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Seeing life through my kitty glasses

My best friend (since I was sixteen) sent me this awesome glasses for my birthday.

fashionable reading glasses
My new Kitty eye glasses

I have always loved cats, and I have a (closeted) affinity to Hello Kitty, even if I don’t admit it to anybody but my husband and my best friend. But when you look closely, my Blackberry is sheathed in a pink and purple Hello Kitty silicon phone case. You will also see Hello Kitty figures in my closet and a pink Hello Kitty bag which I use for shopping. In short, I am a closeted fan of the pink feline, the same way I am a closeted fan of Britney Spears (haha!)

Anyway, with the too much cuteness presented to me, what can I do but wear the glasses over and over again?

nerdy girl
I love it when I go nerdy

Paired it with a frilly dress (with horse patterns!) and front bow which I found at my favorite thrift shop, black tights and baby doll shoes. Sorry I don’t have any full body photos of myself but I was the happiest nerd you could find in my office building.

Wore it again the next day, with my favorite plaid dress (gifted), black tights and brown boots.

nerd girl
kitty specs
chilling out
chilling out on my sister’s bedroom floor

Again, I managed to get past Human Resources with my office attire — and I continue to skirt past the office rules for corporate attire. Personally, I think I am not breaking the rules since I come to the office more fully clothed and presentable than some of the people I see every Friday. The only difference is that I veer away from the usual jeans and t-shirt combo which seemed to be very prevalent among my colleagues. And besides, I am not showing any skin, all my clothes are clean and well-pressed. So, I think I am still in the clear. I am just not sure if this will continue on until next year. I can continue praying to my lucky stars.

Haven’t posted some of my office outfit shots. Here’s one I wore two Fridays ago:

fashion at work
white V neck shirt for PHP175, collar necklace for less than PHP170, Ms. Selfridge clam digger pants bought on sale PHP500 and Ichigo two -toned shoes…and my favorite hat bought for PHP120 at the Landmark
kamikaze girl
wearing my favorite collar necklace

Ichigo Ichie!

A once in a lifetime chance. One great opportunity.
And thank God, I didn’t blew it.

My prolonged absence here is due to a very busy, harrowing week due to the big celebration of my company’s anniversary. Part of the celebration is coming up with a full spread supplement which came out last Friday on the country’s major broadsheet.

Guess who was in charge of that. Yup, one week of back-breaking work, sleepless nights (I actually went on a 48 hour working binge, I feel like a junk head without the “junk abuse”) and getting close to a nervous breakdown — the results came out great, much to the satisfaction of the powers-that-be and the whole company who devoured issues of the paper.

Got to receive high marks from the bosses. One chance to impress people and it worked. I guess it’s all about seizing the moment and the opportunity, never mind the lack of sleep and the feeling of just wanting to kill yourself due to exhaustion.

One freaking chance, and I had it down pat.

Celebrated my “resurrection” with a quick trip to the mall last Saturday. I have been stressed and broke for so long, you cannot imagine how good it felt to have extra money again to buy stuff that I’ve been coveting for the month or so.

Resurrection, in my world, is better celebrated….with wicked new pair of shoes and a Bench X Secret Fresh shirt.

Ichigo Valerie shoes

I have always been crushing on these shoes from Ichigo and been going to Crossings for weeks hoping to finally have the money for it. Finally, was able to own it last Friday and it was just so pretty and perfect.

Ichigo has always been my go-to brand when it comes to fashionable, cute shoes. I own at least five pairs of Ichigo shoes and this is already my sixth pair. One of the brand’s best pieces is their line of oxford shoes. I own at least three Oxfords and I had to retire two of them because they’ve been through so much abuse.

the devil is in the details!

The attention to detail on this pair is simply amazing. These shoes will look great paired with nice, frilly dresses plus black thights. Simply Kawaii!

I also got to finally own a shirt from the Bench X Secret Fresh collection, after pining for it for a long time. Secret Fresh is a famous store in the Philippines selling off-beat toys, while Bench is already an institution when it comes to fast fashion items like shirt, pants, underwear, scents and has even evolved into a well-known lifestyle brand.

Bench X Secret Fresh shirt plus Bench Shampoo for colored hair

Next step would be to find a really nice pair of jeans or walking shorts to pair it with.
I just wish stuff would fit me already, cos truth be told–I already developed a phobia of going inside the store, going through the merchandise and having to ask the sales staff for sizes and still not finding anything. It’s effing depressing! I am not that big — but why do I find people who are twice, thrice bigger than me wearing jeans? (No offense meant).

I also discovered this amazing store, called CNA which is located at the new condominium building in Pedro Gil near Robinsons Place. CNA sells a lot of accessories, jewelry and KPOP stuff, even those cute KPOP socks that I saw being sold in Myeongdong. They also have the latest CD releases from your favorite Korean artists. In a nutshell, CNA is a wonderland for every KPOP fan or junkie!

I bought two of these:

cute necklace with cat pendant from CNA

You know I adore my cat, Sayuri right? The same way that my sister adored her cat, Yumi-chan. I bought this affordable, but extremely cute necklace — one for me and one for the sis.

If you are an accessories junkie, I am sure an hour would not be enough for you to choose from CNA’s array of really cute and affordable items. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, in fact. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it), I didn’t brought enough money that day, as part of my new “saving-money-vow”), so I really couldn’t buy any of the other stuff even if I wanted to. It’ a good thing that there’s already a CNA shop because I know now where to get Christmas gifts for my KPOP loving friends (F, I am talking about you!)

If you’re gonna go into battle, wear something wicked!

After almost a week of sulking and being annoyed by things I can never change, I decided to throw the towel and just let it be.

I mean, obviously I would need to keep the job since it’s something that I seriously love doing and the company where I work is top-notch and one of the best in the industry. Second, I had a pretty good start — I was able to immediately show people what I can bring to the table and I don’t wanna waste that just by being affected by the vile people I work with. Besides, I always believed that we only get affected by people who matter to us. Obviously, they barely figure in my universe — so yeah, I am dusting myself off from the little pity party I’ve come to inhabit these past few days, and decided to just ramp it up early this morning.

Maybe I’ve grown tired of pretending to be the goody-two shoes, silent suffering newbie who won’t make a beep. I am old, dammit. It would take more than a snot-nosed ego princess to crush my spirit.

Anyway, I fell asleep Thursday evening going through my old CanCam magazines. Inspired by this, I decided to wear this to work:

my "battle armor" for today
my favorite stress-reliever: playing dress up!

What I wore: Fedora hat from SM Department Store, Team Manila t-shirt (gift), bazaar-bought tiered skirt for only PHP100, knee socks from the Landmark (styled loosely) and Oxford-style peep-toe wedges from Ichigo (the Ramp)

loose-socks and my Ichigo peep-toe wedges
these are the only accessories you'll need

A few words about my peep-toe wedges. I loved them so much that I even went home wearing the damned shoes. This in spite the initial plan to change into my Ipanema sandals for the commute home. The mere heel height (about 4 inches I think) and the platform has made it tricky to maneuver, yet good thing it wasn’t a bit heavy, or else…

Considering my ineptitude in navigating the concrete jungle when in heels, I managed to survive today. Never mind that I walked as if I am 85 years old: consistently near the hand rails for the possibility of tripping and so slow that I managed to cause a slight traffic situation among commuters rushing to the Ortigas MRT station. I refused to climb up the long flight of stairs and instead opted to wait for the elevators which took forever before reaching the second floor and lastly, I had to be extra careful with each step, for fear that I will be face to face with the ground.

Suffice to say, the wedge and I survived the MRT ride…but the long walk from SM Makati to Landmark proved too much for me to bear (plus the floors were shiny and slippery–not a good combo). I decided to change shoes at SM and brave the rain wearing slippers. I’d rather be plain than maimed, that’s for sure.

Anyway, obviously I love my new shoes (ICHIGO rocks!) and my sister does too. You see, the Queen is very formal and business-like even when it comes to dressing that I, as the older sister, has even tried goading her into wearing the styles of clothes that I wear. Of course, one look at my Japanese-style trousers and the offbeat combo made the Queen decide that she’d rather stick to her stylish yet age-appropriate clothes. She says she is leaving the experimenting to me.

Somehow, I managed to goad the sister to wear my new wedge shoes while posing for a few pictures:

The Queen says it was a great “battle outfit”. Just the kind that would work well for the daily struggle at the office.

When the going gets tough — the tough goes on RETAIL THERAPY!

The same thing I did when things got too crazy for me at the office one hot Friday afternoon.
Without going into details (*BLOGGING POLICY ALERT!*), let’s just say Friday was the time that all the pressure, annoyance and fatigue sent in and led me to an unmistakable need for some serious alone time.

So, with the blessings of the boss — I left immediately when the clock hit 12 and had lunch QUIETLY, alone on a secluded corner of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. (One of my two favorite coffee shops: UCC Coffee and CBTL — mainly due to the absence of LOUD, ANNOYING INDIVIDUALS who speak in pseudo Stateside accents).

After a quiet lunch, I headed to the mall to begin my retail therapy. Note that I barely earned anything for the first 15 days of the month. I am broke, with credit card due but in serious need of one shot of happiness.

So, tell me — what can you buy with PHP1,000 (about $20)? Apparently, IF YOU LOOKED REALLY HARD ENOUGH, a lot.

scored all of these for just P1,000!

My first purchase for the day was these eyeshadow and mascara combo from Saizen, the local branch of DAISO, the famous hyakuen shop in Japan.

eyeshadow and mascara combo: shibuya soul?

Like a typical Japanophile (?), I am hankering for Japanese-made make-up and cosmetics, cos it really amazes me how flawless and beautiful it can be to models. So, when I chanced upon these babies at Saizen, I just have to buy ’em…I’ll road test them one of these days and write a quick review for this site. Of course, RMK this is not so — I really have to have serious bucks before I go on a buying binge for my make-up needs.

I went around the mall and found nothing. Most well known fast-fashion brands were selling the same old tired stuff. I was thinking that I may be going back to the office empty-handed when I chanced upon this dress at one of the independent labels at Robinson’s Galleria’s 50th Avenue.

First, this has always been my peg and inspiration:

so kawaii (non-no January 2011)

And this is what I bought, with the extreme intent of using the Non-no page as my peg:

this would look gat with my brown leather boots!

I was lucky to be able to skip out of the office by 7:30 that night and took the train to Ayala Center, the shopping mecca of Makati, with the intent to do some aimless wanderings and cool off from such a crazy day.

Well…the aimless wandering yielded me this:

from one of my favorite shoe labels, ICHIGO

Ichigo is one of my favorite brands when it comes to shoes. I am particularly in love with their line of oxfords/brogues which as you know, I am very fond of.

I loved that my shoes gave me my much needed height (and looked ok for PR work) while ensuring that I will not trip or embarrass myself since it is wedge heels. You see, I have no capability to wear heels and for the rare times that I do wear heels, it’s either I maim myself due to tripping most of the times or I ruin the shoes because I am just a shitty wearer of heels.

Anyway, the retail therapy worked. I am okay now. Well, I am broke as hell — but at least a really black cloud was lifted from my shoulders.

Retail Therapy is luuuuuurv!

The heavens are smiling today, and so am I.
I have been salivating and literally being pathetic looking after these shoes:

These shoes are literally haunting me–even in my sleep! I can’t just move forward–I keep returning to the danged Anthology website and surfing the net for other designs and brands. I was getting crazy. Finally, I just had enough–I decided to bite the bullet and sacrifice a week worth of pocket money for my own brogues! Otherwise, I would be driven to insanity and would henceforth be known as the blogger gone crazy due to her insatiable need for a pair of brogues/oxfords.

see? even at the office...this is all I do (during my spare time)

So, finally–after the powers that be at the office has decided to give the mothly salary well in advance–I literally flew from my office building situated at the jungles of the CBD to The Ramp branch in Glorietta 3.

And then… purely bliss…

Yes. that’s my ugly stump of a leg trying on two styles. Can you guess which one I chose?
Notice that the brown/flowery combo was the same style as the one I was checking in the net:


In as much as I love the brown/pink flowers combo (pink! pink! pink!)– I decided to be all mature and go for the style which I can wear with a myriad of clothes (colors and styles). I will be getting the flowery combo when I have the additional money (maybe next month). What? You think I am over and done with this obsession? On the contrary, this will be the start of a long and meaningful love affair. (hahah!)

And these are affordable! I got my brogues for just PHP800 ($16) and they look amazing. I am loving this brand, Ichigo. A quick look at their site has yielded lots and lots of shoes which I now covet and lust after!

On other news, The Queen and I finally got to trying the new thrift store in front of our street. This used to be operated by a surly-looking man, but the new sign and new sets of clothes announced the change in management. These are what I got for PHP200 ($4):

three adorable finds from Momo, Veeko and....TADAH! Uniqlo!

Obviously, my favorite of the loot is the Uniqlo long cardigan which can be used both as a sweater and dress. I saw the exact picture of this cardigan about a year ago worn by Shun Oguri’s girlfriend Yu Yamada in an old advert for Nonno magazine. Back then, I thought I would have to go to Japan to buy something from Uniqlo but hey–now, I have it in my hands for only $2! The gray shirt dress with printed lace detail and the black bell-sleeved blouse cost only a dollar each!

You think I was happy?

Well, I am. But then, this morning, my new boss came into the office wearing this:

I immediately fell in love with that danged thing! I just have to have it! And because, I am naturally shameless, I borrowed MY BOSS’ JACKET and FREAKING WORE IT!

And yeah, that guy at the back was the boss! Heheh! I love his jacket! In fact, he had to pry it away from my hands just to get it back.