Jin’s “Test Drive” roars

Jin Akanishi's US debut roars along with the fancy cars decorating the accompanying video. I don't want to compare to other Asian artists who debuted in the US (and failed) but seems to me that his foray seemed to be off to a good start. The song "Test Drive" (feat. Jason Derulo) currently ranked first … Continue reading Jin’s “Test Drive” roars


Johnny rakes it in courtesy of the boys

Johnny Kitagawa and the Jimusho is one rich enterprise. Based from reports posted at Tokyo Hive, the Jimusho earned 113Million dollars--and this, for only eight months in 2010. Taking the top spot is the SENPAI of all senpais: SMAP! Incidentally, I am so in love of this SMAP commercial: I don't know what was I … Continue reading Johnny rakes it in courtesy of the boys

Jun + Shun

Jun Matsumoto and Shun Oguri are two of my favorite Japanese actors. Incidentally, these two are also the best of friends and have appeared on some of the best doramas: Gokusen I, the Hana Yori Dango installment and Smile (Jun was the lead, Shun was a guest). Recently, Jun was on Shun's All Night Nippon … Continue reading Jun + Shun