strut ’em bipolar shorties!

The world we live in is one sick stage. Consider this “thing” we saw at the Landmark Department Store: The sis, the hubby and I were looking for new clothes when we came across this “shorts” (or are they denim panties?) — and we ended up laughing our heads off. We were arguing if theyContinue reading “strut ’em bipolar shorties!”

Omiyage-shopping in Baguio: of phallus-shaped ash-trays and peanut brittles

Omiyage is a Japanese tradition of buying souvenirs during a trip, to be distributed later to friends and co-workers. With this in mind, I set out to buy stuff for friends and office mates…and then, I noticed it—maaaan, the souvenir makers of Baguio has a weird fixation with the penis. Case in point: And then,Continue reading “Omiyage-shopping in Baguio: of phallus-shaped ash-trays and peanut brittles”