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The Nerds Are Alright

You might probably noticed that this blog remained stagnant for a good few months – I drowned in a sea of to do’s at work and I was not in a good place – occasionally battling bouts of stress, anxiety and depression which can be a harrowing experience once it hits.

Until one day, I said I just couldn’t mope forever and abandon the things that made me happy. I decided to blog again and attend events; trying to find time from my busy schedule to fit everything in.

One of the first events I attended was this year’s ASIA POP COMIC CON, which was always been in my calendar for ages. Being a big nerd since I can remember, I love collecting comic books and action figures, and would diligently troop to the cinemas for superhero movies. Yes, I am one of those people who have an annoying habit of explaining “comic book universes.” I am also a DC girl through and through, though I am level headed enough to accept that the MCU cinematic universe is kicking our dark, brooding DC asses when it comes to box-office adaptations.

I was there on the invitation of my friend Paul (extreme left) who hosted the blogging panel featuring David Guison and Chevrolet brand ambassadors Mari Jasmine and Donny Pangilinan.

After the panel, it was on to the good stuff:

The Superman figure above has been on a must-buy list for a good three or four years now. But it’s more than 10k pesos; I kept putting it off. To put it simply, it’s either I take home the little homage to (my forever love) Christopher Reeve or I pay off my numerous insurance plans. I’d rather stick to my investment track.

While going around, I also caught sight of the ongoing signing for Ready Player One lead and MCU alumnus, Tye Sheridan:

I was initially planning to register for his panel, but it was scheduled way late in the afternoon; and I hate staying too long in MOA unless necessary, so I decided to skip it.

Admittedly, the star of this year’s con is the Netflix installation which took a lot of space and attracted a huge crowd.

I don’t know if it’s just me but the crowd this year seemed a bit smaller compared to the past years that I was there. I went Saturday AM until lunch – so I might be wrong and missed the Saturday afternoon crowd.

There was also a significantly lesser selection on merchandise that was for sale because everything seemed to sell the same Funko toys everywhere I go around the floor.

After needing it out on the land of superheroes, I continued the rest of the day on kawaii land as my friend, The Filipino Rambler and I hied off to Hello Kitty cafe in BGC.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – the place is freaking cute. It is cute personified and an Instagrammer’s paradise.

I’ve been planning to eat here even before but it was newly-opened and everyone wanted a piece of the action. It was always full whenever I go, with reservations stacked one on top of the other — so I gave up trying to score a seat. I figured, I would go when the hype finally died down – and sure enough, we were able to immediately score seats when we walked in at 3pm on a Saturday noon.

Of course, the food was adorable:

  • It was begging for double-taps; served in dainty cups and cake trays, with cute sugar bowls to boot. The cakes, of course, were designed to look cute and Instagram-worthy.
  • So, was it delicious? It’s average on my book; a good 3.5 out of 5 stars. To be fair, I only got the cake and not the rest of the mains – so there might be something amazing there that I haven’t tasted yet.
  • It was good to finally have the time to go out and enjoy the things that makes me less crazy and less stressed . I had the chance to indulge my inner fan girl and thanks to the great afternoon — I realised that yes, in spite living in the crazy adult world, this nerd is still alright.
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    Are you looking for fun ways to get fit? Well, I know I am!

    Five months after starting on my new job and in the process of trying to catch up and fit, I have managed to let go of any of my fitness and health habits.

    That’s why I became so excited when I heard about the upcoming Hello Kitty Run Manila, happening on October 21, 2017!

    Hello Kitty Mascot.JPEG


    Set at the SM By the Bay, SM MOA Complex, this leg of the Hello Kitty Run is the first in the Philippines, following stints in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

    With a theme of  “Link Love Together! everybody’s favorite cat will inspire love and share happiness with everyone in the 5km fun run, which features an exclusive edition Hello Kitty Run Manila 2017 race kit consisting of themed race tee and race bib, with lots of special gifts from sponsors, all in a very cute exclusive Hello Kitty Run Manila 2017 drawstring bag! Everyone who will cross the finish line will also receive a very cute special edition Hello Kitty Run finisher’s medal for their effort!



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    Hello Kitty herself will meet-and-greet friends and fans at a special stage program during the event! There will also be lots of activities and booths where you can get exclusive and limited edition souvenirs and merchandise.

    Early bird tickets has been selling from July 1 until August 15; Standard tickets from August 16 to September 15; and Last minute tickets from September 16 to October 15. Register now at www.hellokittyrunph.com !

    Hello Kitty Run Manila 2017 is organized by Tokyo Gets Ltd and Ten:22 Business Solutions in partnership with CHERIFER Syrup, along with its official venue partner, SM By the Bay, official media partners; ETC and 2nd Avenue, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, Business Mirror and Otaku Asia, major partners Pocari Sweat and Crystal Clear, Toy Kingdom, Skin White, Rizal Park Hotel, Golden Phoenix Hotel, Pascual Creamy Delight, Skechers, Devant, and marketing partners Salonpas, Acer, Banana Peel, Fujifilm Instax, Softex and Healthy Innovations. This event is supported by JLOP (Japan’s Ministry of Economy and Industry, Contents Division).


    Hello Kitty x Pony is Luuuurv

    Saw this at Chuvaness, and I must say that it is indeed Luuuurv at first sight:


    My love for all things cute and being a closeted Hello Kitty fan, I simply must have this. But with the price range at PHP3,295 to PHP 3,495 — I am quite sure that I will never hear the end of it from The Hubby if I dared even blow almost close to 4 thousand bucks on a pair of shoes that for sure I will not always use for fear of it looking old at such a short time.

    But, I really want this! Must present a solid argument on why I should own a pair of Hello Kitty X Pony.
    On top of mind would be cos I haven’t bought something expensive for myself for a very long time (yeah right, like those wicked Ipanema sandals from two days ago — but hey there were GCs involved!).

    Anyway, here are two more styles that would make you love that adorable, glamorous cat even more:

    All pictures from Chuvaness

    Christmas Gift Request Number 1: Hello Kitty faux-iPod encrusted with Swarovski crystals

    To the members of my gene pool or friends who’d like to give me something this Christmas, I’d like to spare you the misery of agonizing over what I want —so, I decided to include in my blog the list of things that I want for Christmas.

    Here’s wish number one (come on dooooooown!): Hello Kitty faux-iPod Encrusted with Swarovski Crystals

    This beauty is worth 13,800 JPY or 150USD. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to buy this locally or if this is available on good ol’ RP. 
    Find more details at: http://so-net.web.transer.com

    (Friends, this is where you will order for me — hehe, kapal!)

    Via: http.//news.3yen.com

    Gundam Wedding in Odaiba, Japan

    I have to have a lengthy introduction to this post:

    My best friend since high school is getting married on April next year and as her best friend — EHEM! I am helping her run things and make sure that she will not pass out from the preparation.

    Now, here’s the thing with my best friend: Like me, she’s a child at heart. (In tagalog: isip-bata). We both love Hello Kitty and Barbies and we consider Sanrio Luxe in Greenbelt our personal definition of heaven.

    When she announced that Mark (her fiance) proposed a few months ago, she immediately contacted me for the wedding preparations. As you know, I got hitched last year and I earned "war medals" due to the stressful wedding preparations.

    So…like any wedding, we started with one question: what’s the motiff and theme? (My wedding was set on a Japanese theme and I nearly scared my then-fiance away with my japanese wedding ideas)

    Can you guess, what we came up with?


    Well-meaning friends and family hastened to check if we’ve lost our minds…but we were quite determined to do as that, except that the reality of staging a Hello Kitty-themed wedding is killing us in terms of availability of materials and suppliers who will gladly recreate Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty for our sake.

    The wedding has a more normal theme now, much to my husband’s relief. And my best friend is contented with her new motif.

    Now, on to the purpose of this post:

    If you think a Hello Kitty wedding is tops, wait till you hear about the Gundam Theme wedding held in front of the life-sized Gundam in Odaiba, Japan. (Sadly, the Gundam was torn down a few weeks ago).

    Here are the pictures of the wedding. This is from the site, Tokyo Mango



    Gundam director Tomina-san was there to bless and congratulate the couple. Also present was the couple’s newly-born child.

    I do know people who’d gladly change places with the Gundam couple and hold their weddings at the foot of the Odaiba Gundam. One of my good friends in TNT was crazy about Gundam and I think he’d give an arm and his 2 legs just to experience this.

    Any other crazy and unique wedding themes, anyone?

    You can view more pictures of the Gundam wedding at: http://shibuya246.com/2009/08/26/odaiba-gundam-wedding/