Happy Endings, Dark Tagaytay Highways & Wishful Memories.

Two of my favorite people in the universe got married last night. Their relationship was a surprise for everyone and it was nice that the off-expected pairing came to a happy ending. Never saw the bride and groom so happy until yesterday. The bride was a sweet go-getter who loved adventure and all things greenContinue reading “Happy Endings, Dark Tagaytay Highways & Wishful Memories.”

The kids are alright

I didn’t know if I told you, but back when I was in secondary school, I was a hopeless tomboy. See, I studied high school in an all-girls, Catholic school where to be boy-crazy, boorish and loud are considered mortal sins. But trying to wean away teenagers with raging hormones from the opposite sex isContinue reading “The kids are alright”

A summer get-away, heart-tugging proposal, a (NOT so) royal wedding and the little beach resort that couldn’t

I. The summer outing I vainly tried to recapture one last time before rain and thunderstorms recapture the metro with an annual summer trip with my group of friends, aptly called the Mean Team (and that is not just for name’s sake–we REALLY are mean) from two jobs back. You have the understand these people,Continue reading “A summer get-away, heart-tugging proposal, a (NOT so) royal wedding and the little beach resort that couldn’t”

Stress-free Saturday spent Fangirling!

I’ve always believed that the best kind of friends are the ones that even if you don’t see them as much as you would like, you’d be all okay and happy and supportive during the rare times you do get to see each other. I am lucky to find that kind of sisters with FContinue reading “Stress-free Saturday spent Fangirling!”

I am friends with weird people…and I couldn’t be more happier!

I had a great Christmas get-together breakfast with two of the people whose opinion I value so much. These two are good friends from way, way back and I was lucky enough to be part of their little circle. I loved their bitchy, witchy hirits and there are no words to explain how I loveContinue reading “I am friends with weird people…and I couldn’t be more happier!”

Friends…not officemates

As mentioned before, I have been working to close to ten years now. Out of those ten years, I was employed in about eight companies. Out of these companies, it didn’t really mattered if I stayed for a year or three years (the longest) but I still managed to find people who I came toContinue reading “Friends…not officemates”

Like paper to ink

The highlight of my day today is the meet-up with fizzywoohoo, a friend who I’ve met just once–yet corresponded and bonded over a thousand times over in cyberspace. Fizz is one of those people who has the power to endear herself to you even minus physical bonding. Our common denominator then was her friend fromContinue reading “Like paper to ink”