…to Life’s Little Choices

How's this for direct? On my last visit to my OB, I was informed that I may need to come to a decision to stop working in order for me to have a child. It was due to the fact that I am overworked (I worked the whole Holy Week and even on Saturdays and … Continue reading …to Life’s Little Choices



While I would like to make myself believe that I have enough money to fund the stupid things I usually get into -- I really don't. I maybe working from 9 to 7PM, and with responsibilities that can kill an overgrown elephant -- but if you would care to look at the status of my … Continue reading Hustling

Navigating the tricky world of freelancing

I've been doing a bit of freelancing job lately, writing copies ranging from hawking whitening products and convincing women that having white skin is beautiful--an idea by the way that I didn't support. So, in between writing proposals and project plans for the company, I am also writing spectacularly written copies on the benefits of … Continue reading Navigating the tricky world of freelancing

Money matters and the search for part-time work continues

Sorry for the intermittent post. I am really having a rough week at work, I think I am losing all the good mojo I deposited when I was starting. Add to that new albeit very minor health concerns that just kept on popping one after the other. Yes, the might be not life threatening but … Continue reading Money matters and the search for part-time work continues

Words, for sale.

I finally had the courage to apply for freelance writing jobs online. This after weeks and weeks of deliberation -- arguing with myself whether I have the knack for this, will I have the time and more importantly, will someone even bother to work with me. As much as possible, I try to contribute stories … Continue reading Words, for sale.