Worst wedding. Ever.

Here’s one wedding where we truly hated being invited to witness the festivities! Yes, we are talking about Game of Thrones “Red Wedding” – as shown in the 9th episode, “The Rains of Castlemere”. We know it’s so late harping on the episode, but we managed to see the episode just recently in our neckContinue reading “Worst wedding. Ever.”

Winter is Coming. Arm yourself.

Hold it right there. This is not a Game of Thrones post. Though if I have my way, I’d rather sacrifice myself on the forest beyond the Wall and wait for my eventual demise in the hands of the wildings. Work currently consumes me. This month is very important for my company due to anContinue reading “Winter is Coming. Arm yourself.”

Dreaming of kingdoms, dragons, fat kids, travels and a mix of adventures

I’ve always been a bookworm, and has even lamented before that being online most of the time has robbed me of the opportunity to finish books on my reading list. Whereas before I can manage to finish a book in just three day, now my bed side table is currently full of books waiting forContinue reading “Dreaming of kingdoms, dragons, fat kids, travels and a mix of adventures”