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Here’s the Secret in Achieving that Coveted Ash Brown Hair

One of my happiness in life is coloring my hair. I get a certain kick out of changing the color of my hair, depending on my mood and preference. Through the years, my hair have gone through different transformations, from blonde to red to black. 

To illustrate a point, here’s a mini evolution of my hair: 

Would you believe I still managed to land a job with this mess of blondish-orange hair on my head. This was a result of constant wash and wear that finally wrecked havoc to my ash blonde hair. 

I stayed blonde – with many hues possible – for almost seven years. Just changing the intensity of the hair or dialling it back until I finally got tired of it. 

Then I got tired of blonde and reverted to black. It was easier to maintain and my hair was getting dry due to all those chemicals. Plus, I wanted to see how I look like with normal hair. 

I got restless in no time. Right on cue, I was sent a package of L’Oreal Excellence Fashion, made possible by Lazada and L’Oreal. I was given the color Ashy Nude Brown, which was said to be the color on trend this season. 

Brown is a color that I have yet to try on my hair and the hair dye package came just at the right time. Yes, I am one of those girls who do things to their hair when they are stressed/sad/bored. 

The package came with a colorant, a conditioner, a serum which I applied to my hair prior to coloring, plastic gloves, an an applicator which doubles as a comb. 

Application was easy and fuss-free: you mix the color, you apply the protective serum to your hair BEFORE you start dyeing your hair and then you apply it thoroughly. Leave 15-20 minutes depending on the color intensity you want to achieve, finally wash it off using the hair conditioner included in the package. 

Here’s the end result: 

The color is not as intense as I want it to be – I am chalking it up to the fact that I have really thick hair, with pronounced white hair here and there. Color is also more defined in front compared to the back which left me wondering if I should have used both packages, considering the length and thickness of my hair. I have the other package to my mom whose hobby is to make sure “she looks younger” than her real age. I’ve seen her wear it and the color is more pronounced on her hair. Maybe because it’s shorter and less thicker than what I have. 

I am still keeping my Ashy Nude Brown hair but this is bound to change soon. I have a hair appointment coming up — and yes, it’s to color them again. 

And yes – I know – I’m due for a hair treatment appointment soon. 


Purple Head

In other news….

photo (12)

I managed to finally get rid of the atomic orange thing that I have cultivated in my head for the last four years. I didn’t want the usual black hair, so when my stylist at Bench FIX recommended purple I jumped at the chance. At first, I was worried that the big bosses might not like a purple hair in the usual staid, traditional and otherwise boring work environment — but surprise! They freaking loved it.

So I guess I’ll be keeping my Barney hair for a while — I don’t know maybe four years or until I get bored with it. Maybe I could glossy it a bit or heighten the purple I don’t really know. As long as I get past the boring corporate rules, I’ll be fine.

PS: I apologize for the weird orientation of the photo, I’d been tinkering with the photo feature of this blog/Wordpress and it kept on appearing like that. Bear with me.

Getting my roots done at Bench Fix

There’s something so liberating about getting your hair done. Imagine how you look like after a few months of bad hair day. Usually it starts after you start neglecting your hair, and your long overdue return trip to your salon. The color starts to fade, the hair starts to turn crisp and brittle, the flyaways start having a field day. Suddenly, you don’t keep your hair down anymore, you gather it for a ponytail or when it’s really THAT bad, you hide it under the so-called “sock bun”.

There’s nothing like a freshly-shorned, freshly-colored, ultimately pampered hair to make you feel human again. If you are a girl, you have to admit that you feel more beautiful after a trip to the salon. Somehow, the crazy-haired monster seemed to have disappeared just after a quick session with a trusted hairstylist 🙂

I should have done something about my roots two months ago, but I was too lazy and stingy to care. I reasoned that I will have it changed to a lighter version of blonde, but my fear of generating office memo got in the way. In the end, I decided to settle into something different yet still safe.

For my hair woes, I always go to Bench Fix in Greenbelt 3. I’ve been a loyal client of this salon for close to three years now. My stylist, Agie, has been taking care of my roots and my crazy hair since that time (save for instances where I go to the salon and he’s not there). Suffice to say, I’ve developed a fear of going to other salons after I have become too comfortable with Bench Fix. I keep thinking that I wanted to try Jun Park or go back to Tony and Jackey for a more in-depth KPop styling but I always had reservations. In my head, “my hair” has become too comfortable with Bench Fix and might get “shocked” if I transfer to another salon. Call me crazy but that’s how I feel sometimes. Besides, Bench Fix offers great styling at a more accessible price point. It’s like hitting two birds (great hair, not too expensive styling fees) in one stone.

Having your hair “fixed” at Fix is very straight forward. You approach the reception desk and inform them of what you want to do with your hair. If you already have a stylist, you will be referred to that person. If not, they will assign a stylist for you. The price list for services are also displayed on the counter and you can refer to it while you contemplate what to do with your hair. After you have agreed with the service you want, you will be ushered to your barber’s chair (or given a shampoo, which ever comes first) where the stylist will apply treatment/color/cut your hair <> with the assistance of junior stylists. You will be primped and pampered either in a few minutes or a few hours, depending on what kind of service you availed. All hair treatment services/ hair color services come with shampoo and blow dry where your tresses will be styled to perfection.

That's me during one of my pampering sessions
That’s me during one of my pampering sessions

Bench Fix is a “no-frills” place. You get the service you want, period. Stylists and their assistants move quickly and efficiently, especially during peak hours where all chairs are occupied and there’s a line of clients waiting at the reception area. Your stylists will make small talk, but not to a point of being intrusive. If you are bored, there are magazines you can peruse while you get your hair fixed.

I love coming at Bench Fix — it’s always been my happy place. The rates are not too high — in fact, hair cut with a senior hairstylist starts at PHP500 (about USD12) and hair color starts at PHP1,400 for short hair.

Anyway, here’s my new hairstyle. Hopefully, it will stay this way forever.


This hairstyle was inspired by the charismatic CL of 2NE1. I saw a picture of hers where she was without any make-up and just looked so pretty and simple, so unlike the made-up CL we see on their usual performances.

Bench fix Greenbelt 3
2nd Level, Greenbelt 3, Greenbelt
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Ayala Center
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
(+63 2) 757-4976, (+63 2) 757-0877

Dazed and Confused.

I used to have an office mate who had a habit of saying “Compuse” instead of “confused”. Imagine hearing this word “compuse” over and over especially if he is indeed confused. Not only it is effing confusing, it is also annoying.

Anyway, this anecdote doesn’t have anything to do with today’s rant. I just felt like starting my blog post with a useless anecdote. Haha!

dazed and confused. blond and crazy.

* Newly-dyed hair, ash-blond at Bench FIX Greenbelt

Anyway, I don’t know what’s with the air we breathe at work, but working there these past few days is starting to stress the hell out of me. My life is governed by the same checklist I devised a few weeks back and making sure that I have accomplished each and every task is taking its toll on me. Just seeing the damned list is giving me the chills already.I wanted to just tear it into two, but what can I do? My boss’–who by the way, is a true angel–only quirk is her love for rules and following the guidelines.

Besides, my company has been really kind to me i.e. tolerating my blond hair cos I swear this is my only way to stand out from the mass of humans chained to their effing chairs. And oh, they also managed to tolerate the way I dress.

Do you know what I wore earlier? Imagine a pink checkered necktie, my brother’s striped cardigan, white short sleeved button-downs, brown slacks and brogues.

from Polyvore.com

Yeah, I try to represent every single day. I keep on telling myself that I rather be different than look like a mass-produced office drone.

I am a bit pissed off today due to the fact that I have been receiving a lot of comments and request for changes on previous projects that I have submitted and gotten approval to before. You would think that following the approval process, it’ll be good to go but no — apparently I have to check the opinion of every Tom, Dick and Harry who cared to give their opinion.

Sorry for this rant, I am just tired. If not for my clothes and my hair, I’d be more than dazed and I’d be more than confused.I’d be effing crazy.