sick and being sad, sitting here on my chair, nursing a slight headache due to sinus. It’s the usual me–missing things and missing people, thinking of how sad and unfortunate moving on can really be…

Hello, Murphy’s Law

Are you aware of Murphy’s Law?

Murphy’s Law is an adage, commonly invoked, that is typically stated as "anything that could go wrong, will go wrong". Using the academic point of view, Murphy’s Law states that given the longest amount of time, an event is bound to surely happen. Though most of the time–what happens is something bad or unfortunate.

I wish I don’t have to cite my miserable and comedic existence as the best example of Murphy’s Law at its best. Me the very parallelism of someone whose adventures in life always ends up with the best clincher: ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek (you know that annoying musical scoring at the end of every Dolphy joke to make sure you didn’t missed it?)

Being the drama queen that I am, I view my very existence as a long standing drama, with tear-jerkers, nail,-biting twists and turns, plus inspiring moments where friends, family and colleagues (my long-standing audience) will remain riveted to the scene. But, thanks to Murphy’s Law and its propensity to make an appearance in my life—my great soap opera is turning to a low budget comedy with D-List actors making occasional guest appearances.

Consider this:

Elementary school and I am almost in Honor’s List – a transferee student from God-knows-freaking-where enrolls in the school and takes my honor list placement due to her high provincial grades… ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek

High School – I manage to pull up my grades enough to make an appearance in the Top Ten, only for calculus to make an appearance on the 2nd sem. The result: big fat 76 on the second sem report card. Say goodbye to aspirations of top ten. ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek

College – Relationship with college crush goes smoothly, in my mind—we were Dawson Leery and Joey Potter (give me a break, Dawson’s Creek was at its peak then). He breaks my heart by saying THE LINE: “You’ve always been a little sister to me…” ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek

Professional Life – Being the PR point person, yet not being included in an overseas PR training… ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek

Married Life – “Mommy says we have to reschedule the wedding…” ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek

Well, maybe this isn’t just Murphy’s Law. Maybe it’s the universe telling me that what I want in life is not always possible and that there’s always a better one waiting for me.

I may not make it to the Honor’s Class but I was named outstanding student for the whole city that year; I didn’t end up with Dawson Leery but I married the King of Queens. I didn’t get married in June, but I got married at the right time and at the right moment.

At the end of the day, maybe I should look at it on a different perspective. And accept, that we can’t get what we always want in life. And oh, no matter how annoying it maybe, it’s life’s funniest moments that makes it worth living…

R-E-S-P-E-C-T and Disappointment

I always have this thing with respect. Respect for me is not for free, nor it goes with your age or status in life.

I believe that unlike our innate "human rights", respect is not something given for free–like trust, it must be earned and maintained. Of course, we have our parents whom by they sheer sacrifice in our well-being we should by all means respect. But what about the people of authority, the higher ups and even your friendly neighborhood tsismosa?

I usually get into trouble for being less respectful to these kind of people. My mom always tells me to respect them, or at least show them respect. The wise ass that I am, I usually answer "why"

Why should I respect them, the people of authority and even government officials, when they behave in an execrable manner? When all they’ve shown me is how evil and tainted their lives are. Respect means putting people in high regard–I say, why should I do this when their manners alone is lower than low.

Why should I respect my higher ups, when they clearly lack the hindsight, focus and a bone of professionalism in their bodies? Why should I respect the person who made my life miserable, with her misguided sense of management and responsibility? Why should I respect someone whose authority alone hinges on a corporate plantilla and clearly not from the sense of authority and seniority attained from higher education, training and management style?

Why should I respect the neighborhood tsismosa whose miserable life depends on the affairs and misfortune of others? Why should I respect that man or woman, with a baby in their arms, knocking from one car to another, asking for spare change–when clearly, they can still find work and earn a living? Why should I respect people who blamed their poverty on the government, the fortune and fate of other people and everyone else for that matter, except on their own selves?

When I was young, and clearly not as bitter as I am now, I was told that one should respect people–regardless. Now, that I am old, married and has seen and tasted the bitterness of life, jaded and less trusting…I ask why?

Why should respect be for free, when clearly, one must earn it first…?

The tale of the corporate bottom feeder (AGAIN)

This is one of those days when I went to work to spend a few times crafting a speech that I have yet to finish. I have nothing else to do–finihing the unfinished speech is like pulling teeth and most of the words I come up with fails to get the deliver the gist of the story. So, here I am– the blinking cursor of the yet-forgotten speech teasing me with its annoying *blink-blink-blink*

When I left my previous work more than a month ago, it’s because I was worried that I’d be dead (due to stress and sama ng loob) before I turn 31. This is a not an over-statement. In my last year at my old company, I have grown a close and endearing relationship with the emergency room people of Makati Med. I’d have needle marks all over my arm, enough to put any druggie to shame due to the intravenuous drugs that had to be fed to my body each time I get stress attacks. I used to claim that I was clinically insane–spending 2009 in my old department validated this claim–yes, I had to see a psychiatrist the same year due to my "over exhaustion" I got acquainted with government-issued drugs (complete with the stamped "Dangerous Drugs" warning on my government-issued prescription note.

To say that I was emotionally and physically exhausted in my old department is an understatement.

In October 2009, I applied on a whim on this company that I just chanced upon while applying (guerilla-style) in Makati. I was on leave that day and I’ve decided to spend my "sick day" looking for a new work place.

The exam was easy, too easy in fact…and the series of interviews (I think I had almost 5 in all) wasn’t enough to faze me. Another company was interested in me and in the end, it came to a point on who would call first.

This company was the one who first offered me the position and me, eager and itching to bust out of the hell hole that was my previous department, needn’t think twice.

At first, I thought I could wing it that I’ll be starting in December. I figured this will give me enough time to say my goodbyes to the company that I’ve come to love so much (I loved my former company–it’ my department I can’t stand) and to the people who made leaving so difficult. In my three year stay there, I developed really close relationships with people across all departments and corporate standing (from the senior managers to the maintenance boys) and their friendship was the only thing that held me from leaving for 3 years.

But I had to start immediately. DUE TO THE HEAVY WORKLOAD waiting (I was told) so in a matter of 15 days– I was already reporting to my new job.

And here starts the tale of the new corporate bottom feeder.

For the longest time, I was one of the people calling the shots. One of the movers and shakers, as they say. But now, as all newbies, I am starting again from below. There are days when the work is heavy, it’s like reliving the stressful days of yore…but on some days — the inactivity will kill you.

I guess I am still lucky cos I am sharing my department with some of the most talented people I’ve met. Super PLUS points cos my current supervisor is a nice and like-minded individual who encourages us to do our thing at our own pace. Siguro, it helps that she understands the creative process. I am pretty much sure that she wasn’t some psycho slave driver in her previous life as she is the silent, nice type who’d usually surprise you with her interests and talents.

I belong to a department called "Creatives" which pretty much handle all things that needs the use of imagination and creativity. I am learning a lot of new things that I haven’t been given the chance to learn before. At the same time, there’s just too much things and experiences that I am raring to share with the group. Work is slowly starting to trickle in, and quite honestly I am starting to appreciate the nice "normalcy" that I didn’t experience on my previous department. A photoshoot and media launch is coming up in a manner of weeks and surprisingly, I look forward to the chaotic and stressful activity that looms in the week ahead.

There are a lot of interesting people: people who you’d never thought you’d meet in your lifetime, but definitely worth knowing. There are also those who you’d prefer to remain a nameless face . There are people whose talents I am immediately in awe, and whose personalities I sincerely appreciate.

Yes, there are days when the responsibilties are not yet that much, and I can finish a single proposal in 60 minutes or less (this I credit my previous company for the impeccable training given to me), or maybe even in my sleep.

Praying for a miracle

The talking tube says a super typhoon is on its way to good ol’ RP….
Just when people are just beginning to pick-up the pieces from last Saturday’s Ketsana.

god i hope, people can still survive through this…

They say miracles happen when you least expect them. I hope this is one of those times.
A lot of people are still struggling–still no house to come home to; no food, money or even shelter.
A lot of people are lucky to be alive and with their family…

I’ve always believed in miracles and somehow, that a higher power sees you through–no matter what.